We all know the events of The Twilight Saga that brought Edward and Bella to their happily ever after, But this story is all about if Bella belonged to another Cullen. This story will follow Jasper as he discovers the truth about his relationship with Bella, all while watching his brother fall in love with his mate, during the events of the Twilight book.

The events of Twilight, will happen (van incident/port angles/baseball game etc.), but with some obvious adjustments and a few to surprise you all. Where I fully take over is after the birthday party in New Moon. So I introduce you all to my Twilight, with the better leading man.

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Jasper's POV

Do you remember the stories your parents would tell you about mythical creatures like witches, werewolves and vampires? As you grew up you knew that they didn't really exist - they were made up to give you a good fright as a child.

What if I was to tell you that vampires really do exist? You'd probably ask how I know that. Well, the truth is I am one and have been for 142 years. Now don't freak-out - although most humans would, it's your natural instinct after all -but my family and I are a more civilized type of vampire. We do not feed off humans, but off the blood of animals. We call ourselves vegetarians- ironic right? Let me tell you about myself and my family.

The patriarch of our family, our father figure, is Carlisle Cullen. He was born in 1643 in London, England, where his father was an Anglican pastor who often led hunts for witches, werewolves and vampires. Claiming he was ridding the world of sin, he and his followers often killed innocent people.

As Carlisle's father aged, Carlisle took over the raids. He did not enjoy the killing, but Carlisle was smarter than his father and had found a real coven of vampires living in the sewers of London. During a raid Carlisle was bitten. He knew he couldn't go back to his father because he would be killed so he hid during his painful transformation. After the transformation he hated what he had become and tried to kill himself by starvation, jumping off cliffs and other methods. Eventually he was so desperate for blood, he killed a herd of deer while he was hiding in a cave and found he could survive off the animal blood.

In 1918 he changed one of my brothers, Edward Masen when he was dying of Spanish influenza in a hospital in Chicago. The dying plea of Edward's mother to save her son, combined with Carlisle's loneliness, was enough for Carlisle to change him.

The family steadily grew over the years. In 1921 Carlisle changed his mate and wife, Esme Evenson, who had attempted suicide after losing her newborn son. The doctors assumed she was dead but Carlisle's super sensitive hearing heard her weak heartbeat from the morgue. When he realized it was the same girl he had treated for a broken leg years ago, he changed her.

In 1933 Carlisle found a dying Rosalie Hale in Rochester, New York. Her scum bag of a fiance, aided by a gang of his friends, raped and beat her nearly to death. Carlisle smelled the blood and went to assist her and when he realized she was dying he changed her in hopes she could be a companion for Edward, which is laughable now considering how much she detests him now.

In 1935 Emmett McCarty joined the family. Rosalie found him being mauled by a giant grizzly bear in the woods of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. When she saw him she couldn't let him die, and carried his large body over 100 miles back to Carlisle and begged him to change him because she was still new to this lifestyle and didn't trust herself enough to do it. They soon fell in love and were married a few years later.

As for myself, I joined the family in 1950, along with my companion Alice. Both Alice and I were changed by other vampires. Alice had no memories of being human, and had no recollection of how she came into this lifestyle. Alice had quite a unique gift of being clairvoyant and her visions often led her to the right path. Alice never wanted to hurt someone, so when she had a vision of the vampires with gold eyes who fed off animals she taught herself how to do it.

As for myself, I had a very different up bringing than the rest of my adoptive siblings. I was not dying and changed by a compassionate passing vampire. I was changed by a sadistic power hungry bitch named Maria.

It was 1863 and I was serving in the Civil War. At 19 I was the youngest major in the confederate army, even with me lying about my age to join. It was shortly before the first battle of Galveston and I had just brought a group of woman and children to Houston and was heading back to look for stragglers. About a mile from the city I saw three women, on foot, and went to offer them my assistance, but it didn't take me long to figure out something was wrong. The women were all incredibly beautiful to my mere human eyes, and they spoke in hushed tones.

Eventually the obvious leader of the group asked my name, and like the good southern boy I was, I ducked my head and replied 'Major Jasper Whitlock, ma'am'. I will always remember the words that fell from her lips before the fire took over my veins.

"I hope you survive Jasper, I have a feeling you will be very valuable to me."

Three days later I awoke alone and bloody in a barn. It wasn't long before Maria emerged and told me of the life she had doomed me to. Back in the 1800's vampires in the south fought for territory - they wanted to be able to feed off anyone they wanted and not worry another vampire coming and taking their meals. Maria was creating an army of newborn vampires to fight for her, and there was something about me that she wanted, and I soon became her second in command.

Not a day goes by that I don't wish I had thrown myself into one of the many fires over the years. As Maria's second in command I changed and killed many newborns, becoming a shell of the man I use to be. I killed thousands for nothing more than blood and to please Maria's sick ways. I hate to admit it but I worshipped the ground she walked on. Eventually my gift made an appearance and made my life much more difficult. You see I am an empath- every emotion you feel I feel as well. So as I ended the life of a newborn who had run out of their use, I felt every ounce of fear they felt, and when I fed from an innocent human, I felt every ounce of pain, and fear that ran through them, it slowly killed me on the inside.

