A/N: Hahaha...so this was a story thing i did with my friend! We took turns writing lines and were only able to see that last line of the other persons part. So it turned out really funny! :3

Once upon a time there was a pie eating bunny that liked pie, he ate all kinds of pie all the time. His favorite pie was Key lime pie.

His girlfriend made the best key lime pie, and would often times spoon feed it to him after candle lit dinners.

If he didn't have his pies after those steamy dinners he would throw fits where he consumed whole people, mostly women.

He only ate the women after shooting his dog, otherwise he would shoot them instead. He had trouble with the women, do to the fact that he had only one leg.

This also made dancing very difficult for the poor bunny so he never went out, but when he did he always sat down not wanting to make a fool of himself.

Sadly, his non legitimate son already thought he was a fool. And so it did not surprise him when he discovered his father, too, was a cannibal. In the end, it brought them closer together.

Closer together or not He still had issues with the medical problems of his one and only pet, eventually he had to shoot the dog even though it made him cry out in anguish.

If only he hadn't forgotten the pill! Now, his dog is only half shot, the poor thing.

It was a terrible fate but one he had to endure, one day when he had enough with everything in his life he left his home and set out to find the Holy Grail.

ALAS! SIR LANCELOT HAS STOLEN SIR GALAHAD'S COCONUTS! And Sir Galahad the Pure was pure no longer.

This posed a problem for their whole group because now they had to rearrange their titles all over again and Sir Lancelot ended up with Sir Lancelot the Seducer.

Sir Galahad the Pure (now Sir Galahad the Violated) demanded that his new Fun Buddy relinquished his coconuts immediately, because they were in the presence of Sir Robin the Not Quite as Gay as Sir Lancelot, who was uncomfortable with such things.

He was however forced to get over his fear of such things because the attacks of Sir Lancelot were un-relenting. He eventually seduced sir robin and later they ate muffins.

Sir Lancelot the Curious, Sir Galahad the Violated, and Sir Robin who was once Not Quite as Gay as Sir Lancelot but who was now Every Bit as Gay as Lancelot went to King Arthur for a very, very private meeting.

This meeting was indeed private as they talked about, well things that people talk about during private meetings! Such as different kinds of cheese and other more personal stuff that Arthur would have rather kept covered but alas he wasn't in control.

Sir Lancelot the Curious quite rapidly became Sir Lancelot the Demanding, and so he ordered the high king to uncover himself at once. Afterwards, They grew tired of searching for the grail, and so decided to search for the key lime pie eating cannibal.

Whilst on their quest for the grail and the pie eating cannibal they ran into the black beast of Aaarrrrrggghhhh, running form the monster they ran straight for the cannibalistic pie eating bunny of death and became it's next meal in the form of pot pies made by Sweeny Todd and Mrs. Lovett.

Yeah...Crazy right? lol! :P