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"You want to start a glee club?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Rocque. . .sir."

". . .As in show choir? Singing, dancing?"

"That's right. I heard you were the director for the 2009-2010 glee club here and Ms. Wainwright said to get involved and stuff so I figured, hey, I'll bring back glee club!"

James bit his lip, eager with excitement as he rocked back and forth on his heels with heart thumping loud in his chest as he watched the man's facial expressions. A yes? A no? Perhaps? James searched the pudgy face and the man leaned back in his chair, big smile on his face that opened to let out a laugh of mockery.

"Glee club, ha! You are one of the new dogs running around this school!" he laughed loudly and voice bellowed in the tiny classroom and James frowned. It wasn't that ridiculous of an idea, was it? There was a glee club back home in Minnesota, why not there be one at Palm Woods High? Especially when Palm Woods High was indeed quite boring. Boring and not anything James Diamond expected a school centered in Hollywood to be. Where were the actors? The actresses? The babe models with the large breasts and curvy hips sauntering around in their overpriced short skirts and tops? No, this school was a complete lie to the dream of a school out in the middle of Hollywood where James was bound to become famous and his mother often conducted her business.

But hey, at least he wasn't in Minnesota.

Minnesota, that was where he left all of those people behind. All of those losers that were just stepping stones that lead him around in a gigantic circle and nowhere closer to his goal. Losers like those no talent classmates of his, the teachers that would always dismiss him with a roll of the eyes and only think that his actions were just a cause of some unnatural balance of hormones instead of it just being who he was, his father. His father had to be the biggest loser of them all, just lazy bum that was more interested in keeping his menial job at the local burger joint than actually trying and making something of himself and James for one was glad that he was out here with his mother. His mother was headstrong, got what she wanted when she wanted and no one questioned otherwise. He wanted to be like that, he wanted that kind of power his mother was so easily able to have over everyone. He wanted to be on the winning side.

"Look, if you were here when we first attempted a glee club, you would have seen that this school has no talent at all."

"But when you first attempted a glee club you didn't have someone like me," James replied, giving a dazzling smile and swaying those chestnut locks of his back out of his face for the man to get a good look. He had to see the talent that shone in those hazel eyes of his, that sheer determination and drive that could lead a club like the one the Junior was proposing by force. James was skilled in music, better than skilled, he was a prodigy. If he opened his mouth to sing, he was sure his voice could grant the deaf the ability to hear. Anyone wanted to challenge him to hold out a note the longest, he would have them beat and belt out a note that could last 20 seconds, 30 if he really wanted to smash them into the dust. Volume? His voice could travel and fill any stage, powerful and unfaltering at any pitch and in any key. Why else would he want to move out to Hollywood? There were talent scouts around every corner and mega producers waiting for that face and that talent to just come waltzing up to them. James wouldn't waltz, he'd run. With open arms and wide hazel eyes ready to be the star that he always wanted to be. A star.

A winner.

"Come on, Mr. Rocque. Give me a chance, I'm sure that there is still some talent in this school that could make a great glee club. Like me, I'm brilliant."

"You think I'm just going to let some little pup from Minnesota waltz into my class and tell me what to do? Glee was a failure, they lost every single competition, they didn't even see invitationals or competed on the national level."

"I can get you to the national level, Mr. Rocque."



"Well unless there are at least 20 more stunning singers running around here, which there aren't, you'd get out of my classroom, forget all about this make believe glee club of yours and get to your first period class and bug them," the teacher said, leaning back in his chair and pulling a newspaper out of his drawer and promptly flipping it open to block his view of James. The teenager twisted his lips, looking at the man with a scowl that he hoped he could feel through the paper and turned on his heel to casually walk out of the classroom. James dug into his pocket, pulling out the neatly folded schedule of his classes on paper and unfolded it to see the name of his first period class, smiling to himself. He turned around, strolling back into the class with smile on his face and plopping himself right down in the seat next to where Mr. Rocque's desk was. It was only a few seconds before the man yanked his paper down and gave the boy a glare.

