There was a soft knock on the door, and as Edward called out come in, a familiar face came through. I may hate my ex-husband, but his father is the butter to my bread. I could tell Edward was uncomfortable, probably not knowing what was about to happen. I stood and leaned down to hug Billy.

"Hey old man, he called you, huh?"

"Your dad called first, but he was almost here, so I couldn't come with him, and then the shithead called a little bit ago. Rachel brought me up." I was glad Layla was awake to see her grandpa, he always could make my girls smile brighter than the sun. I decided to let them chat for a few moments and steered Edward out the door with me.

"So, that's my ex-father in law."

"I got that much, but I must admit, I don't get the dynamics." Edward said. I think he was upset, but I'm not sure.

"Well, the basic gist is that Billy is my father's best friend, I grew up, married his son, and now said son is a total douchebag, but it's not his father's fault. So, Billy came, and eventually the shithead, as Billy calls him, will be here. Probably by morning, seeing as how he is coming from a different country, and didn't bother to tell anyone he was going thereā€¦ I'm going to shut up now before you rescind my dinner date."

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