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Eragon and Saphira were flying high above the ground. The competition was on with Arya just below them, running as fast as they were flying. The question was who would tire first?

I just love this, Eragon commented. It has been so long since we got to fly together, hasn't it?

Yes it has, we should fly together more often. Eragon now turned his attention to Nárena.

"How do you like it?" He asked.

She just shrugged her shoulders, unable to speak over the wind that was screaming by them, she seemed unable to talk very loudly. The day was surprisingly calm with no clouds in the sky, willing Saphira to fly higher than ever. Eragon's breath came out in a cloud and he shivered, Nárena did the same. Saphira didn't mind the cold at all, she was warm and the fires inside her kept it that way. As long as it didn't get too cold, she could fly however high she wants until the air got thin.

The air was getting thinner and thinner as she climbed, to a passerby on the ground, she looked like a sparrow. Content with how high she was, she held her altitude and checked up on Eragon.

Don't worry, I am fine, a little cold but fine, was his response. She snorted and smoke came out, only to be frosted over and dissipate. Frost started to acumulnate on her scales, making them a bit heavier but she paid no mind. It was when they got so heavy, she decided to be safe and swoop down a hundred feet. The air got warmer and it defrosted her scales to a point where it was safe to go up again. She repeated that process ten times before checking up an Arya.

Where are you? She called.

I might be behind you a bit, the distance is a little bit hard to gauge though. Pleased with her answer, Saphira sped up a bit and gained altitude. The air was so calm and cool, if it was water, it would be the best one to buy but it was so darn thin that it was a major disadvantage. Eragon had trouble casting spells to keep his passenger warm so he had to rely on Saphira to provide energy for him.

Damn, Oromis never taught me that the higher you are, the trickier it is to cast the spell, he thought bitterly

I forgot to tell you until it were time, Saphira responded too quickly making Eragon suspicious of what she said.

You forgot?

Yes I did, it was for the best. Now that you have learned from your mistake, you can avoid it.

You sound like Brom, he paused and memories flooded him. He pushed them aside and concentrated on what he had now. A dragon, two of the very last elves and a large legacy to deal with, his smile faded. That was bugging him to the extreme; he failed to realize that Roran and Katrina were in this too. He failed to realize that some of the world actually likes him. He smiled at that then he turned his thoughts over to the Varden. How was Nasuada doing and what was her connection with Nárena?

"Nárena?" Eragon asked. "How do you know Nasuada? That evoked no response from her. Displeased he ell silent and mulled over his own thoughts.

How far are we from Surda?

Not too far little one. We might be there before the sun sets, there are several hours of travel left so don't get too excited. Eragon groaned.

Arya was wearing down, she ran all of this time and still hasn't grabbed a lead ahead of Saphira, she traveled twenty leagues and she was a league ahead.

I have to go on, she thought. That gave her the strength to keep going until she reached Surda after Saphira. She would be so tired after that then she would fall asleep and not wake up until two days after the event. Every step she took, she was closer to her destination and farther from Saphira. She had several days of energy left and Arya only had several hours. She grimaced at the thought, she feared that she will collapse at the end of the leg of their journey.

Are you sure she is doing fine? Eragon voiced. His concern washed over their bond that they shared.

Other than slight fatigue, yes. That made him fall silent again, his own thoughts were overpowering Saphira's bond. He shut himself off from her and fell into his thoughts. Saphira couldn't even touch his mind, if she did than she recoils from an unseen force around his mind. She snorted, a puff of smoke coming out.

Fine, if he gets to play that game, I will play it too. She shut her thoughts out of Eragon's now impregnable mind. That startled him as much as when he did it to her. That violently tore his thoughts apart and jerked him back to the real world.

Saphira laughed, or at least tried to, it came out as a series of growling noises.

I see, you must seem to like my thoughts in your mind.

I do too, I just got caught up in my own mind. He laughed and smiled at her remark that followed.

They fell silent for the next several hours, takking in the surroundings when suddenly Saphira locked her wings and dove down much to the surprise of Eragon and his silent passenger. They pulled up at the last second, barely making it above the trees that were now more numerous.

What was that for? Eragon snapped.

I did it because I had to, we are nearing Surda. My estimation was on time as usual, Eragon gazed at his surroundings, there were trees and there was the capital of Surda, where Nasuada resided. There were swarms of people coming out and making a circle. Saphira landed there with grace. The crowd parted to make way for Lady Nightstalker.

"Either that was a quick trip or something has come up?" She asked.

Eragon nodded. "It is grave news, Ellesméra has been taken down and the Empire now resides there." Nasuada looked stricken.

"Is that even possible, so short after the Battle of the Burning Plains? How?" She asked. Eragon merely shook his head.

"I don't know either, I came back to tell you. Where is Roran?" As soon as he asked that, Roran walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey cousin," he said. Eragon beamed a smile at him.

"How is Katrina?"

"She is fine right now. We had to fight off some of Galbatorix's men; it was easy so we didn't have to lose as much men." Nasuada walked up to Eragon after he was done catching up on current events.

"Come, we have much to discuss and so little time to talk. Where is Arya?"

"Catching up," he smiled and Nasuada led him to her tent.

"So, how did it start?" Eragon then told her what happened after he left Ellesméra, he told her what Arya told him. He also spoke about Nárena and how she came across the dragon egg. He wrapped up by telling her what the trip back was like. Nasuada sat back aand apsorbed all the information yhat Erfagon gave her.

"I see," she merely said. "You need to spread word of this. When Arya gets back, you need to go and speak to the dwarves." Eragon nodded and walked out hoping to set things right.

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