A few days bled into a week, which spurned a turn off for two. Lightning vehemently took issue with every land plot available for sale, then promptly purchased a bed for the visitors that very week, cutting off the question of moving out altogether. Fang and Vanille were content, even happy to join the family and took up residual chores without complaint, Fang working on the harsher tasks while Vanille and Serah made fast friends in the kitchen, tending the crops and plants of the garden together while Lightning and Fang played Guard for the day, returning home to help the heavier chores such as woodchopping, bale lifting, and other necessities for the small homestead.

Fang grew fond of Lightning fast; they complimented each other's abilities on the battlefield and reflected the other's hardships in life. Both new to the prospect of a growing, flirtatious relationship, Fang found herself in the bathroom often, teased by Vanille for it, but it was a hardship she was most willing to endure when it meant promise for the budding friendship she had with Lightning.

It was only a few days beyond that first week that Lightning made her intentions for them clear.

Watching Fang outside the window as the strong warrior hauled up the ax, muscles taut and lightly shimmering with the sweat of good work in the waning sunset. Lightning was captivated watching her, those strong arms flexing with every lift and driving blow, laden with power in every strike. How amazing would it feel to have those arms around her instead? Lightning's mind spun off from there, as it commonly did now with her eyes stuck on Fang.

"That's creepy."

Lightning jerked so badly, she nearly flipped the table. Serah gave her a wary look as Lightning picked up fallen salt and plates. "Serah!" Lightning cursed, pulling out from where she'd been sitting before the heart attack. "Warn me before you sneak up like that!"

"That would ruin the point of sneaking, wouldn't it? And I wasn't, anyway. I made lots of noise coming down the steps. You're just too mesmerized in ga-ga land, staring at her like that."

"I wasn't staring."

Serah rolled her eyes. "I didn't say anything at first, but when you started licking your lips, I started to worry."

Lightning baffled. "What? I wasn't- "

"What I can't figure out," Serah spoke over her, "Is why you haven't humped her yet."


"Or at least kissed." Serah amended. "You barely even touch her. What gives, Claire?"

"Serah, what the hell? Where is this coming from? I've barely known her a week!"

"Is that it?" Serah asked. "The timing of it? I won't think you easy if you jump her, Claire."

Lightning groaned. "Vanille's a terrible influence on you."

"Really!" Serah insisted. "You're so much friendlier around her. Two weeks ago, it'd take Rivaini bellydancer to even make you twitch. Fang makes you smile all the time, over the littlest things!"

"Serah," Lightning grimaced. "Please stop digging into my lovelife."

"You don't have one!" Serah exclaimed. "A sister has a right to be concerned in her sibling's failed performance! How am I to learn by example when you fail to give one?" Lightning startled as Serah pushed her towards the door. "Now go!"

"Serah- "

"No buts! Unless it's Fang's." Serah interrupted. The door magically opened. "Now show us what a burst of confidence can do!" Serah gave her one final push out and the door slammed shut behind her. Inside, Serah and Vanille high-fived and locked the door. They perched at the window to watch.

Lightning sighed.

Lightning was tempted to pick the lock and turn back inside, but undoubtedly, Vanille and Serah guarded the doorway. It was stupid, anyway. Serah couldn't really hope for so much after just one little week, even if Lightning wanted it too…

Lightning shook her head. There would be time for that later, when she'd known Fang for a little longer before she jumped the woman. Of what Lightning knew of Fang anyway, she was reserved about those she cared for, and fiercely protective of Vanille. They were friends, sure, but Lightning couldn't imagine she meant anything close to Fang as Vanille did. It was merely playful between them. "Hey, Fang." Lightning greeted casually, coming up to the large oak beside the empty stump where Fang chopped their lumber.

"Light," Fang cleaved down through the wooden block of wood, splitting the two right down. "There's a random bed that appeared in the living room. I think someone stole your couch and replaced it."

Lightning's amusement brightened her eyes. "Maybe it's a sign."

"Must be, ya? I mean, who knew the local Moogles could be interested in real estate." Fang set her next log.

"Just my luck, huh?"

"When did you start getting lucky?"

Lightning grinned. "I could use more, if you ask me."

Fang cast her an interested look, but didn't continue off the thought. She hauled back the axe again. "So what're you doing out here, Light?"

"Just thought I'd join you with the morning wood." Fang's swing faltered, knicking the edge of the block so hard, it unbalanced, shooting the lumber block at Lightning. "Hey!" Lightning cursed, unsuspectingly hit with the heavy block from Fang's great might.

"Light!" Fang was before her in an instant, pushing up the hem of Lightning's shirt where she'd been struck to check for injury. Fang's fingers scraped over her stomach. Lightning inhaled when Fang touched her, for reasons that had nothing to do with the stinging pain of the strike. "Are you alright?"

"I'm… fine." Fang was so close to her, she could see the jaded shards cut through those eyes.

"I'm sorry," Fang scanned for bruises, but if one was going to show, it hadn't yet. "I was just… it was clumsy of me, stupid. I thought- " Fang blinked. "I was… when did you get belly ring?"

