By: Bem3373

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"Don't." Said Beau. He sounded, almost helpless. It was the one time she had ever heard him sound like he had a loss of words. "Don't what?" She replies cruelly.

*Two hours earlier*

Chiles opens the white door and closes it behind her. Waiting for her is James Canter, with a stern look on his face.

"You called me?" She says in her high pitched, sugar sweet voice. "Yes. I wanted to speak to you about your career. It's come to my attention that your father and mother are both in prison for violent crimes. You lied about that."

His voice is so mean and hurtful that it shocks Chiles.

He continues "You came from a dirt poor trailer trash family, and you never won Miss Dallas now did you?" Chiles looks down sadly and nods slightly.

"You wouldn't have amounted to anything in your miserable life if it weren't for me. I made you a star. And I can take that all away. The only problem is that I have a problem with liars. I can't stand bitchy prom queen girls who sleep their way to the top. In fact, you probably will. I can see you now. Your mother was a whore. And you are too. Now you better straighten yourself out before I throw you on the streets and leave you with the rest of the trash."

"I'm sorry Mr. Canter. I didn't mean to lie-" There are tears flowing freely down her face, but he doesn't care.

He interrupts her by saying "Oh shut up you sorry piece of shit. I'm not done talking to you." "Stop. Please. Just stop." Chiles whispers.

"Are you telling me what to do? You have no authority here! You just need to quite yourself and be a good little dog like you always are." Chiles starts sobbing, and James laughs.

On the other side of the door Beau listens and finally throws open the door and pushes James against the wall.

He motions for Chiles to leave the room before saying "Now, I'm getting tired of your bullshit. You leave her alone or I'll just have to make you. Do you understand?"

James nods and Beau lets him go. He turns around and then quickly turns around and punches him across the face.

Content with his job, he walks quickly to Chile's hotel room where he finds her sobbing on the ratty bed. "Go away. Just go!" She yells, turning away from him.

"No. Chiles, I'm not going anywhere. Look at me."

"Oh please. - She turns towards him and laughs cruelly- you think you can fix everything? You can't do shit. Just leave me alone and get out of my life."

To that, he replies "Don't." Says Beau. He sounded, almost helpless. It was the one time she had ever heard him sound like he had a loss of words. "Don't what?" She replies cruelly.

"Don't be one of those people who turn bitter because of people who treat you bad. Don't become what they want you to become. Don't let them change you into a bitch because of their bullshit that they force on you. Just don't."

Chiles turns away from him. She couldn't stand being the reason for his frown. She couldn't look at him anymore.

Chiles stands up quickly, but she's stopped by Beau's hand wrapped around her wrist.

"Chiles. Stop running away from problems. Just because they're there, doesn't mean that they will end badly."

She turns towards him and frowns and closes her eyes. She walks towards him, and he takes her hand, pulling her onto him where he hesitates above her lips for a couple of moments before finally kissing her.

She kisses back passionately and they lean back onto the bed, wrapped up into each other, unaware of anything else.

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