"I thought I told you to get out!"

"You told me to get to my first period class and bug that teacher. Well according to my schedule, you are my first period teacher," James said with a smile and Mr. Rocque pulled the newspaper back up to cover his face, though he could hear an audible groan from behind the print. "So, I was thinking the name of my glee club could be-"

"Your glee club?"

"Sorry, your glee club, Mr. Rocque. But I think I could have a great influence on it if you'd just give me the chance."

"I decide whether or not you're worth giving the chance and I'm the one that'll have the influence because I am the director."

"Then believe me when I say I am worth the chance."

". . .If I have auditions at the end of the week just to show you that there isn't anymore talent in this school, will you be a quiet student for the rest of the semester?" Mr. Rocque asked with annoyed expression and glint in his eyes. James smiled.

"Very smart decision, Mr. Rocque, I'll be right there beside you to help pick out our members."

"There is no our! Only me! If you want to have any part of this glee club, you'll audition just like everyone else and I'll see if you have the talent worthy to be in my group. Now sit there and be quiet!" he shouted out loud and pulled the paper back up to continue his reading. James leaned back in his chair, folding his hands and stretching his legs out to sit in silence.

". . .My name is James Diamond. Remember that when I audition."

"Your name is 'Dog'. Always will be if you're going to be a student of mine."

Maybe the reason why James found this school to be so boring and bad was that he found class with Mr. Rocque dreadful due to the fact that the subject was Math. From James' opinion, the teacher hated basic Algebra II problems as much as he did. Or maybe it was because he was the new kid, not even a freshman but a junior transfer. An outcast actually, coming to school where all these California kids with the sun-kissed skin and clothes perfect for this sunny and hot weather unlike him with a wardrobe built to withstand the Minnesota cold. There was just something about that, new kids, that James didn't like whether he was one or he had to deal with one. There was always that desire to fit in, to belong and to have friends that cared about them and that they could talk to and James didn't want to desire that but he was craving it.

But James Diamond wanted friends for an entirely different reason that other new students wanted to feel welcomed. James was a firm believer that some people were put in life to be others stepping stones. Little helpers, little pushes of motivation, the audience that observed while James puts on the performance for all the praise. And what better place to get to where he wanted to be in Hollywood, on the top of the charts with the number one album in the country, than a place where people are swimming with talent.

Perhaps there were singers in this school that he could form a group with and get as far into the music industry as he could before eventually dumping them and spinning off into his solo career. Or maybe some guitarists and other musicians that he could form a band with him as the frontman, the face of the band that anyone and everyone will instantly recognize and adore. These were perfect stepping stones, these people were closer and all he had to do was just find the right kind of person. Maybe a songwriter, maybe even a skilled actor that could toss in an audition to some hit show or future blockbuster. James didn't care if the glee club in the past stunk, that was the least of his concerns. He didn't care if this year's glee club sucked, in fact, he was slightly hoping for it. Lesser people with talent, the more people will notice how much of a star he was and how much of a star he deserved to be. This wasn't anything he was taking to heart, he just needed exposure and this was perfect.

This was his perfect, little stepping stone.

And until that happens, James has to just deal with the awkwardness of being the new kid. People didn't pay him any attention as he made his way through the hallway, some bumping into him as they were making their way out of the school and onto the front lawn for free period. They were all grouped up, paired up, not one person was alone in that hall and if they were, it was only for a split second before someone came rushing up beside them to give them company. It felt like he was invisible, people walking and bumping into him and continuing on with their conversation as if he wasn't even there and they just walked through thin air. No 'Oh, I'm so sorry. Hey, you must be new here' or 'Sorry, man. I'm blah-blah-blah'. Nothing. At least if James bumped into someone new, he'd give them the courtesy of a dark glare and a venomous 'Watch where you're going' back home and he didn't even get that. Maybe the kids here were nicer, maybe they were more ignorant, James really didn't know. He just hated it.

