I couldn't resist writing a little companion piece for Pinky, who's virtually impossible for me to write for XD

He loved home! He loved it! He had his mum and his dad and his sis and they played and had fun and did all sorts of things together! He was hugged all the time, groomed carefully by his mummy. And then his parents would run around in a game he'd learn was called "Chase Me!" Such fun.

He had a water bottle and food pellets and a fun-fun silly-willy wheel that his dad taught him to use. Makes mice big and strong, even though he was a bit shorter than mum. His developing mind taught him that mummies were, therefore, taller than daddies but that didn't matter. They loved each other. He knew it and he could feel it.

And then they were taken away. First dad then mum and then him. He wasn't ready to go, though! Only two and a half weeks and he was being separated from all the things he'd ever known or loved! No, wait, Mr. Man! I'm waiting for mummy and daddy to come home! Sis needs me!

The cage wasn't bad at this new place. He had a water bottle and food pellets and a fun-fun silly-willy wheel that he always used. Makes mice big and strong. He ran on it constantly that first day, trying to run to his parents and his sis back at the pet store. The people in their long white coats didn't scare him; he was used to people.

And when a little mouse with a big chubby head was settled in his cage, the little mouse gave him a happy wave. He was used to other mice.

But this one didn't seem to like him, would nip at him if he got too close, and didn't listen when he was missing his family. The chubby-head mousey wasn't nice at all, so the storebought mouse ran and ran on his wheel while the chubby mouse made friends with the hamster in the other cage. He grew slimmer and tall like his mum had been as the time passed, not paying overmuch attention to his cagemate and the hamster.

He didn't much like the hamster, which was a feeling the young mouse wasn't very accustomed to feeling at all. It was much better not to pay attention to them at all than feel dislike. It was a nasty sort of feeling.

And he didn't really like the scary-wary mazes either. The walls were so high, he couldn't see over them. But the smell of moldy cheese - oh, he did love his cheeses - always drove him forward. He never got to the end, though. The smell would fade and the big tall walls were very hard to break through. He would usually just run into one over and over again until one of the humans plucked him out and put him back in his cage with the meanie mousey.

When he was three months old (maybe; he couldn't count yet), the meanie mousey got hurt awfully badly. He had band-aids wrapped all around him and he wasn't moving so good. The little mouse tried to give him nuzzles to make him feel better, but it didn't work so good and meanie mousey was gone the next day for a very long time.

He sat on the edge of the cage, attempting to have a very nice conversation with his hamster friend. Oh, he was squeaking the nicest squeaks and grunting such lovely grunts. But the hamster spoke the same way humans did and that was confusing and the tone wasn't very nice at all. Chubby mousey (because he couldn't be very mean if he made such nice sounds) slept closer to him than ever before that night and woke up first, jumping around and waving his arms and making the happiest sounds ever.

The taller of the two cagemates happily wiggled his tail in response to the squeaks and squeals, even though the hamster looked awfully annoyed, and ran on his wheel while they went onto the countertops.

And that night, even more amazing things happened with the chubby mousey! He said stuff! Oh, the sound just made him all kinds of happy! It bubbled in his tummy and tickled his ears and he was so proud to be sharing the cage with such a smarty!

He was even prouder when chubby-smarty-mousey made a little bed out of straw. He was so impressed and so hopeful at having such a warm-looking place for himself that he gathered all the straw he could find and pushed it towards his cagemate. Chubby mousey frowned at him and made grumbly noises, but the mouse was so excited about whatever was happening that the grumbly noises made him giggle. And then he gave an excited squeal when his own bed was forged near chubby mousey's new bed.

He snuggled down onto it immediately after lifting the chubby mousey up and spinning him around until he'd been swatted at and pushed away.

That's when the saying stuff happened. "Nnn," happened again and again and again. "Nnnn-narf! Narf."

Narf. Tail beating the floor like a dogs, the taller mouse watched his cagemate roll over onto his chubby tummy to sleep. Narf narf narf! Oh, such a smarty! He wished he could say happy words like that because his cagemate did look so happy when he said it! Narf! Narf!

It took him an awfully long time to sleep after that, so that when he woke up his smarty cagemate was standing at the edge of their cage and saying the new happy word to his hamster. But hamster didn't seem happy at the word. He looked mad and was saying mad words back to his smarty cagemate. "N-narf."

After more yelling, the hamster ran away and the chubby mouse was left stuttering. "P-p-p-p-p-p-p-" The taller mouse climbed up on his wheel, running wildly on it while the chubby mouse curled up on his straw bed and stuttered his "p"s.

But then there was a new happy word! Poit! He said it again and again, running to the side of his cage. "Narf! Narf! Poit!" So poit came after narf. Tail wagging, blue eyes big and curious and so very gleeful, the taller mouse watched the hamster come back into view. But his tail stopped wagging when his cagemate became sad. The hamster yelled more and ran away and the chubby mousey slid down to the floor and began to mutter his narfs and poits and other silly sounds.

He didn't even get happy when he started to say other fun things! Troz and zort and poit and narf! And happy, happy, happy! He was amazed by his ability to speak such joyful things, but his cagemate wasn't happy anymore. It was very sad.

But what was sadder was when the new words went away. The taller mouse didn't know what happened, but his cagemate ran into their cage with frightened sounds and the hamster began to break things. Glass crashed, metal was thrown... And it was so very loud that the taller mouse just covered his cagemate's ears since he was too busy whimpering to do it himself and flattened his own against his head. He was awfully glad when the hamster was taken away, but was deeply saddened when his cagemate pushed him away and went to his bed to curl up and cry.

