Author's Note:

Let me clarify what this story is about before you read it.

Yes, it is about Mewtwo falling in love with a Gardevoir, my own OC. But I don't want to make it too . . . angsty. But it will end up being like an angst anyway because that's kinda Mewtwo's character the more you got into the second movie of his.

I am taking ALL the sides of Mewtwo into account. I'm considering every angle when I am writing him from Pokemon Movie 1, Mewtwo Strikes Back, and that movie with Amber. Think about that for a second.

Anyway, I'll try to keep Mewtwo in . . . character. His character is a bit hard for me considering the fact that he has multiple sides to himself. He's got that almost tender side for his clones, I suspect he's kinda father-like figure to them, but also extremely protective . . . But he's also extremely ruthless as we saw in movie one. I saw a bit of that other movie of him when he was young with that girl Amber . . . I won't configure her into the story, but I am taking into consideration how he acted around her and the way he lost her, the way he responded to these things.
Also, somewhere in him he's related closely to Mew, and that will come up into the picture. I also suspect that he's got SOME sort of playful side to him as that's the only side we see of Mew in the anime.

So in short, you will get lots of protective Mewtwo, lots of tender Mewtwo, lots of violent Mewtwo, and maybe a bit of a roguish Mewtwo.

These first chapters are much slower as there is literally NOTHING going on but everyday life, but the plot will thicken soon. There is romance as you'll see explicitly at first, Mewtwo hiding things from Leila (my OC) and his secretive ways, but also I promise that there will be IMMENSE amounts of violence. I want this to be a well-rounded story and not just a mush ball of gooey stuff. I promise greatly detailed and slaved over portions of intense battling. Enjoy them, because I do too ;)

Also if anyone wants to know, about Leila. She is . . . cute. Innocent to a fault. Fragile, blah blah, you'll meet her and understand fully if you read this. Almost Mary-Sue(ish), but I'm going to round out her character so she's not so perfect and cute. With Mewtwo around, she'll be facing her share of trials, as well as what will go on with her life. I will not neglect my character. Besides that, I always envision Leila as one of those people in the pretty sundresses below their knees, white gloves, a parasol or floppy hat to shield her from the sun, a fan to hide her smile as if it's improper-lolz. that's how I see Leila. She's cute. By the time you get the next chapter, I will have more of her backstory and character on the plate. It's a bit neglected in this chapter, but it is just the first chapter. Let me warm up my writing skills and let my fingers burn the story to the keys.

(long author comment is long . . . sorry)

Mewtwo felt the presence a split instant before he teleported away. Hidden by the trees, he stared out at the ravine he had just recently been in, a waterfall spilling down into a pond. It had been a quite place for him to think, but now, someone was intruding his space. Again.

The Gardevoir ran out into the open, twirling this way and that as she looked for him. "Yoo-hoo!" he heard her call, and he inwardly groaned. "Sir? Sir, where did you go?" Her skirt flared out as she turned, displaying long and lean legs.

He could have been gone by now. He didn't have to stand here and watch her make a fool of herself, but he found himself stopped by . . . curiosity.

Mewtwo tossed a furtive glance around, as if afraid someone would find him weak like this in his curiosity, and returned his gaze to the Gardevoir searching for him. If showing interest in a completely random pokemon was bad, it would only be made worse if someone saw him. For, she HAD caught his interest like nothing else had his entire life, and he peered out at her, assessing her. Her skirt was full, not split like several Gardevoir skirts were split, and she was small—frail. She didn't look like she had seen a hard day of work in her life.

She was beautiful. That much was clear to even Mewtwo himself. The faint breeze that washed through the area tugged at her skirt, letting it flow in the wind. The natural way it happened only accentuated her beauty, and he found himself looking unconsciously closer. Her wrists were so narrow . . . That they could be so narrow astounded him, like if she threw out her hands to catch her fall that they wouldn't be strong enough to withstand the shock of hitting the ground, and they would splinter under her light weight, broken.

The red, fin-like horns on her chest and back were much smaller than the average Gardevoir—they were just slight and little bumps on her, and he knew that you could give this Gardevoir a tight hug without those horns poking into you. They accented her small waist, and the curls that cradled her head swooped low around her neck, covering her face except for her coral/pink eyes.

He couldn't understand why she was so friendly to him. And why was she so doggedly looking for a stranger whom she didn't even know? If any pokemon happened to see him, most didn't stay around to . . . try to make conversation. They understood by one glance that he was dangerous somehow, that he had a past and present that screamed he shouldn't be trifled with.

She cupped her hands to her mouth. "Hell-oooooooo! Sir?" She was fragile, breakable. It looked as if something as weak as a mere Magikarp could knock her over and leave her gasping for breath. How had she managed to evolve? He heard her sigh. "Oh, dear, he must be shy . . ." Then, she leaned on her knees, calling out as sweet as possible, "Come out. I'm not going to hurt you." Mewtwo scoffed inwardly to himself—like she could possibly hurt a fly, much less him! "Come on, dear. Can't I talk with you? Hello?"