He was the loner, the new kid. No one to talk to and James hated it. He didn't have his own little clique or at least some person he could tell how his summer vacation and the whole 'I just came to California with nothing but my hopes and my dreams' spiel. No one was even approaching him and as James' feet slowly began to trudge down the hall with nothing to do for free period, he felt his chest grow heavy. It was awkward, awkward was ugly, James felt ugly and uncomfortable. But maybe if he just kept his head held down low and avoided all eye contact with anyone that bothered to look over in his direction then-

James' foot caught onto something, the tall brunette not being able to catch himself and James fell straight to the tile floor with a hard and very loud thud. He heard a couple of gasps and James was in a hurry to get back onto his feet, cheeks flushing pink and trying to keep the papers and books in his bag from falling out. People were looking at him, some giving unintentional smiles while the others didn't know what to look at him with. Confusion as to who he was? Amusement at how much the new kid just made a fool of himself? And what was it that James tripped over, the last time he checked he was walking directly down the middle of the hall. His head whirled around to look and see and he saw a hockey stick slowly being pulled back into a mass huddle of students.

They were looking at him with a mocking and amused smirk, not because of the fact that James fell but because they were the ones that did it. They were proud, proud of tripping a complete stranger and James frowned, feeling a cut on his lower lip and figuring he must have bit down on his lip from the impact of his face connecting with the floor. They were all in uniform, must have belonged to some sport. Football maybe, but that would be ridiculous since they had a hockey stick. Was there a hockey team here? Bah, James really didn't care for sports, James hated the jocks that came along with them. The jocks back home, it was always teasing and shameless trickery almost every single day until they finally found some other target to mess with. Course, James just fought back, challenging them at whatever they said and whatever they did. He wasn't going to back down because of what they figured they were dealing with some flamboyant pretty boy that was easily to walk over, he wasn't a girl. And he for one wouldn't mind just walking over to the guy holding the hockey stick and just decking him.

The guy was blond, dirty blond with a haughty and confident smirk that shown dimples prominent and bottle green eyes that sparkled with arrogance and gave a devious glint. His eyebrows were something to look at, full and one cocked to give James a higher-than-thou look. James glared, lips twisting and turning to scowl and intimidate and the guy's eyes were looking dead into his own as his lips just curved into a deeper smirk. He could tell what he was doing, challenging him to come over there. Come over there and do something about tripping him, new kid. Try and take on the hockey team by yourself, new kid. The bottle green eyes were daring him to do it and James never wanted to turn away from a dare. Never had, never will. But as soon as he took his first step, the blond took his own.

He turned to the right and walked away, his teammates following close behind like sheep. Like nothing didn't even happen and James just stood there in slight shock. Weren't the eyes asking for a fight and James was well ready to. . .was he just too slow to react? James may fight, but he wasn't going to swing a fist on an impulse like some idiot would. Like that blond tripped a random person just on a whim. He stood there in the hall, more people bumping into him and it seemed the entire incident of him being tripped just vanished all together and James balled his hands into fists. No way was that bastard going to get away with fucking tripping him like some child, he was gonna-

"Wait, wait, wait!" someone shouted and soon there were hands on his chest trying to hold him back from going after the blond and his posse. The person was smaller than he was, skin a tanner contrast to James' white V-neck shirt that had a little bit of dirt from the floor on it. He looked down, the guy looking back up at him with a worried expression that James was slightly confused by.

"I'm not going to wait, I'm going to punch that bastard's lights out. Where does he get the right to be tripping random people out of nowhere!" James shouted, fighting against the boy's hands but still remaining back. He couldn't even tell where the blond went anyways by now, he was too far gone. So he let go of the fight, standing straight and just trying to dust himself off.