It wasn't until a newborn named Peter wormed his way past my tough exterior did things change. At this point I was the definition of evil, and had no regard for human life. It was easier this way. In all honesty I was done with all the bullshit from Maria, but thought I had no way out. He quickly became my second in command and often kept me from ending my miserable existence.

The time came to dispose of the useless newborns, and Peter was to help me. We were almost done when Peter tried to convince me some of them had potential, but Maria said they all go, so I said no. As I called the next newborn, Peter's emotions shifted. He became angry, furious even. I thought he was going to attack me. The newborn was a vampire named Charlotte. When he saw her his emotions shifted again, but this time all I felt was all consuming love. He screamed at me not to do it, and then screamed at Charlotte to run, he chased after her, and I let them get away. When I felt the love he had for her I couldn't go after them.

Maria was pissed that I had let them escape, but I didn't care. Things were tense between us. She was no longer my puppet master, and I was no longer her puppet. Peter returned five years later, with tales of the north, of how vampires and humans lived together in peace. I left with him that day. Maria was planning to kill me and I knew this was my chance to get away.

I stayed with Peter and Charlotte for a few years before becoming a nomad. I still couldn't shake my depression after feeding and I could never forget the pain and fear I saw in the eyes of my victims each time I fed.

In 1940 I met Alice in a diner in Philadelphia. She was so different than any vampire I had ever met-her happiness and excitement was a depressed empath's dream. She sat down next to me, and told me she had been waiting for me.

She quickly explained that she had been having visions of me over the years, and that at first she was convinced I was her mate, but shortly after us meeting she realized it wasn't meant to be. She told me to come with her and find Carlisle Cullen and his family of animal drinkers. She told me they would be our family and that it was my way out of my depression. I had no reason not to trust this energetic pixie of a vampire so I went with her.

By the time we found the Cullens I had tried animal blood and was learning how to control my thirst with humans, which I'll admit even now I struggle with. When we arrived it was assumed Alice and I were together, and because of my zero interest in finding a mate and Alice unable to see hers we decided there would be no harm in not correcting them.

So there you have it, the inner workings of the mysterious Cullen family. We were currently living in Forks, Washington, a small town with a population of a little over three thousand. We had moved here a year ago from Connecticut. Carlisle worked at the local hospital, and us 'children' all attended the local high school. Rosalie, Emmett and myself are all seniors and would be graduating for the hundredth time this year, and Alice and Edward are juniors.

Us Cullens were famous in Forks. The kids at the high school are all curious about us and all the middle aged women swoon over our supposed adoptive father. Us kids stuck together at school and rarely socialized with the other students. We weren't snobs as some called us, we just preferred to be around each other, and there was no point in making friends when you moved every couple of years. Our biggest concern was that we could be exposed.

Today was another day of hell, a.k.a. another day of high school. This charade of playing a high school student day after day became a bore quite quickly. For that reason I was not excited to be getting dressed at this moment. Going to high school for the tenth time holds no appeal to me.

"Come on Jasper, stop moping, and get ready for school," Alice says bouncing up and down, barging into the room.

"Alice, why the hell are you so excited for school?"

"I have a feeling today is going to be a great day," she says winking, and closing the door.

"Now get your ass downstairs!" She yells, and I groan.

Here goes nothing...

Later that day

School was going at a snails pace, as per usual, the only difference today was the fact the Cullens were not the subject of small talk. Instead everyone was talking about the new girl, Isabella Swan. From what I have heard she is the police chiefs daughter, just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona. I had yet to see her, with being a senior and her a junior, but in all honesty I didn't care much, she was just another human.

It was lunch time, the only part of the day I truly hated. It was great that I was with the rest of my family, but it didn't help we had to pretend to eat the horrible human food. With my gift of empathy I had to feel the emotions of everyone in the room, and a room full of teenagers made for an interesting lunch hour however.

As usual, the Cullen clan was sitting at our usual table in the back corner when we heard Jessica Stanley giving someone the run down on us. I figured she was talking to the new girl. I focused on what Jessica was saying, but I was immediately drawn to the girl with the brown hair who had her back turned towards us. Her emotions were so pure, and strong they shocked me to my core. The mysterious Isabella Swan had me captivated, and I had yet to see her face. I couldn't understand the feelings that were running through me, or why this human was affecting me. I knew it wasn't her scent, yeah she smelled good, better than most, but her blood held no appeal. What the hell was happening to me?

As Jessica says my name, she turns around, her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, and her face is the perfect heart shape, God she is beautiful. When our eyes meet, I swear I can almost feel my heart beat,and I know what's happening;

She's the one, but what has me even more curious, if she is my mate, why can't Edward keep his eyes off of her?

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