There weren't any more new words, but the taller mouse held them in his head and in his heart. His cagemate was still a smarty, even though he was also becoming a meanie again. His fun-fun sounds were gone and he began to give him blows to the head. They didn't hurt all that much, and they seemed to make his cagemate feel better. So everytime he was struck, he would make happy sounds and his cagemate would storm away.

The taller mouse just spent his days running through mazes (or at least running into the walls of them) or running on his wheel and thinking the words that had once made his chubby cagemate so happy for such a brief time.

When two new scientists came, he was just about nine months old. There was much talk about Project B.R.A.I.N and, even though the words they spoke seemed blurred and the written things on their big paper just seemed like really bad drawings, the taller mouse was excited when he was picked. Oh, the experiments were just so much fun and he got to be held when they were taken from their cage! He loved being held, nuzzled against whoever's hand it was. It reminded him of mum and dad and when the humans with their long pretty hair had him, sometimes they'd coo and make little nonsense sounds that just made him happier.

When he and his cagemate - who didn't like to be held at all - were dropped onto a conveyor belt, the tall mouse just looked around with wide blue eyes. It started to move and he gave a single surprised squeak before spinning in circles. They went through a very dark tunnel and something in his head happened that made him stop and fall back. His eyes squeezed shut very tightly for a moment throughout the strange somethings that were occurring.

When it passed, his cagemate through his head back and gave a howl of pain. The other mouse was so lost in the whirly-twirly sensations in his head that he stuck his feet in his mouth and giggled. Once back in their cage, he discovered that he could lift the pencils and pens in a nearby cup by concentrating really hard and spinning his finger around. But concentrating was difficult so he quickly stopped doing that. It was amazing, though, that he knew that the things were called pens and pencils and the carrier they were in was a cup.

He didn't dwell on the knowledge he'd picked up because a pencil and little funny book was dropped into their cage with them. The taller mouse gasped and ran to it, flipping it open excitedly. There were lots of squares, some of them black and some not. With some idea of making all the squares black so they could be even, he instead discovered an endless fascination with the pink at the end of the pencil. He gave a nibble, found it to be delicious, and began to chew and nibble in earnest.

As the day wore on, though, his cagemate seemed even more irritable and quieter than usual. The mouse wondered why, locating his wheel and running on it happily. He forgot all about it almost instantly until he saw the chubby meany mousey standing at the edge of the cage.

The happy sounds! "Narf!" he announced and fell off the wheel entirely. He landed in a heap, giggled quietly to himself. But he'd said narf like a smarty and everything! He looked to his cagemate, who was saying more words! Egad, that was brilliant!

"Look at these ridiculous calculations." The taller mouse did look, endlessly fascinated that the blurry squiggles weren't very blurry anymore. They were still squiggles, but a part of him (easily dismissed) recognized them as letters. But not letters that you send in the mailbox. And how did they get from one mailbox to the next? Were the mailboxes fancy portals that led to other mailboxes? How did the letters know which mailboxes to go to? Were they magical?

"-pinky!" the chubby mouse exclaimed, though he'd been ranting about something else entirely. But the taller mouse heard that word, so took a step towards his cagemate.



He pointed at himself. "You called my name." He wiggled the proper finger, shutting one eye in order to see it clearly. "Pinky."

"I did? Tell me, for curiosity's sake, how exactly do you know that's your name?"

"Um... Well, I answered, didn't I? Narf!" The exclamation seemed to come out on its own, completely unbidden and unexpected. So he laughed and went to his cagemate, grabbing his head. "Oh, that was fun-fun-fun! Okay, let me guess your name!" Because it was now decided that everything needed a name. Narf was good and he'd said it after coming up with his own name, so... "Is iiiiit... Rumple-frown-face?"

"Don't be ridiculous. We can't name ourselves!" Rumple-frown-face pushed away and took several steps away. "We don't have the requisite cerebral capa- Wait just a moment. Yes!" He continued on, coming to some sort of conclusion that seemed to agree.

But Pinky had found some string and hadn't really been listening. "Well, there you go then. Poit." Oh! He'd said another smarty word! While he was busy being gleeful over that, Rumple-frown-face changed his name to The Brain, which was just as good! And much easier to say. Poit.

And now that they both had names, they could be the best of friends! And they were! Brain still bopped him on the head, but his convinction to enjoy it before seemed to have carried over and cemented somehow through the splicing. The bops were fun-fun silly-willy and they made Brain happy too!

Oh, they had so much fun all the time! Even though Brain had never let him call him Rumple-sizzle-head or Rumple-frown-face. There were lots of rules to follow, but Brain didn't always get mad when he didn't follow them anyway. Every night, they went to the best of places all so Brain could take over the world! Their cage was home now, more than it ever had been before, and when they returned to it night after night (even if there were owies involved after the plan failed), Pinky was always happy. Their beds were slowly pushed closer and closer together (mostly by Pinky), and they eventually slept side-by-side by habit. And it was so wonderfully nice to have a friend like that!

A bestest best friend who was the best! Pinky had decided very quickly to do everything he could to help his cagemate in everything he wanted to do because it was just like having family again! Brain was his family! And family stuck together forever and ever!

Pinky plucked Brain up and hugged him tightly, twirling around in happy circles. Pinky and the Brain! Together forever and ever! Hoorah! Narf!