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The Plan to Repopulate the Saiyans:


"The major problem – one of the major problems, for there are several – one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them. To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem" (Douglas Adams, 278).

Outside of the universe that we are familiar with, there is an infinitely large, obscure place that is dubbed by many as 'otherworld'. It is the world outside of life. Those who pass through the great barrier of souls and into otherworld must either be of godly nature or the souls of the deceased. As previously stated, otherworld is an obscure place. Not a soul living or dead can even comprehend how large otherworld is, what otherworld is comprised of, and how dangerous otherworld is.

Yes, a portion of otherworld is extremely dangerous. This particular area of otherworld is known by many names. Some call this place the Great Rift. Some call this place SOL. Those pure of heart opt to call it HFIL, but most call this obscene world Hell.

There is a chasm in the belly of otherworld that houses Hell. No-one knows just how far this chasm spans. The very nature of its size is impossible to distinguish because it is said that it is constantly growing. There aren't any explorers brave enough to make the voyage throughout the stomach-churning pit that is hell to find answers. Even the ogres that are trained to keep order in hell won't venture far. It is even whispered that if one was to venture too far, one might end up in Demon World. So, when Hell is in upheaval, you can imagine that wrangling up volunteers to quench the fire is scarce.

There are two men who are brave enough to venture into the depths of Hell when a savior is needed. They are pure-of-heart warriors who were distinguished with the honor of keeping their living bodies. They go by the names: Pikkon and Son Goku. Whenever there was an uprising in Hell, they were the men to call upon. That is, until just recently.

Some say the Saiyans were doomed from the start. They were sniveling beasts – savage even. In the beginning of their race's existence, there was no order. It was kill or be killed. There were those with 'richer' Saiyan blood. They were stronger than the rest. They thought themselves superior to what they dubbed lower-class individuals. The instant the Saiyans divided themselves into these different classes of worth was when order finally began. The most elite Saiyans fought for sovereignty. Then one day, a Saiyan transformed. He became infinitely stronger than all of the other Saiyans and in a mad rage, he nearly wiped out the entire race. No-one dared to challenge him after that. He became known as the legendary Super Saiyan and the first King of the beastly race.

Somewhere down the line, a King – descendant of the first and then only Super Saiyan – made a decision that would seal the fate of all but a handful of his powerful race. He made a deal with a tyrant – a deal he couldn't refuse. The rest as they put it: is history.

The Saiyans went to hell when they were nearly eradicated from the living realm. They were a race of sheep, and the vast majority continued to follow their King in the hopes that he would not make the same mistake twice. Hell is not a friendly place for anyone, but especially not for those without allies. The weak are tortured by the strong for infinity. One cannot become stronger in Hell. One cannot flee from monsters in Hell because everyone, everything is a monster. One cannot die if one is already dead. One can only suffer. There is strength in numbers. How ironic, if only the Saiyans had figured this out a little bit sooner.

King Vegeta puffed out his chest, waltzed into the dank, ill-lit cave. He paused every other stride to take in his surroundings. A light source at the end of the small cavern was giving off a golden glow and casting dancing shadows on the rock walls.

A cackling laugh burst forth from a small creature huddling around a glowing orb at the back of the cave. King Vegeta paused like a wary animal. The creature laughed its menacing chuckle yet again. He didn't even have to lay eyes on it to know how hideous the thing must be.

"I've been expecting you!" the creature cried out with a tinny sounding voice. It snickered a little bit. "Don't look so astonished Vegeta. I am a warlock, am I not?"

King Vegeta approached closer to the voice. "Then my source was correct," he said with a self-satisfied smirk.

He could make out the creature better now. It was a stubby, plump, repugnant, little, green man. His most noticeable characteristic was that he had long, green antenna sticking out on both sides of his chin like overgrown whiskers. They bounced and bobbed when he talked. It annoyed Vegeta greatly already.

"You're Bibidi?" King Vegeta inquired nonchalantly, glancing with vague curiousity at the aforementioned light source, the orb.

The grotesque green man scowled at Vegeta and crossed his stubby, little arms. "That's Master Bibidi to you."

Vegeta gritted his teeth and spat, "I am the King of all Saiyans! You! Pest! You are nothing to me! Don't test my patience!"

Bibidi chuckled and tapped on his chin with his overgrown, yellowing index nail. "What an accomplishment that is! How wonderful you must feel. You do realize Vegeta that you are quite dead, and that the only survivor of your race is your son, the Prince."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "Your point?"

"Haven't you heard the little saying: the King is dead, long live the King?" the little green man pressed onward, snickering under his breath.

King Vegeta seethed. Bibidi continued furthermore: "The fact is that you're dead, as dead as every Saiyan King that has preceded you. Your son is alive. He has a mate and a child of his own. Wouldn't that make him the King? Of course, there is no need for a King anymore. When your son dies, you Saiyans will be extinct for good!"

King Vegeta growled and reached for the first thing he saw through his heated rage. He grabbed a hold of Bibidi's whiskers and yanked on them. "Do not insult me, you fool! My son has spat on the Saiyan race by mating with that… that thing he calls a woman. His brat is no Saiyan heir. He is a mongrel and nothing more!"

For an instant, fury flashed in Bibidi's eyes the likes of which might scare even King Vegeta if he had noticed. "Alright, alright!" Bibidi shouted. "If you want me to help you. Let go of me this instant! And show some respect while you're at it!"

Vegeta relinquished his grasp. He ignored Bibidi's latter statement completely, narrowed his eyes, and scoffed at Bibidi. "Why do you assume that I came for help?"

Bibidi fumed and withheld the desire to lash out at King Vegeta. He hissed something unintelligible under his breath, then adressed King Vegeta again: "I'm a warlock. I knew you would come. I know why you came. I can help you."

King Vegeta raised an eyebrow out of curiosity and challenged, "Oh really? Do tell, why am I here?"

"You want to revive the Sayian race," Bibidi stated plainly.

King Vegeta ran his fingers through his goatee with a thoughtful look upon his face. "And you can make that happen?" he questioned with a doubtfull inflection to his voice.

"But of course, my good man, but of course," Bibidi replied, nodding his head. He then lifted his right hand and flicked up his index finger. "That is, on one condition…"

King Vegeta shot Bibidi a look of speculation. "What sort of condition?"

Bibidi smirked and replied, "I have a proposition for you. I think you'll like it. I think you'll like it a lot."

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