"I'm sorry, I don't know why, they always do that to someone on the first day of school," the boy replied and James looked over at him. He was actually talking to someone and someone was actually talking to him, acknowledging his presence. The guy looked friendly, young and maybe a sophomore with a bright and warm smile on his face. James was usually picky on who he wanted to talk to, the person he was deciding to have conversation with had to be on a certain level of 'cool' to be deemed worthy to speak. And this guy wouldn't have been on James' level any moment back in Minnesota. Yet, there was something about him now, a kindness in those chocolate brown eyes that made James feel more comfortable with himself and comfortable talking. But the guy began to give a shy smile, "Um. . .what are you staring at?"

Shit! James blushed, looking away nervously. He didn't mean to stare, he didn't even think he was staring but oh man, how weird. Totally weird and awkward, way to make a great impression new kid. But the guy was still giving him a friendly smile, not fazed by it at all. He extended his hand out, "I'm Carlos," he introduced and James took it, Carlos gripping his hand firmly and tugging up and down in a cartoon fashion. "What's your name?"

"It's uh, James."

"James? Are you new here?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"Well, you're kind of just walking alone by yourself. Either that or you're shy." Which James wasn't. The brunette gave a small laugh at that actually and Carlos smiled. "So you're not shy?"

"No, just new and don't really know that many people around here."

"You haven't met anyone? It's almost the middle of the day."

"Okay, I just didn't find anyone to talk to in those classes."

"What classes you got?" Wow this guy asks a lot of questions. James let out a huff.

"Trig, Literature, Art-"

"You have Art? What teacher?"

"Um. . .Miss Collins?"

"I have Art with Miss Collins! How come I didn't see you?" Carlos asked and James bit his lip. Probably because Art was something he really didn't care for. Just some random elective his mother signed him up for while she was probably on the phone with some executives for the cosmetic business she was CEO of. His mother, the Estee Lauder of cosmetics, he was destined to be someone big, someone famous. But not cosmetics, cosmetics and entrepreneurship wasn't his thing. In fact, he dreaded the moments that his mother would sit him down to talk stock and business deals in hopes that he would somehow change his mind and become the future CEO of Brooke Diamond Cosmetics.

So the reason Carlos didn't see him in Art was probably because James stuck to the back of the class and kept quiet, he wasn't interested in drawing anyways.

James let out a huff and a sigh, "I was just quiet in that class. Not really my kind of class."

"You don't like it? Miss Collins is pretty cool teacher."

"She's alright but I'm not planning on being an artist," James replied, beginning to walk down the hall and Carlos surprisingly tagging along with him, "I'm planning on being a famous singer, maybe be on Broadway or something. Go on tour, have albums going platinum, things like that."

"You're a singer? Like, are your parents in the music business or something?"

"No, my mom's in cosmetics and my dad. . .is in food."


If you count short order cook as a chef then yes, James thought and then gave a weak smile. "I guess you can call him that. . .how about your parents? Famous?"

"Yeah right. My mom is one of those tour guides for the lots and my dad. . .he's. . .um. . ." Carlos bit his lip and James knew that he probably struck something there, something that he didn't really want to talk about at the moment. Which James was fine with, after all, they just met and don't need to tell each other everything.

"It's okay if you don't want to say, I don't mind. . .so. . .that guy. . ."


"Is that his name?" James asked, thinking back on the blond's face. Even though James didn't want to admit it, the hockey player was kind of gorgeous. That was mainly the reason James got teased so much back in Minnesota, his eyes wandered to both sexes. He found girls interesting and always a great flirt to tease and fluster but guys were a different story. He never denied the little fire in his heart whenever he saw a guy looking his way or when he was looking at a guy. A certain kind of spark, excitement and best of all, a challenge. A challenge to make that guy flirt with him, kiss him and romance him, take him out of his comfort zone and into their own little Wonderland. James loved a challenge.

But when he saw those bottle green eyes of Kendall's, it wasn't a challenge with full blown attraction. It was just a challenge to character and James never walked away from a challenge like that. For sure, if Kendall ever crossed his path again, James will get his deserved payback. That's a promise.

