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Last Chapter:

"Of course. You said it yourself 'everything is working out'. It's time you had some fun. I was thinking Paris, we could even make a detour to Italy to visit Alice and Demetri."

"That certainly sounds amazing. I've always wanted to visit Europe," she says with a smile.

"So is that a yes?" I ask with a smirk.

"That's a hell yes!" she says excitedly.

"Good, let's go. I'm sure we can get a flight out of here tonight."

"Tonight? But we don't have bags or passports, or..."

"Check the back seat," I reply with a smirk. She looks at me with a raised eyebrow, but does as I said.

"Do you want to explain how you did this without me noticing?" she asks looking at the duffel bag in the back, while holding our passports.

"I had a little help from Charlotte. She packed for us while we were out hunting, and put it in the car before we got back," I reply with a grin.

"How did you know I was going to say yes?" Bella asks teasingly.

"I know my girl. Even if I was wrong, I've been told I can be quite convincing," I say wiggling my eyebrows making her laugh. She leans over the centre console and kisses my cheek.

"You're amazing. Thank you."

"No thanks necessary. You ready for some fun?"

"So ready!"

With those words, I pushed the gas harder and made a call to a travel agent. It was time for us to be us, finally after over 140 years, I was finally at peace, I don't know what the future holds for us, but I'm excited to see.

One thing that I do know for sure, is that forever will never be long enough as long as we are together.

Jasper's POV – One hundred and fifty years later

"Bella, Jasper if you aren't downstairs in the next five minutes, I'm coming up there and dragging you out of this house by your ears!" Alice yelled up the stairs, making me groan and Bella laugh.

"Tell me why we agreed this again?"

Bella and I were currently getting ready to head to high school for the first time in one hundred and fifty years, and I wasn't totally excited, I hadn't missed high school at all.

Our trip to Paris turned into a European vacation, we first spent two weeks in Paris, the first week we just spent together, mostly in the hotel room and just enjoyed being alone for the first time in too long. The next week we had spectacular luck with the sun, and did all the touristy things, I had been here previously, but being with Bella made it something special, and being her first time her excitement rubbed off on me.

After we had done all Paris had to offer, we decided to head to Italy. We'd be meeting Alice in Volterra, and her and Demetri would be accompanying us to Milan. Alice had been dying to take Bella shopping, and promised she wouldn't go overboard, she lied. After that week, we bounced from city to city, first to Madrid, then Berlin, Dublin, London, and Stockholm to name a few, it was three months before we headed back to the states. Our time alone made our bond grow stronger, something I didn't think possible, I had never been this happy and content in my life time.

Once back in the states, Bella approached me about going back to school, and getting a college degree. She told me that she probably wouldn't use it, but it was something that was important to her, I agreed to it without hesitation. So we bought a one bedroom house in Portland, and enrolled that September, at Oregon University. Bella was an English major and I once again majored in History.

Three months into our studies, we received a phone call from a very excited Tanya and Charlie, who had been living at the Denali house in Alaska, turns out Charlie had popped the big question. Tanya immediately asked Bella to be maid of honour, and I was honoured when Charlie asked me if I would stand at his side, they then surprised us when they announced they would be getting married on New Years which was only two weeks away, so with that we were on our way back to Alaska.

The next two week were a whirl wind of wedding preparations, myself and Charlie hid for the most part. The wedding brought the family back together for the first time in a while, Alice and Demetri flew in for the wedding, and Edward and Bree returned from their time alone for the celebration. Come New years day the wedding went off without a hitch, and Tanya and Charlie became Mr. and Mrs. Swan.

A few days later, Bella and I returned to Oregon. Our lives continued on as normal, and we graduated three years later, the whole family flew in to see us graduate, but in all honesty I know they were all there to see Bella get her first college degree, I swear if vampires could cry Charlie would have been bawling.

After our graduation, we decided to head to Texas. Peter and Charlotte had been bugging us about visiting, I could tell Bella missed them, and I hate to admit it but I had missed them too. A short visit turned into a six month stay, but with trips to New Orleans and Vegas in between. I swear I was never letting Peter take Bella to Vegas unsupervised, they were officially partners in crime.

