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The Plan to Repopulate the Saiyans:

Chapter 11: Signs

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible" (Frank Zappa).

Goku's eyelids retracted leisurely, and she blinked as her pupils adjusted to the intense light overhead. She pulled herself into an upright position and stretched. She yawned and groggily rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Where am I?

She absorbed her surroundings with a disoriented gaze. She was sitting upright in a cot in a dreary, white, and windowless room.

Where is everybody?

She attempted to recollect what had last happened to her, but her memory felt hazy. She remembered seeing Vegeta, and that was about it – everything else drew up a blank.

Goku hung her legs along the edge of the bed, vaguely noticing that her feet didn't touch the floor. Odd, the bed didn't seem that high. Before she could hop off of the cot, she felt a tugging sensation preventing her from doing so. It was then that she took notice of the fact that she was wearing a hospital gown.

Goku's eyes widened with immediate alarm. Hospital!

She had three lead lines hooked up to an ECG monitor, a pulse oximeter clipped to her index finger, and a blood pressure cuff attached just above her elbow.

What in the world? Why? Why am I in a hospital? I'm not sick! I can't be sick! I'm dead!

A nagging voice in the back of her mind was trying to bring attention to the fact that her arms were much too slender to be attached to her body, but Goku paid it no notice. The only thought that pulsed through her head with incessant need was that she desperately wanted to escape this nightmarish building before a doctor had the chance to pop up from out of nowhere and give her a shot! Goku began to rapidly rip off all of the equipment attached to her. She froze as her eyes fell upon an IV line in her arm.

For a moment, Goku stared at it in a panic. She mistakenly assumed that there was a needle poking into her vein. She shut her eyelids and began to blindly rip off the tape and yank out the cannula. Goku's nerves weren't satisfied until the offensive object was thrown ten feet across the room.

She sighed with relief. It's time to split!

Without bothering to check the perimeter for her belongings, she hopped off of the bed and attempted to sprint toward the only door in the room. She made it about two steps before plummeting face forward to the ground.

Not again! she thought with slight annoyance.

Out of what was now becoming a habit, her hands reached up to tousle her hair around in search of newly sprouted horns. Nope! Not a demon monster yet!

Despite her 'terrifying' current predicament, Goku chuckled softly at her inside joke. Baba's just being paranoid! she reassured herself for the umpteenth time.

Goku cautiously lifted herself up into a vertical position, but to her surprise, the room began to spin. She wobbled around precariously upon her feet. Her eyebrows drew together with mounting frustration as she continually failed to regain simple motor skills.

Just as she thought she was beginning to get the hang of it, her torso wavered a little too far backward and she fell flat on her bottom.


For a split-second, a sharp, prickling, and painful sensation crawled up her spine.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed, jumping forward as a result. She caught herself with one hand and rubbed her tingling backside with the other.

Her hand caressed something soft and furry and very much out of place. Her breath caught in her throat. No… no it can't be?!

Completely in synch, Goku whipped her head around just as her tail peaked out from behind to greet her. Goku's jaw dropped for an instant. An ear-to-ear grin replaced it shortly thereafter.

"Tail! You came back!" she exclaimed excitedly, wagging it back and forth with delight.

The uncharacteristic dulcet tone of Goku's voice didn't pass her ears by unnoticed. Her tail stiffened and became rigid, as did the rest of her muscles. After a moment of silent speculation, Goku cleared her throat and tested out her vocal cords:


The sound that greeted her eardrums didn't even vaguely match her perception of her own voice. Her eyebrows scrunched together and an unsettling feeling began to churn around in the pit of her stomach. Goku pounded the side of her fist against the upper portion of her breastbone and deliberately cleared her throat again as forcefully as she could.


It made no difference. At this point it occurred to her that there was either something terribly wrong with either her vocal cords or her ears because that voice definitely did not belong to her!

"Maybe I inhaled some gas that made me pass out and is now making my voice sound funny…" she muttered, still completely in awe of her foreign-sounding voice. "Maybe…"

It was then that Goku decided it might be a good idea to further examine herself. It was impossible to overlook the obvious changes! Her feet were much too small, her legs too smooth. Her hips flared too much. She blinked incredulously at the two soft mounds on her chest.

