A/N: And here's the rest of that conversation I really wish we could've seen more of. =( This movie is turning me into a drabbler... lol

The door to the limo closed and almost at once everyone dropped the charade. "Okay, I don't like him." Sera stated as everyone else began to laugh. She smiled and let out a laugh of her own, sitting up.

"Why don't you like him?" Rachel questioned her friend, mostly curious. They could like who they wanted. If they didn't want to be friends with one of her other friends, that was okay. It was all a matter of personalities and who meshed well instead of completely clashed.

Sera gave a small shrug. "He just… rubs me the wrong way I guess."

"He does? Cal's so nice though. He's always been sweet, ever since I met him." Rachel gave a small smile, leaning back against the limo's seat.

"I get what Sera means though." Josh told them, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend. "He just seems a bit… too quiet. Not that quiet or shy is a bad thing but there's just something off about him. To me it was like he was just watching and judging us without even paying attention to anything we were saying—forced civility or something."

"That's not like Cal though. That's more like Andre." She frowned at just mention Calvin's friend's name.

"So, what's this Andre like anyway?" Brian leaned against Rachel, looking at her, waiting for an answer.

"The way you say his name is like you're just waiting for him to disappear." Greg added to the conversation. Rachel looked at her friends as they watched her. She felt a little bit bad about talking badly about Andre's back—not so much because she cared what he thought about her, but because she knew that Andre was really important to Calvin for some unknown reason.

"He's just really… strange." She began slowly, the limo now nearly silent as her friends listened to what she had to say. "You've guys never met him but if he had come out here with Cal, there would be a high chance of him just completely acting absolutely rude."

"That's not really strange though." Sera stated. "Just… inconsiderate."

"But it's the way he'd be rude." Rachel continued, looking over at her friend. "He curses all of the time and he treats people like they're ants or bugs. Insignificant except for him and Cal maybe. And the way Cal acts when he's around Andre… it's like he's a completely different person from the Cal I know and it scares me sometimes to see him behave that way."

Brian looked at her hesitantly. "Rach… maybe that's just Calvin being him."

Rachel shook her head, sighing. "But I know it's not. I've been friends with Calvin since we were thirteen and Calvin never acted like that until he met Andre. The way Calvin defends him when he says something absolutely horrible… Andre just seems so angry all of the time and he seems violent."

"Maybe he'll become a murderer or something and go to jail." Josh joked. Rachel let out a small smile at that, laughing.

"Okay, I don't think he's that bad."

"So in other words he's just an asshole, right?" Brian questioned, grinning slightly.

Rachel smiled over at him. "True."

"Andre totally doesn't rock the ass!" Greg called out and everyone started laughing, the loudness and cheerfulness of their prom night once again returned now that their conversation has turned away from one Andre Kriegman and Calvin Gabriel.