"Fang," Lightning drew those eyes, and Fang was so close. Too close. Lightning vaguely remembered that this was reason she never drew too near to Fang; alluring as the woman was from a distance, she was positively intoxicating up close. Lightning could see every smooth surface, the high bones contouring her cheeks, perfect eyebrows accenting her eyes. Even her hair was just as uniquely beautiful, tipped red at the edges in a fashion Lightning's mind had trouble managing. Her cheeks and jaw, so finely shaped, and her lips, oh those lips. Practically begging to be kissed, so full and pink…

Lightning remained unaware of how or when her hand had raised to Fang's cheek, but it hardly seemed to matter now. "Your lips…" Lightning had meant to compliment her eyes, but her mind had fuzzed over, Fang was so close.

Fang's eyes misted. She could feel her heart thrumming, bubbling with their proximity. She couldn't, either. Not with her not-so-little mini pulsed with her heat, hotter than a blacksmith's forge and just as stiff. But Lightning's hand was on her cheek, and shit, she was gorgeous, pulling her apart at the seams with those eyes. Fuck, this was too soon. She'd only known Light a week with her attraction made clear from day one. She'd be taking advantage-

Lightning kissed her and Fang's thoughts blurred into the abyss.

The texture of Fang's lips proved even better than the sight of them, as Lightning pressed her mouth to Fang's, she wished she had further experience with this kind of thing. Fang's lips readily responded to hers, scraping Lightning's mouth with a passion clearly matched. Lightning cradled her face in her hands, massaging the sweet honeycomb of Fang's shapely mouth. Lightning suckled her bottom lip, delighted when Fang released a moan.

Her body shifted against her, but Lightning was too taken with the delicious splendor of Fang's eager touch to notice the unusual bulge that pressed to her hips.

Fang was first to pull away, regrettably breaking their impassioned kiss, all too aware of her throbbing arousal, especially as it pressed against Light. Lightning seemed dazed, wanton eyes watching her, perhaps about to pull her back.

"Fang! Faaang!" Vanille flew across the yard and bowled into Fang, knocking them both down with Vanille thumping down on top. "I'm so happy for you!" Fang groaned as Vanille flopped to cover her. She moseyed for comfort, whispering to Fang. "Andraste's tits, Fang! I've never felt you so hard." Which was saying something, as Vanille slept with her every night! Damn, but Fang liked to dream sometimes. "Settle down!"

"I'm trying!" Fang whimpered, just as desperate right back.

"I'll freeze you." Vanille warned, immediately followed by an ice-cold trickle down her pants.

Vanille choked her with a dishtowel before Fang could scream.

Serah came up besides Lightning and nudged her sister. "I told you." Lightning's eyes were still on Fang. "I told Vanille to give you two another moment, but she was so excited, already half out the door… " Lightning glanced over at her. "So… you liked it, right? I heard Fang moaning. You grateful for the help?"

"Don't intrude next time, and I'll be happier yet."

Serah grinned.

Vanille removed the towel from her mouth when she deemed it safe. "Fang?" Fang stared haunted and didn't speak. "Fang, are you alright?"

Fang echoed the barest meep, eyes wide and horrified. "Neb…" Fang curled on her side, gently rolling Vanille off. A shaky hand descended down her pants. "Neber..."

"Fang?" Her friend didn't respond again, merely lowered her other hand down too to rub herself furiously. "I'll be back." Vanille glanced up, seeing Lightning and Serah both staring, Lightning with the fond eyes of a smitten, Serah with a creased, befuddled brow. Lucky that Fang's back was to them. "Alright, guys!" Vanille started up hastily. "Fang wants some dinner."

Serah cocked her head. "What does she want?"

"Doesn't matter," Vanille dismissed. "Anything hot. She also says she wants to meditate out here for the hour, and that she isn't to be disturbed!" Serah narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Come on!"

"Can't she come in?" Lightning asked, breaking from her daze as Vanille started to pull her away.

"She likes nature." Vanille tugged Serah's wrist too. "It's a Yun thing; she mustn't be disturbed. I'll explain inside."


A few hours later, when Fang was able to fully function again, she sought out Lightning immediately, apology at the ready. She found her in the bedroom, sprawled across the bed with an open book. Lightning turned at the sound of the door, then sat up at the sight of her. "Fang,"

Fang rushed inside anxiously, "Light! I want to apologize for- "

Lightning shook her head. "There's no need, Fang. Vanille told me about it."

That stopped Fang short. "Vanille… told you? Told you what?"

"About the Yun thing," Lightning nodded, putting the book down on the dresser. "When you went to meditate, she explained to me that's what the Yuns do after they've… tasted someone." With Lightning's growing proximity, Fang could see a slight blush in her cheeks. "When they're… seeking guidance about a mate." Fang choked in the back of her throat, struggling to keep her expression calm. "She told me it's what Yuns do after every initial interest so I shouldn't be too alarmed. It was just… surprising, I guess."