Mewtwo scowled to himself. Why was he sitting here, wasting his time watching her? He could have been long gone instead of watching her like this. Deciding he wasn't going to waste a minute here longer, Mewtwo prepared himself to teleport.

But somewhere in him, he knew he didn't have to prepare himself to teleport. Maybe he was dragging it out as long as he could to watch her as she kept trying to find him. At that thought, he started to teleport, but stopped short when he heard her gasp.

He skulked around in the trees as he fought for a better view. She had whirled around, staring with wide eyes as a pokemon trainer entered the quiet realm. The trainer perked up immediately, crying out, "All right! A Gardevoir! It's my lucky day!"

She took a step back from him, raising her hands. "Oh, wait, please . . . I don't want—"

"Go, Beautifly!"

He was planning on catching her. Mewtwo grunted to himself, turning to leave again when he heard her cry out, "Please, no, I don't want to be caught!"

He halted.

But, the human trainer couldn't understand the pokemon language. "Beautifly, use Poison Sting!"

Mewtwo felt himself turning around when he heard her scream, seeing her duck beneath the attack. "All right, Psychic!" he heard her cry, and he watched as she thrust her arms out to attack ferociously—and nothing happened. "Oh, no, no . . . Please, a Confusion at least?" She tried again, thrusting her arms out again, and this time a faint ripple of psychic ability washed through the area—it made the Beautifly push back a little, as if hit by a gentle breeze, flapping its wings to catch the draft of wind in the area.

Mewtwo felt disgust rise in him. She was completely weak! Weak on a level that was beyond him as she backed away fearfully from the trainer. But even as he felt appalled at how weak she was, he found that protective nature in him rise—a protective nature that was reserved for only Mew, and his clone pokemon. She wasn't a part of his clones, she wasn't Mew, and yet he felt himself feeling that intense PROTECTIVNESS for her. A simple Gust hit her, knocking her to the ground. The Gardevoir curled up when a pokeball was thrown at her, a hand coming up in fright to ward it away.

The pokeball never made it to the prospective pokemon. It floated there with a Psychic, and Mewtwo felt himself taking an inner thrill at the look on the Gardevoir's face when she saw what she thought she was doing. Then, he slowly closed his hand, letting the ball crack and splinter like cheap plastic before letting the remains of it fall to the ground.

The Gardevoir clapped a hand to her face, standing uncertainly. The look on the pokemon trainer's face was more than priceless. Mewtwo watched as the boy cried, "Beautifly, Giga Drain!"

The Gardevoir cried out, shoving her hands out again in the effort to repel the attack with her feebly weak Confusion, and Mewtwo intervened again. He let the boy and his Beautifly have it, turning the Gardevoir's pathetic attack into a monstrosity. The Psychic he attacked with was so massive that it knocked the grass blades flat, smashed into the Beautifly so hard it was knocked out in one hit, and threw both the fallen butterfly and boy into the nearest trees. The Gardevoir squeaked in shock, hands covering her mouth as if she were afraid of her own small sounds, and the boy shook his head free of stars. When he saw her, his eyes widened, and he gave a cry as he scooped up his fainted Beautifly and ran away.

Mewtwo chuckled to himself when the Gardevoir looked at her hands, then looked around, saying, "H-hello . . . ?" Then, after a moments more hesitation, she ran off.

He considered going after her. She had seen him after all—he should probably erase that particular memory of hers, just to be on the safe side. But . . . Mewtwo shook his head to himself. She was hardly a threat. And as he went on his way, he would never see her again, and she was likely to soon forget him as well.

It was over a month later since the mishap with the Gardevoir. Mewtwo found himself wandering again, and he found no point to the ceaseless wandering, the ceaseless wondering. He walked along the edges of the cliff side of Meteor Falls, lonely. He could return to his city, the city he had all but claimed as his since the last time Giovanni had tried to capture him, but there was only so much he could do there. And, despite helping the innocents there and all but becoming a strange and wondrous legend in their eyes, he felt empty.

What was he supposed to DO with his life? He clenched his hands in pointless anger, helpless rage broiling inside him. Maybe Giovanni had been right. Maybe the only reason for his existence was to serve the humans—without them to give him strife, he had nothing.

The clone pokemon had went their own ways, sought to live their own lives. Mewtwo didn't stop them. He owed them their freedom. And in giving them their freedom, releasing them from his care, he was left with nothing yet again.

Mewtwo stopped on the side of the small mountain, turning to stare up at the sun. It was too bright to look at. But the moon—it only reflected that light. A simple copy, not half as bright as the original. Faulty. Flawed. Worthless.

He had no purpose. Just raw strength that would be a terror if unleashed on the wrong and unsuspecting parties.

"Oh! There you are, sir!"

Mewtwo jerked his head up, staring in shock at the Gardevoir. She was breathless—winded from running. He almost thought to ask her the problem when he saw it himself—an Onix scudding the cliff side right behind her; its Hyperbeam crashing aimlessly on the ground next to her. She shrieked, the blast knocking her off the edge of the bluff and plummeting to the hard ground below. Rocks from the escarpment fell after her, and Mewtwo snapped into action.

