A/N: Hey everyone, CyberMyst here, and I just want to welcome everyone to my first fanfic. I want to apologize for this first chapter. I feel like I rushed it too fast. When I think of a better way to start it I'll probably end up rewriting it. For now though it will just have to do.

Oh, I don't own Biowares characters. I just own my OC, Rachel. It's going to be from her POV nearly this entire fic. I'll let you know otherwise it that changes.

'Italics' mean Rachel's thoughts.

Shocking Discovery!

"Come on, you mother fucker! DIE!" I snarled at the TV screen, my finger mashing the trigger button on my X-box controller.


"Oh, fuck me!" I swore, barely restraining myself from throwing down my controller. Instead I set it down gently, knowing it's put up with quite a lot of abuse today. I hauled myself off the floor, my legs stiff from sitting Indian style far too long.

"Ugh, ok Rachel. Let's walk away from the game for a little bit. Christ, this game was supposed to help me unwind and release some pent up frustration, not make it worse." I rubbed my face in irritation while I headed into the kitchen.

"You know, I think I should spoil myself tonight. Work was hell, but I survived it. Therefore, I deserve a treat!" I grabbed a tub of vanilla ice cream from the freezer and in only a few minutes I whipped up a delicious treat. It was a banana sundae, one of my weaknesses. It had lots of delicious chocolate on it, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a crumbled up brownie on top.

"Mmmm, food of the gods." I purred, sitting back down in front of the TV to enjoy my dessert. I took my time eating it, savoring every bite with a hum of delight. This is what I needed. Being a sales associate at Best Buy could be very tough at times.

Today seemed like the day where there was nothing but extremely rude customers. It was my job to help sell 'solutions' to the customers. My boss all but drilled into my head, 'Customers come in to buy something. Your job is to try to find out what, and help them find the right solution to make them happy!'

'It's easier said than done, especially when most of these people would love to see me die in a fire first.' I groused inwardly, stuffing a large piece of banana into my mouth. It wasn't all that bad, I admit it. Days like this though make me want to scream. Or blow something up.

I shot my TV a glare, my Shepard lying sprawled on the ground, the screen asking me if I wanted to continue or end the mission. I had turned on the game the moment I came home in hopes that blowing stuff up in Mass Effect 2 would help. It did the exact opposite it seemed like.

I huffed, polishing off the rest of my sundae. I licked my spoon clean of chocolate before I returned to the kitchen to rinse my dish. While I was doing this I looked out the kitchen window, frowning at the sight of dark clouds rolling in.

"Looks like we got a hell of a storm coming. Snow storm? No, it's still not quite cold enough for it, even though it's December." I popped my dish into the dishwasher and headed back into the living room. Instead of resuming my game straight away I flicked the TV over to the news.

"-and now for the weather. A large lightning storm has rolled off the lake and is on a warpath to the following counties: Allegan, Cass, Van Buren, and Berrien County. It's going to be a bad one, folks. Stay away from the windows and stay indoors."

I frowned, switching the TV back over to my game. Well, that's Michigan for you. My family and I live only a half hour from the lake, so whenever storms come off the lake, we get hit hard. Crap. Means I need to turn off my X-Box here soon.

"Ok, one more time on this mission before the storm hits. I can do this!" I resumed the mission, quickly making my Shepard duck behind some cover as the bullets started flying. I sent Garrus and Thane to other places for cover before ordering them to use their special abilities.

"Go to the sea."

"Another one down!"

I chuckled, my Shepard throwing her biotics around the room. When the big mech came around the corner I switched to my rocket launcher and proceeded to blow the fucker up. "Woot! How do you like a missile to the face, asshole?"

'Definitely doing better this round!' I grinned with glee, proceeding to wipe out the mechs in the room. I jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud crack of thunder, pausing only to glare at the ceiling.

"Hold your horses! I'm almost done!" I scolded Mother Nature, only to yelp in surprise when my Shepard got knocked onto her ass. "Ow! Hey! Who did that? They're getting their ass owned tonight!"

I cleaned up the room before heading to the next, trying to hurry and finish up this mission. I think there were only one or two more rooms to go.

Then the world outside suddenly light up like the Fourth of July, an explosion rocking the house. I barely had the chance to scream in surprise, barely had the chance to see family pictures fall from wall from the force of the thunder when I was struck.

It felt like fire blossomed its way through my body, my nerves, and my brain. My entire body burned, writhed and screamed in agony. My whole world was light up, only seeing blinding whiteness and pain.

I couldn't breathe.

'Oh god, oh god!' I was freaking, struggling to regain some sort of control of my body. 'Can't breathe, my chest won't expand, oh god.' The blinding light began to fade rapidly, but darkness quickly rushed at me. It clawed at me, taunted me, and teased me.

'Oh god still can't breathe. I'm dying, oh god, can't breathe.' The darkness gave a mighty tugged and pulled me inwards, swallowing me up.

