Author's Note:: I've been RPing a lot lately, and this idea came to me as I was reading about the Christmas story (the Nativity). I chose out random words for each of the chapters which I saw whilst reading through the story of Christmas. I hope you'll enjoy this fic as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

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Mary and Joseph loved their new son and knew that they must always keep their precious baby safe from harm as he was the son of God.

Ian looked to Maura as he heard her sighing, feeding their newborn son. He was almost a month old now and was growing so rapidly. He watched as she nursed him close to her chest before she felt his eyes upon her and she looked over to him, smiling gently.

"Hey, I know you're worried about going back to work and not speaking to Jane. It'll work out though, Maura." Ian told her and reached for her hand, leaning to kiss Apollo's cheek in the process.

"I know." Maura sighed again, stroking over their son's cheek before she gently looked into Ian's eyes. Maura was so in love with Ian, he could probably have told her anything and she would believe him.

"Why don't you talk to her?" Ian suggested, "Arrange to meet, just the two of you, I got him for the afternoon, you can talk to her without disruptions and such."

Maura nodded, "I know, but with Jane it's not so simple. You know that." she looked to him, leaning forward slightly, hoping he would lean the rest of the way to meet her lips, "You witnessed how she can be when you treated her ingrown toenail..."

"Charming..." Ian chuckled as he pulled his lips back from hers, "Just what I needed to hear after eating and kissing the love of my life."

Chuckling, Maura looked to him, "You know what I mean."

Leaning back into her, Ian nodded and chuckled again, "I do, I do." he told her before stroking her cheek, as she did to Apollo. Ian sighed contently, looking to his family unit as he heard Bass fumbling around in the kitchen, knocking into cabinets and doors as they spoke.

"But, I will try to meet with her and speak to her, you do know how hard it will be though, right?" Maura raised her brow to Ian, "To pin her down in one place, I mean." she said, elaborating on what she meant before she supported Apollo and lifted him, "Come on, baby..." she smiled, covering her exposed breast before glancing briefly to Ian, "Let me finish up with him then I'll call her...?"

"I'll grab your phone for you."

Sometime later...

Maura sat in the Dirty Robber, waiting on Jane to appear. She hoped the Detective would show as this was not a place Maura enjoyed waiting in alone. She was beginning to et restless now, sipping her second cup of tea as she checked her watch for the third time within twenty minutes and she glanced around the bar area in case Jane had slipped in unannounced before she could realise.

Just as she was about to stand to head to the bathroom, Jane appeared beside her, her usual glare etched across her dark features, "Where you goin'?" Jane asked as she noticed Maura had her purse in her hand, as if to leave, "It's not very polite if you're leaving when I've only just got here, Doctor Isles."

Reseating herself, Maura smiled and placed her purse neatly beside herself, "I was just going to the Ladies' don't mind? I drank two cups of tea while I was waiting for you."

"What was it? Green tea?" Jane raised a brow at Maura's 'bladder problem' and smirked.

The Jane Rizzoli Maura knew was back. She was definitely back. Maura smiled and nodded, "English Earl Grey, actually. Now, excuse me, I won't be long." she nodded, "Order something though, put it on the bill I set up."

Jane nodded and smiled, looking to Murray, the bartender and bar manager as she gestured for a beer and something for Maura. She sat there and sighed, looking around the bar at the usual suspects who were always there. She smiled at how much a routine made in their lives, they looked happy. Something she wasn't, not now. Not without her best friend.

Upon Maura's return, Jane had her drink in front of her on the table and there was a small, non-alcoholic cocktail on the table for Maura. She smiled and looked to Jane as she slipped into the seat facing her friend.

"So, what did you wanna talk about?"

"I wanted to apologise." Maura began, "For not telling you about the baby, and just rushing off to Israel like I did."

Jane nodded a little and leaned back against the padded seat cushion behind her, reaching forward for her drink, just using her arm and sipping it back, her eyes trained upon Maura, sitting just feet across the table from her, "Uh huh..." was all she said.

"I had to go though...Ian and I were needed out there." Maura responded, "I'm sorry. I tried to call you when we'd landed, your phone was off...were you mad at me?" Maura furrowed her brows slightly, as she waited for the answer.

"I was mad, yeah just took off like that! I thought you were being kidnapped or something!" Jane said to her before swinging back another gulp of her Sam Adams and focusing upon the picture behind Maura's head.

"You thought I was being kidnapped, but you didn't come looking for me...?" Maura asked, seriously yet, she let a small smirk play around the corners of her mouth.

"Yeah, I remembered that I was mad at you..." Jane the stated, fully smirking.

"I know, I'm sorry I did that."

"Eh, it's okay...I know you're not going to do it again in a rush, right?"

Maura quickly shook her head, "I handed in my Doctors Without Borders notice. I won't be practising again abroad with them, and they won't summon me to, not now that I have a child." she smiled gently to Jane.

"Where is the child...? Why didn't you bring him?"

"Ian has him, he suggested I see you without Apollo, it'd be better for us to talk without distractions."

"And yet, you chose The Dirty Robber..." Jane chuckled.

"If I would have chosen a fancy French restaurant you can't pronounce, you wouldn't have agreed to join me."

Jane howled with laughter almost, "That is true!"

Maura waited a moment before she glanced to the table and she swallowed, "Jane, are we okay now?" she asked cautiously. She never knew when Jane may blow a fuse and she would need to take cover from the blast, "I'd like to ask you something, if we are."

"I need to ask you something first."


"Apollo? Really?" Jane smirked, "Is that name for real?"

"What's wrong with Apollo?" Maura tilted her head.

"What's right with it?"

At that, both of them began to chuckle, Maura laughing at her friends' wit and Jane at her friends' literalness. Maura smiled up at Jane gently and sighed contently, "Jane, if you'd like to, I want you to be Apollo's Godmother. You're my best friend and I'd like you to be part of his life, and he in yours." she smiled softly, nodding.

"Palming the kid onto me for babysitting duties, smooth Maur, smooth." Jane smirked.

"No, I'm not...well, maybe a little. But, I think you'll enjoy it." she smiled, "I want him to feel and be safe, having you included in our family will be one of the best things for that to develop for him." Maura smiled.


"And think of the benefits, Jane!" Maura smiled brightly, "It'll give you practise, for when you have your own...!" Maura teased in a sing-song voice.

"I said okay, Maura!" Jane glared a little, "Okay, okay! I'll do it!"

"I mean that, Jane."

"What?" Jane raised a brow then, looking to Maura.

"That you'll be a part of the family. I really consider you family already. You're like the sister I never had. I love you for that." she nodded and smiled, raising her glass. She watched as Jane did the same, before they clinked glasses and chuckled, "To family."

"To family."