A month after leaving Texas, we were once again on a plane for a wedding, this time it was Alice's. The wedding was being held in the Volturi's castle, Alice was extremely excited to get her princess wedding. The wedding was in true Alice fashion grand and planned to perfection, even most of the Volturi guard as well as the leaders were in attendance. It made me happy to see Alice get her happily ever after, after all she had done to help me get mine.

Bella and I continued travelling the world for the next year, we went skydiving which was always fun especially since there was no danger, we went zip lining in British Columbia, diving in the Dominican Republic, really we did anything we pleased, and made some amazing memories.

After our fun we headed to Alaska to spend sometime with Charlie and Tanya, they were both loving life and still madly in love. While there we got to spend sometime with Kate and Jacob, they were definitely a unique pair, but were obvious soul mates. Jacob had made the decision to continue to phase, to stop the ageing process. As long as he was with Kate the gene would continue, Carlisle had expressed concern over Jacob's heart weakening over time, and we feared there was a chance he wouldn't make more than eighty years at most.

Him and Kate had a serious discussion and Jacob came to us with proposal he become one of us. Carlisle and Eleazar were concerned that with vampire venom being toxic to wolves the change would kill him, but we weren't going to give up that easy. With the help of the Volturi and days of research on Carlisle, Edward, Eleazar and myselfs part we discovered that giving Jacob a blood transfusion before the change would reduce the risks, though his transformation would be an extremely painful one.

On Jacob's nineteenth birthday, we started his change. It lasted four days, and he screamed and withered in agony more than I had ever seen, but the most important part was his eyes opened at the end. A week after his change, he discovered his morphing ability, he was quite ecstatic that he could continue to become a wolf.

A month was all Bella could handle with a newborn Jacob, so we decided to make a trip to see the Cullens. Carlisle, Esme, Bree, Edward, Rosalie and Emmett were all living in Connecticut going through the normal adopted family routine. It was Bree's first time in high school, and she was very excited, and Bella wanted to be there to help her through any problems.

Two weeks into our visit, the family minus Edward and Bree were in the living room watching a movie, when a giggly Bree and a grinning Edward entered the house. No one knew what was up with them, until Bella spotted the sparkly diamond on Bree's ring finger. Esme, Rose and Bella proceeded to squeal and jump on the newly engaged couple.

Six months later, our family was officially complete when Bree and Edward tied the knot. The love they shared was obvious to anyone, and being together changed the both of them. Bree was more out-spoken and energetic, while Edward had become the man we all knew he could be, his brooding was non existent and he'd even been caught cursing like a sailor.

"We agreed because Alice begged us. Besides it's going to be fun, things were a lot different the last time we were here," Bella says breaking me from my reminiscing.

After one hundred and fifty years the Cullen family had returned to Forks, with the addition of a few more people. The family was now to large to continue the adopted family routine, we had always been pushing it with five kids, and we all knew there was no way we could push it with eight, considering Alice and Demetri had decided to join us this time. When Alice suggested the move she already had a plan. Rosalie, Edward, Alice, Demetri and Myself would be Carlisle and Esme's adopted children, with Rosalie and myself playing twins once again, and Carlisle would work at the hospital once again.

Then Charlie and Tanya would be joining us as well, Charlie had missed Forks and Tanya hadn't lived anywhere other than Denali in centuries. Bella, Emmett would be Charlies children from his first marriage, and would be playing twins, something that excited both of them, and Bree would be playing Tanya's niece who's parents had died and the Swan's took her in. To explain the relationship between the families we had decided that it would be portrayed as Tanya and Esme are sisters, and the families decided to move together.

Since none of the mated pairs wanted to be separated due to the plan, Esme and Alice had been secretly at work on building a second house on the Cullen's Forks property, making the story more realistic for the public.

"You have a point, but from now on we stay at the other house, away from Alice. Agree?"

"Agreed," Bella says with a laugh.

"I heard that!" Alice yells.

"You were suppose too!" Bella and I yell simultaneously making both of us crack up.