One last thought hit me before I drifted away completely, the darkness swiftly chilling my body and soul. 'I should have stayed with a wireless controller.'

I guess I should say that I woke up. But to be honest? It felt like my nightmare was only beginning. A nightmare of pain. When I came to, my body burned and ached, my nerves felt frayed, and I had the headache the size of the grand canyon.

But I could breath.

I greedily gulped at the air, feeling my chest expand and contract. My god, what a wonderful feeling to breathe, I will never take for granted the wonderful air ever again.

Or fuck with Mother Nature. I laid there for a while, scolding myself for not turning off the damn X-Box when I discovered the storm was coming. I had played on my computer just fine in a storm before and never had that happen though. Guess I had just been asking this to happen for years.

'I need to get to the phone. I have to call 911.' I gathered my physical and mental strength, opened my eyes and slowly sat up.

"…This isn't my house." I choked, reaching up to rub my eyes. It was only them I noticed that my glasses weren't there. 'Must have been knocked off when I got hit. Or I'm still out cold.' I blearily looked around; blinking several times to clear what I kept thinking was a hallucination.

Nope. I was still in an alleyway, and further ahead seemed to have bright, neon lights glowing. 'This has to be a dream, then. Or I'm dead. I'll go with dream, since this looks nothing like heaven. Waking up in a dingy back alley is *not* heaven.'

"Well… Dream or not, I can't stay here." I struggled to get to my feet, my body screaming in protest. I had barely gotten to my feet when my legs gave out and I landed on my knees. I choked, feeling bile rise up in my throat from the pain rushing through my body. I couldn't keep myself from shedding a few tears, but I managed to swallow the bile back down.

'Oh god, this can't be a dream. You're not supposed to feel pain in your dream. I have to be awake. But where am I?'

I took several deep breathes and forced myself to stand, this time preparing for the agony. I braced myself against the wall and hobbled down the alleyway, temporarily wondering why the wall was made of metal. Not brick or plaster.

I had to fight the urge to puke again when I finally exited the alleyway and was hit by the bright lights. It made my head shriek in agony, and I couldn't keep a small whimper to myself. I turned slightly away from the light and looked around.

…There was a couple of asari staring at me.

At least, I think it was. My vision isn't so great without my glasses, but I could definitely see blue, and a tentacle like heads. 'Did I land in a Mass Effect Convention or something?'

"Excuse me?" I closed my eyes tightly and reached up to cradle my forehead. My head continued to pound with vengeance. "I need help. I don't know where I am-"I was interrupted by a very alien like language, making my eyes snap open and stare.

That was not English. I could also tell that they were not going to help me. One of them snapped something at me, turned her nose up and dragged her friends away.

"Gee, thanks bitch!" I snarled, turning in the opposite direction and storming-er… Well, limping away.

'What was with her? Christ, what language was that? Didn't sound like anything I have heard of.' My entire body was hurting even more with every step I took. It was like walking on a bed of coal, fire and torture.

I couldn't keep myself from crying in pain anymore. God knows I tried, but I couldn't keep the tears at bay. It hurt. Everything hurt. It was hurting to move, to breathe, and to think. I just wanted to find a hospital. Or be home in bed.

I suddenly heard a shout, making me look to see a turian like person rushing at me. Though… He looked realistically like a turian, even though it can't be possible. However, when I looked at his face as he got closer, mandibles flaring and clicking…

No one can fake something like that with a costume. This couldn't be a dream either, because the pain was too real, too intense not to be real. At this point though, I was more concerned of getting the pain to stop.

"Please, I need medical help." I babbled, grabbing onto him when he reached out to keep me from falling. I choked briefly, leaning gratefully against him and crying. "Everything hurts, please."

I gasped in surprise when he suddenly lifted me into his arms and quickly took off running. The motion was jarring me, and it made me hurt even more, but I didn't voice any more complaints. I just buried my face against his shoulder, briefly wondering why his shoulder was so boney.

There was the darkness in my vision again, starting to tug at me and tempt me back to it. This time I gladly let myself get pulled in. I would do anything to get the pain to stop, even sell my soul to the devil himself.

The last thing I remember before I completely succumbed to the darkness was someone shaking me to try to keep me awake.

Another A/N: So this fic was born because of an incident closely relating to this. I made a mistake of playing on my X-Box during a storm and our house was struck by lightning, and my X-Box got fried.

I was playing the first ME game when this happened, and thought myself to be very, very lucky after I stopped freaking out over my X-Box being fried. I had thought: "Well, good thing I stuck with a wireless controller, otherwise I would have been zapped!"

…That was before I realized I had lost all of my saves. Then I freaked some more. Thank goodness for protection plans that replaced my X-Box! Anyway, it spawned this crazy idea. It continued to grow, poke and prod me. It was when I started having dreams that I finally gave in and started to write this. Hope everyone enjoys it!