So, here is my new fic. I will update at the minimum one chapter a day until it is done. For my readers wondering what happened to The Accident; I will get back to it, I promise. This is me trying to get my mojo back.

*that damn disclaimer I am supposed to post*

I finally did it. I bought my first home. As I looked up at my new home, I knew this meant good things for me and my family. My girls. My family. They were my everything now. I need to start living for them again. It's time I started to think of them more and not just myself. It's time to move on, and the first step was getting out of that house; the house with so many memories. Our two story home was perfect for the three of us. The girls would finally have their own room, I know they were excited for that. I can't believe things are going so well. I sigh deeply as I finally get out of the moving truck. It's time to get this shit done.

So, it was beta'd. but I can't fnd the beta'd copies, so not beta'd. And it may seem choppy, but I am determined to let it be a learning exercise.