The sound of rhythmic clicks that her boots were making as they hit the polished linoleum floor made Bo's heart pound faster, making her way through the halls of the Ash's compound to Doctor Lauren Lewis' medical lab.

Lauren was bent over staring in her microscope, trying to identify the tissue samples Dyson sent over earlier. Lauren thought " could be epithelia cells but the columnar structure suggests..."

Lauren's thoughts interrupted when the sound of a throat clears behind her. Still bent over the counter. Lauren slowly glances over her shoulder and unexpectedly sees a pair of glowing blue eyes focusing on her rump.

Afraid to make a quick move, seeing as Bo's hungry eyes watched intensely. The predatory stare made Lauren feel as if she was back in Africa; she the weak 'human' antelope and Bo the strong 'fae' lioness ready to pounce with her desires.

"You look hungry Bo" Lauren says concerned slowly getting up to face the beautiful Succubus.

"Not at all" Bo sarcastically says, sensing the spike in Lauren's arousal.

Professional as Lauren was trying to be. The woman just couldn't help but feel her attraction rising. Lauren slowly took in the sight of the Succubus, Starting at her feet, wrapped in long black high heel boots that cut off at her knee, then tight black jeans that hugged her thighs like a dream. A beautiful dark red button down shirt and to top it off a black leather jacket. She loved the dark colors. Bo just worked dark; it matched the sexiness of her.

Bo could see the golden bright aura illuminate around the doctor. She could hear the sound of her heart speeding up and smell the sweet scent of Lauren's want for her. Bo wanted and needed to feel Lauren but fear kept her desires at bay. After a long moment of no words but passionate glances Bo decides to break the ice.

" So, Doc. I know I haven't chosen a side but you offered to help me. Sooo I'm here" now giving Lauren a big grin.

Lauren now is instantly smiling back "Bo, I'm so happy you decided to let me help you, I know that I'm not the first person you would come to but I have been working on some injections to keep your intense urges under control. Given that it's not a cure.. cause really there is nothing wrong with you ...but theses injections and (pausing to bite her lip)... an active sex life.. You should me ok."

"Ok, I really am willing to try anything." Bo says eagerly. Lauren steps forward and places her hand on Bo's shoulder to comfort her but really the Doc just to wanted feel the beautiful woman. Bo looks at the hand placed on her shoulder then back in to Laurens eyes. Eyes flash a bright blue as she licks her lips. Lauren shutters at the powerful sight. And quickly removes her hand and steps back.

"I'm...I'm ...I will be right back with your injections" smiling shyly trying to avoid Bo's mystical gaze. Bo just smiles, knowing that she has the ability to get under the Doctor's skin.