"Ready to go, Jazz?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. Let's get this show on the road," I say as I take her hand and lead us downstairs to join the rest.

"Alright, Emmett, Bella and Bree you're taking the Jeep. Edward, Demetri and myself will be taking Edward's car and Jasper and Rosalie you'll be in Rose's car," Alice commands, none of us argue because it's not worth the energy.

Bella and I follow the rest out the door and I walk with Bella to Emmett's Jeep, giving her a kiss before she gets in, and then headed to Rose's car.

The drive to the school only took about ten minutes, and soon we were pulling in to the very familiar looking Forks High parking lot, it amazed me that it still looked the same as it did all those years ago. Once out of the car, I turned to see Emmett's jeep pull up and park at the other end of the lot, I watched as Bella got out of the car, I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face when I saw her. Aside from the physical changes of her transformation, she still reminded me of her blushing human self.

Eventually, our family got the attention of the entire parking lot, and it wasn't long until all the boys eyes were on the girls, and that wasn't okay with me. I immediately made my way to the Jeep, Rosalie at my side, and went to Bella's side, wrapping her in my arms and kissed her with as much passion as I could. When we pulled apart, I smirked and Bella scowled at me.

"What?" I ask with fake innocence.

"You are such a jealous brute," she says with a smile.

"You can't blame me, I can feel the lust they feel when they look at you and they need to know that you are mine."

"Well I guess I can't complain too much, that kiss got that group of girls over there to take their eyes off you," she says. I turn to look at the group of girls that Bella had pointed out, I couldn't help but laugh because they reminded me so much of Lauren and Jessica from before.

"Those girls don't matter, you know you are the only one I have eyes for."

"I know, but I can't help but want to claw their eyes out," she says with a smile, making me laugh.

"Feisty kitty," Emmett says jokingly as the others join us.

"Oh bite me, Em," Bella responds.

"Just tell me where," he replies with a grin, earning him a smack from Rosalie and myself.

"Can you please behave, you baboon? Now, I have everyone's schedules," Alice says handing each of us a piece of paper.

I immediately compare mine to Bella's and I'm glad that we are only apart for two classes, geography and biology, and luckily we both had another member of the family in our separate classes.

"Bells, please tell me you have Biology, third period, room 202," Edward says with a smile, and we all know why.

"Yes, I do. Wanna be my lab partner, Eddie?" she asks with a laugh.

"Of course, and don't call me Eddie."

"I'll be your lab partner on two conditions; a) you don't second guess everything I say and b) you don't try to suck me dry," Bella says breaking out into laughter.

"You think your funny eh, Swan?" he asks with humour.

"No, I know I'm funny, Cullen."

"Alright, alright knock it off you two. Edward, get use to the fact Bella's funnier than you, and Bella, Edward promises not to be a smart ass and attempt to 'suck you dry'," Bree says with a smile on her face.

"I knew you two were to close, you've turned my wife against me," Edward says pointing at Bella, but with no malice in his tone.

"That's because I'm awesome," Bella replies.

"Bella, we can finish discussing your awesomeness at lunch, but we are going to be late if we don't move it," Alice says with an amused look on her face.

The eight of us headed into the building, everyone we passed stared as we walked by and whispered about the new families. I could feel Bella's nervousness with every person we passed, and every comment made, I hadn't thought about the fact Bella had never experience this side of the Cullen family.

"You okay, Darlin?"

"Yeah, I'm just not use to the attention. Don't forget I use to be one of those humans curious about the family and I know what they are saying even if I don't hear them."

"Don't worry so much, in a few days, a week or two at most and we'll be old news."

"I know, but I can't help it. Besides, it's been so long since I've been in high school I'm more worried about being totally out of my element."

"Stop worrying, everything is going to be great. It's already a hundred times better than the first time we were here."

"And why's that?" she asks.

I wrap my arm around her shoulder, and kiss the top of her head.

"Because this time, I've got my girl."

And she'd be mine till the end of time, it felt amazing to be back where it all began, and I hoped we could relive some memories during our time here. I wonder what she would think if I climbed up to her window tonight?

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