I do not own Zelda this is just for fun, and I found it so I'm posting it.

Our hero, Link sat cross a shadow verson of Midna, his arms were crossed.

"I'm not doing it."

Minda glared at him, her usal 'death glare' had suprisingling no effet. She put her hands on her hips, oh how she wished for her real form, she could towar over Link, course if she had her read form she could do it herself, but regardless. Link's selfless acts, mostly for her benefit and the occasional ask to be a wolf so to run away or terrify the mail man were warented. But in all that he had never shrunk away. Not when faced with the fused shadow bosses, or the boss's from the mirrior fragments.

Minda took a deep breath, she would try to confort him, he was the hero, and she should have guessed he would need some pep talk and encouragement evenchilly. He had come so far.

"Come on Link! You've face tons of worse monsters than this! You can do it! You're the hero, the legendary beast!"

Link looked at her despairingly, "I can't just turn into a wolf and tear the thing to pices."

Minda felt horrible, Link should be smiling, he was always smiling, or smirking at a boss.

"Linkā€¦ You're the hero. We got the fused shadows. Then the mirrior fragments!"

Link looked slightly curious, "But the way I've been meaning to ask you. Where did you put those?"

Minda looked surprised, "The same place you put all your iteams Link." At least he was curios, that was an improvement. She looked abck in the door then back at Link, then asked kindly, "Do you want to try again?" Link shook his head.

Minda suddenly had a brilliant idea, "You'll never have to do it again!"

Link looked at her eyes flashing with uncrtanily. Minda encouraged, "Never ever again."

Link picked himself up, then ran through the door, and came back with the Sol, he placed it on the indent on the ground. Then looked around, "Over their I think." Minda followed him. Link made his way through, they came to the back of the place. Link abruptly turned on his heel, "You said I would never have to do it again. It was creepy and scary enough the first time."

"Link, I'm sorry." She really was, their wold be no way for her to convince him this time. He was just terrified of that black floating hand. Of course she was too, she instaly promiced Link that she would get rid of both of them. After he got the first sol, but this one was really testing his strength. Minda glaced into his eyes, currently shooting a subzero feral death glare at her for even owing such a thing, much less having it use.

Minda knew that Link wanted more than anything to save everything, he just needed a little nuge. "You can play the star game when we get back, as many times as you like."

Link's eyes lit up, "Really?"

His enthuiasam was infectios, "Yea! Well beat your own reacord! The sooner you get the sol, the sooner you can play!"

Link was now beming at her and raced off, and returned at the entrance, weary but grinning at her triomphitly.

"Good job Link!" She parased, "Out of curiosity, what is it with you and the star game though?"

Link grinned michivesly, "It's not so much the game, but the look on his face when he sees me."

"Acually, I go in their now just to see his reaction when he sees me."

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