Author's Note:: I've been RPing a lot lately, and this idea came to me as I was reading about the Christmas story (the Nativity). I chose out random words for each of the chapters which I saw whilst reading through the story of Christmas. I hope you'll enjoy this fic as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

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Mary was visited by the Arch-Angel Gabriel. Gabriel, the Arch-Angel, was sent to Mary to inform her that God had chosen her, and that she would bear him a son.

Maura looked up at Ian from her position, perched with the stick between her thighs, as she swallowed. Together, they waited. The Doctor knew deep down that the window would show the minute lettering to indicate whether her suspicions had been confirmed. As the two minutes ticked by, she felt Ian's hand turning clammy in her own as, he too watched for the words to appear on the screen.

She sighed when she saw a change happening on the screen, the hourglass had stopped turning and a few symbols flashed up before lettering appeared. Maura looked to Ian and bit her lip slightly, as she linked her fingers with his, reaching with her free hand for the stick. She closed her eyes as she held it before looking to Ian, and then finally mustering up the courage to glance down at the window of the test.



It read, as clear as well, Clear Blue. The brand of home pregnancy testing she had chosen. That meant she had been correct in assuming she was pregnant, even before the date of her period. Maura let out a shaky breath and turned her head slightly away, shaking as though she was in disbelief. Ian rested his free hand on her knee, gently soothing the exposed skin there as he watched her reaction. He had known from the moment she had suggested she had 'felt something different' about herself, and broached the subject of children, that this was going to be hard for her to cope with.

When they had first met each other in Jakarta, Maura had shared information with Ian as they continued to fall better acquainted with one another, Ian shared his family history of cattle driving across the outbacks of Australia and Maura had shared her own adoption with him. It had been on this one night that Ian and Maura had been granted a weekends' leave and they'd headed to a hotel, where they'd spent the nights making urgent love to one another. It was on the Sunday evening before they had to leave to return back to their medical camp when Maura had shared the news with Ian.

"I can't have children." she'd told him, utterly out of the blue, looking int his eye, searching.

Maura, at first didn't know what had possessed her to tell Ian this fact but, after searching his eyes, Maura saw something. Yes, she had been known to be naive at times in certain situations, but Maura knew attraction when she saw it. And she knew Ian was attracted to her. She saw beyond this, Ian was in love with her. And she, with him.

Now, sitting here with her in the bathroom, he watched her before doing what he had done upon hearing the news back in Jakarta. Ian reached up and brushed back her hair, moving his mouth close to her ear, "Maura, I love you. You know that that's all that matters." he whispered to her and tilted her face up, his finger gently curled under her chin. She quickly threw her arms around him, after staring into his eyes. Maura exhaled and she held onto Ian, she clung to him, test still in hand as she looked over his shoulder to the window. She couldn't believe this was happening to her.

Maura had gone through life since she had been informed at a gynecologists appointment that she would not be able to conceive a child naturally. She had accustomed herself to the thought of possibly not finding the right man to settle down with and find a surrogate or adopt with, and now she was here. Staring at the results of her own pregnancy test, the result something she found too overwhelming to contemplate after so many years of facing the potential she would be childless.

"It's alright Maura, I've got you." Ian smiled, stroking over her hair.

"I've wished for this day, so much. I was mis-informed..." she exhaled shakily, "This...this news has presented itself at a bad time though."

"Why? What's happening Maura?" Ian pulled back to look at her.

"I received a call. I'm being summoned back to Israel."

"They want you too?" he asked her, swallowing.

Maura just nodded and bit her lip, "I have to go back, they need me."

Ian took Maura's hand, looking at her, gazing into her eyes before he nodded, "I'm going too. I'm going to be with you, Maura...the whole way."

"What about this baby, Ian?" Maura asked after a few moments of silence between them. She glanced down to her abdomen, still flat before looking back up at Ian with a questioning glance, "I can't have this baby in Israel."

Ian nodded softly, "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, I want you to concentrate on the now, okay?" he smiled to her comfortingly before he heard a knock at the front door. Rising, Ian looked to Maura, "Should I answer?" he asked.

"I should get it." Maura stood also, and beat him to the door, answering it to Jane.