"Light- "

"I know coming from the Yuns is important to you, and so I want to respect your traditions." Lightning exhaled. "I like you, Fang. A lot. I don't know if that translates to ready to hear of your meditations on mating me yet…" Lightning's mouth curled at the edges. "But it's not something I'd completely discount in the near future, either."

Fang twitched rather violently.

"So there," Lightning shifted, a little awkward with Vanille's instruction of how she should proceed. She wasn't used to this; especially not the sharing-feelings bit. "Your turn?"

"Lightning, I have to tell you something." Fang urged, "It's something I should have told you at the beginning, when we just started courting."

Lightning grinned. "Is that what the Yuns call a little flirting? You were courting me, were you?"

"Light, please." Fang begged. "I have to get this out. You've put up with a lot of idiosyncrasies from me and Vanille thus far, but this one… this one's the biggest."

"Bigger than Yuns and Apostate Mages? That's quite a size."

Fang winced. "Earlier today, when we kissed… I pulled away first, but not because I wanted to stop. I was… afraid that you'd feel the difference."


Fang struggled for the right words to describe this. "Light… I inherit more than just culture from my people, there are differences too. Like Qunari inherit the strength and horns of their kind, or elves being nimble, or dwarfs, short and sturdy."

"Okay," Lightning nodded, following her. "So you've inherited your strength and senses, right? Yun women have the prowess and endurance of stallions, I've read."

"Light…" Fang cringed, cursing the untimeliness. Lightning was so good at that… She'd keep Lightning's attention until the truth was revealed. "Have you ever read about the men of our culture?"

Lightning frowned, brow furrowing. "Not really. The women Yuns seemed like the more able of the fighters. I never really saw any special mention about the men."

"That's because we don't have any." Lightning's eyebrows went up. "It's like… ugh. This is normal for me, ya? But it's gonna… it's gonna be weird for you."

"Fang," Lightning reassured. "Just tell me. I can handle whatever you've got to offer."

Fang might've considered she was doing it on purpose if she had any real chance to know.

"I have a penis." Fang finally admitted, fearfully watching Lightning's expression blank out. "In my country before the war, Yuns were considered the most valued of all the tribes for we were the strongest warrior tribe. Other clans aspired to us, and it was normal for the women of other tribes to want and desire a Yun mate for the reason of passing down our traits. A Yun never births a male offspring; only amazons, some of them like us."

Fang sighed, lowering her head. "I know it's unusual outside my people, and probably nothing you aspire to be with. The ways of my people are not like the common land and, if you… if you're too uncomfortable with me, given the circumstance, I understand backing out. I didn't alert you at the start of our courtship, so it isn't what you signed up for. If it's too unusual for you, I… I don't want to push you into anything you're not comfortable with. I like you too, Light, but I know this is… awkward, so I wanted to give you the chance now, before anything is carried further so you know… exactly what you're getting into, if you want to be with me." Fang offered her an apologetic, injured look. "I can leave if you want me to. Does this… is my… equipment too much to take?"

Lightning's eyes dropping below Fang's waist. Her brow furrowed, causing Fang to swallow nervously. "Can I see it?"

Fang startled, blinking incomprehesively. "What?"

"I have to know if I can take it." Lightning claimed, eyes lifting back to Fang. Fang could see that tickle of humor in there again. "Won't you show me?"

Fang's throat tightened, among other parts. Fang cleared her throat. "I... uhh, now might not be the best moment for that."

"You're aroused?" Maker, even her tone held that amusement now.

"You say these things!" Fang blurted, "Size, wood, prowess, and stallions…"

Lightning grinned. "It must be very hard for you, Fang."

"It's getting there."

Her sky blues sparkled. "Your tribes are honored to be with a Yun?" Fang gulped. Lightning pulled up closer, deliberately pressing herself against Fang's hard center as she stood on tip-toes to whisper in Fang's ear. "I want to be honored too, Fang."

Fang shuddered. Lightning grinned, much giddier than her countenance betrayed her. She was glad for it too; Fang was nervous enough without knowing her apprehension. Nervous, yes, but not enough that she'd hold it to pass up her chance with Fang. The woman was still heart-stoppingly gorgeous, unusual quirks or not, Fang was a strong, unique warrior, and someone Lightning was growing incredibly fond of.

Lightning kissed high on the cheek, wrapping her arms around Fang's middle, both delighted and tingling at the direct contact with her skin.

She could feel that bulge Fang spoke of, its heavy weight pressing into her hips, even through Fang's pants. There was something so stimulating about feeling it there, a physical touch with which she could feel Fang's arousal for her. It was so… so pleasing.

Lightning might have less hesitation with this than she originally thought.

Fang wrapped her arms around Lightning as the shorter girl buried her face in the crook of Fang's neck. Fang held her, so intensely stirred for this girl.

"You can show me later, Fang." Lightning assured. "Maybe next week."

A strangled noise emitted from Fang, curling Lightning's lips. Fang paused a beat to stop choking. "You really are okay with it?"

"I'm okay with you, Fang." Lightning hugged her. "I think I'll be just fine with it."