"Why'd you step in anyways?" James asked and Carlos shrugged.

"I don't know. . .don't really like fights and I didn't want people fighting on the first day."

"But you don't even know me. Do you know Kendall?"

"Not personally. Just know him as the captain of the hockey team."

"You guys have hockey? Out here in California?"

"Yeah. Where were you from?"

"Minnesota," James replied and Carlos' eyes widened.

"You're from Minnesota?"


"With real snow and hockey and snowboarding Minnesota?"

"I guess?" James said with a confused look. He didn't even know how, but they were already walking down the hall where they just met. Must have went around in a big circle this whole time and didn't even notice. Carlos was smiling bright and he let out a sigh that was filled with hopes and heavenly dreams.

"Lucky. I wish I got to live in Minnesota."

"Please, no you don't."

"Not like what they say?"

"Well yeah it snows, but it's boring up there. It's ten times better living here, isn't it? You got the beach, the movie stars, the famous sites, you got Disneyland. I never went to Disneyland in my whole entire life."


"Never ever."

"Dude, where's your childhood?"

With everything else his mother liked to keep in a nice and neat little jar. James' childhood wasn't like other children. It was a tug of war between his mother and his father with both trying to have as much as an influence on him as possible. Of course, his mother always won and his dad just became a faded and distant memory to James. That was where his childhood went, somewhere where he could never try and find it, lost. He felt Carlos slap his back a couple of times, "You need to join LAU, we always get to go to Disneyland for our end of the year party."


"Latino Americano United. It's a club but anyone can join."

"Oh, that's okay. I'm planning on joining glee club and I'll be putting all of my time into that."

And that was when Carlos stopped dead in his tracks, eyes widened and mouth gaping in shock. James stopped as well, looking at the Latino with a quirked eyebrow. Wow, was the glee club that big of a deal in the past that if anyone brings it up now it makes this kind of reaction?

"They're bringing back glee club?"

"Well, I convinced Mr. Rocque to give it another go. I'm really good and I think that there might still be talent in here and he just needs to give us a chance."

"You actually got Mr. Rocque to do you a favor? Dude, my friend had to talk for weeks to get Mr. Rocque to change his 99.9% in his class last year to a full 100%."

"Well, I don't think he really wants to do it. Just think that he's only allowing auditions for me to shut up. Seeing as though I'm in his class and would have kept bugging him about it."

"Can't get mad at you for following your dreams and making a glee club."

Kind of, sort of, James thought, tilting his head from side to side for emphasis and Carlos glanced at the bulletin board they were passing. Lots of different flyers and sign up sheets for clubs. Eventually it'll be swarmed with people trying to fill in their names for a spot in a club and James had to wait until Mr. Rocque made the announcement for glee club. That is, until James' eyes landed on a yellow flyer with 'GLEE' smack dab on the top and the brunette froze in place.

"He already has it up!" James shouted with bright smile on his face and quickly peeked to see who wrote their names down if any. There were two, a Jennifer Woods and a Dak Zevon and James quirked an eyebrow. That was it? They didn't sound like much competition and James smiled, he had this in the bag. He took the pen that was attached to the string and pinned on the board, signing his name on the next available line big and perfect. That should be an eyecatcher to Mr. Rocque when he collects the paper. James glanced over at Carlos, raising the pen over to his direction, "You want to sign up?"

"Sign up for glee club? Um, dude, I'm not really the best singer around here," Carlos said with a shy smile and James smiled back. The lesser talent for James to show up, the better.

"Come on, it'll be fun! If you make it and a talent scout sees us performing, they might ask us about having a singing career after high school," James persuaded, using that ole' Diamond charm and charisma, that gift of gab. "Picture it, you and me singing to millions of girls. And if the girls here know you're a singer, they might get interested. . .there's already a girl signed up."

Carlos bit his lip, stepping over to take a look for himself and stepped back with eyebrow slightly furrowed.