"Well," she muttered, running a set of trembling fingers through her ebony locks. "At least this explains why my balance is all out of whack!"

Goku's misfortune seemed to pile up by the minute. Her head jerked upward and toward the door in the direction that a 'tip-tap' sound registered in her brain. Someone was approaching her room from the adjacent hallway. That someone might be a doctor or nurse! Goku had no time to ponder her qualms concerning her new transformation. That would have to wait.

I've gotta get out of here!

To someone like Goku – it was an agonizingly slow process, but she managed to stand upright upon her feet. Using her tail as a balancing crutch, she gradually made her way toward the door. Just as she was reaching out to grab a hold of the doorknob, someone from the opposite side twisted the knob and pulled the door outward.

Darn it! I am not staying here! No, no, no!

Without even so much as looking at the person on the opposite end, Goku brushed past her mumbling, "Excuse me!"

She didn't witness the look of confusion that was sent her way by the woman standing in the hallway, nor did Goku see her shrug her shoulders and enter the room that she had just abandoned.

Goku concentrated solely on making it down the hallway and out of the building without being detained by the faculty. She remembered what bad luck she'd had at escaping the hospital after her first fight with Vegeta, and she was not about to relive that!

Meanwhile, the woman who had entered the room was now blinking at an empty cot in disbelief. She hung her head down and exhaled a lengthy sigh.

"You have got to be kidding me!" she muttered resignedly.

She glanced around with an air of uncertainty. "I must have gotten the wrong room. Why else would that woman be in here?"

Videl strode back into the hallway and checked the number on the door. "But that's it… that's his room number." She narrowed her eyes and stroked her chin thoughtfully. "Well, he didn't just up and walk out without being discharged… ChiChi would have gotten a call about that…"

Videl's eyes scanned the room, and fell upon a bag full of what appeared to be an orange and navy gi. "A-ha!" she exclaimed, darting across the room and picking the bag up to further investigate its contents. "Yeah, I'm positive this is what he was wearing when Gohan introduced me to him."

Videl's eyes traveled to the end of the bed. There was a clipboard attached to the bed frame. She picked it up and examined it. Her eyes skimmed across the attached medical records page and zeroed in on the patient's name, it read: Son Goku.

"I knew it!" Videl exclaimed. "This is his room! But… where is he?"

She scanned the room furthermore and noticed the lead lines pulled out of the ECG monitor as well as a few other odds and ends scattered all across the floor. A flash of red across the room drew her undivided attention. She walked over and knelt down to get a better look at the object. She recognized it as an IV line. It was bloody and scrunched up as if it was hastily withdrawn.

Videl's eyes widened with shock and her heart skipped a beat. "Someone took Gohan's father!" She narrowed her eyes, clenched her fists, and scowled at the bloodied object. "And I bet I know whose idea it was! Alright creeps, your luck just ran out! No-one messes with Gohan's family and gets away with it – especially not when I'm around!"

Videl didn't miss a beat. She charged through the open doorway and slid to a halt just beyond its frame. Her head whipped to the left, and her eyes scanning the long hallway for her only identifiable suspect. Good. The woman hadn't gotten very far.

Videl cupped her hands around her mouth in the shape of a megaphone and shouted, "Hey you! Hold it right there!"

The mysterious woman in the hospital gown cringed slightly, but continued to move forward with a hastier pace.

Videl growled impatiently. Just who does this lady think she is?! She irritatedly began to stomp her way down the hallway. "I'm on to you, lady! You're one of Babidi's peons, aren't you?"

It didn't take long for Videl to catch up with the woman. "I saw you leaving his room! I know you have something to do with this!" Videl grabbed the woman's shoulder with one hand and forced her to turn around and look her in the eyes.

She wasn't expecting the look of earnest, wide-eyed, innocent confusion that flashed across the woman's face just moments before she lost her footing and tumbled headlong into Videl, successfully causing both of them to crash into a small heap on the tile flooring under their feet.

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