"It's just Jennifer," he said with a sigh and James gave him a confused look.

"You don't like her?"

"No, it's not like that."

"Is she just a friend?"

"Not like that either."

". . .Does she like you and you-"

"I don't really want to talk about it," Carlos interrupted, not looking like he was angry at James trying to pry but looking very uncomfortable with the discussion about the mystery girl. James gave a nod, closing his lips. We don't need to know everything, right. Just that, Diamonds never liked to leave something unfinished. Like Kendall and that stupid tripping thing. Like Carlos was about this 'Jennifer'. James had to say he liked to dig and dig until he knew that person insides and out, forwards and backwards, upside down and right-side up. He liked to know everything about a person, liked to know anything that he could later use for himself. Yet, Carlos took the pen out of James' hand and signed his name just below, Carlos' simple and rather sloppy signature a daring contrast to James' rather obnoxious and large signature.

"You're still doing it?"

"Well, I'm not the best singer, but I do like it," Carlos replied with a smile and James clasped him on the back. Good thing James wasn't looking for great singers. Just little boosts ahead for him. The two continued to walk down the hall, Carlos beginning to talk about how if they hurried, they can get first in the lunch line before free period was up. James didn't though, Sebastian made his lunch for him since his mother didn't make a lunch plan with the school and he didn't bring his money today. But it was one of those fancy, posh and poised lunches and even though James would feel great to eat in front of those that had the sack lunches and slop from the cafeteria, he was beginning to feel slightly embarrassed. Carlos was a nice guy, he didn't want to make this impression of being some rich snob (though James really was sure he was).

The two entered the courtyard, students all in their huddled masses and James glanced over at Carlos.

"Do you eat with friends?"

"Yeah. Logan, he's really smart, you'll like him. And Camille, she's in Drama and she's. . .kind of weird but she'll grow on you. And then. . .well, sometimes Ches and Guitar Dude come around but-"

"Ches? Guitar Dude?"

"They're the cool kids," Carlos replied and James' eyes widened. Wait, so cool kids hang out with Carlos? Boy, did he find the right guy that stopped him from punching Kendall out. He sits with the cool kids, he gets school cred, he gets moved up until bam! Bye-bye new kid, hello Mr. Popular. Today was shaping up to be a pretty good first day of school and James began to smile as it can only get better. Kendall was walking by, hockey stick in his duffel bag and hockey goons far off at another table talking. He wasn't really paying attention to the two of them and James swung his right foot out, catching the blond by the ankles and sending the tall frame straight to the hard ground. James laughed, Carlos just looked mortified. People were staring, looking in shock and James was sure the entire hockey team was beginning to get up and make James regret doing that to their captain. But Kendall got up, slowly and wiped at his lip for any blood. There wasn't and he turned to look at James.

There it was again, that daring and challenging look and James hoped that Kendall could see that he was ready to fight him should he swing the first fist. They twinkled, searching James' eyes and James could see the hockey team approaching faster as people slowly began to circle in anticipation for a fight. Carlos was biting his lip, looking between the two and flinching, like he was waiting for the reflex of jumping in between them to stop the fight to be triggered. Then slowly, Kendall's lips formed into a crooked smile and James blinked. The eyes now look like they were humored but still held that daring glint, like Kendall wanted James to trip him and James was slowly growing more confused and more agitated. He opened his mouth, actually getting ready to ask Kendall if he was going to do something or what, but the blond turned away from him and began to walk away. Again. He made a gesture, something that the approaching hockey players took as their captain calling them off and they turned around to go back to the table.

James stood there, that bastard was smiling. Smiling at James like he was some joke.

"Does he think that shit is cute or something?" James hissed

"I don't know, James."

"I'm going to-"

"No, no, come on," Carlos replied, grabbing onto James and pulling him tight and James growled, deciding to not fight with Carlos over this this time. Kendall better hope he doesn't cross James' path again.

The day was still young.