He teleported down to the helpless Gardevoir, catching her in his arms. He then slowed their decent until his feet touched the ground, catching the falling rocks and stacking them as safely as possible so they would hurt no one. Then, he was finally able to look down at the catch in his arms.

His heart skipped a beat—it was as if a butterfly had landed on him, so fragile and rare that he was afraid the slightest move would scare her away. She was clutching him tight, staring up at the Onix that roared down at them. Mewtwo felt his tail twitch; and looking down on the pretty Gardevoir he had saved only a month ago, stated, "It seems danger follows you on a regular basis."

The Gardevoir looked up with wide eyes at him. It seemed she was torn between crying or staying in shock, but finally dropped her head with a small giggle. She was laughing?

"Yes, it seems it does," she said surprisingly light, peeking up at him from under her lashes. "It's a wonder that I'm still in one piece!"

Mewtwo felt his lip pull slightly. That she could make light of this impressed him, and he let her down as she scrambled from his arms, curiously pink in her face. He assumed it was because she was flushed from her fall. "Thank you for saving me again," she said, holding out her hand.

Mewtwo hesitated—the gesture was foreign to him, but he reached out and took her slender little hand anyway. His hand seemed to swallow hers, and he felt her hand almost limp in his as she shook his. "Again?" he repeated.

"Why, yes," she said, coral-pink eyes blinking wide. "At, well, the OTHER cliff side." She smiled again, hiding her smile behind her hand. "I've remained a free pokemon because of your help. I feel I should thank you for then as well."

And here he was . . . carrying on a conversation. The feeling was alien to him. "There is no need," Mewtwo stated, though he didn't know why he didn't just accept her thanks.

He started to leave, but was surprised when she fell in step next to him. "My name is Leila," she said, the long and graceful strides of her legs making it easy for her to keep up with him. "What is your name?"

Mewtwo calculated her question silently. Should he answer? She really shouldn't know about him at all—they shouldn't be having this conversation in the first place! But, there was nothing wrong in a person keeping their memories, and he found himself caught in his own thoughts again. But was it safe to tell her more? It probably wasn't—his presence was a secret to the world, it was as if he didn't even exist. And maybe it was because of that that he felt so lonely . . .

"Uh, sir? I'm sorry, have I said something wrong?"

He glanced over at her and met her eyes again. No . . . There was nothing wrong with telling someone as innocent as herself. "My name is Mewtwo," he said, and he saw her eyes light up.

"A wonderful name," she declared, clasping her hands together in front of her skirt as she waltzed along with him. "Now, what type of pokemon are you? I must say, I've never seen someone so . . ." She stumbled over her words a moment, a delicate blush touching her features as she quickly looked away. "Ah, what I mean to say is . . . Someone so . . ."

"Different?" he helped supply for her. She nodded, still not looking at him. And, looking down at his features again, Mewtwo understood why she was so embarrassed. Different was as capacious an understatement there could be. He was mutated, and he knew it. "I am . . ." A freak, a freak, a freak . . . The horrid words rang in his mind. A copy. A clone. Finally, he managed, "It does not matter what I am."

She smiled at him, but her hand covered her smile again. He found she did that whenever she smiled, hiding her smile. "A most true statement," she agreed, overcoming her momentary embarrassment. Mewtwo was surprised at her again, curiosity sparked anew. She so willingly accepted that answer? She didn't get defensive or suspicious of him? He was a deformed freak with powers too strong to be normal, and she didn't worry? Why?

The supposed Leila sauntered next to him, untroubled as she kept up the conversation with him. "I am a Gardevoir," she told him as if he might not have known. "I can tell we are both psychic types, but you are much stronger than I am. It is admirable." She peeked over at him with a slight smile in her eyes. "I was so glad I found you—I kept searching and searching on that mountainside for you to help me with the Onix, and I was afraid I wouldn't find you in time."

Then, her words suddenly struck him. "Found me?" he repeated, casting her a sideways glance. "Searching? You knew I was there. How?"

Leila blushed slightly at his pointed tone, looking away again. "Well, I . . . Gardevoir are adept at seeing the future, you see. Before I was attacked, I was graced with seeing a future where I saw you on the cliff side saving me. It was all I could hope for against that frightening Onix."

"Then . . ." Mewtwo felt a revelation shaft through him. He was . . . glad he had been there to save her. The thought made him feel better than he had in ages. Instead of admitting it to her though, an embarrassed Mewtwo tried to swiftly change the subject. "So you cannot launch the smallest of Confusions, but you can see the future?"

"Oh, yes, quite adeptly." Then, she managed to blush again, trying to hide it by turning her face away again. "But as for fighting—my mother told me that I should never fight. She said it was pointless, barbaric, and only, well . . . only hoodlums fought. That is why I can barely manage to defend myself. It's a wonder I've managed so well on my own."

All on her own . . . So weak . . . The thought made Mewtwo backtrack. Twice now he had saved her when she was in danger. She couldn't protect herself, and the next time something threatened her, he might not be there to protect her. The thought made him worry—she was so breakable . . . He couldn't let her go off on her own again.

He nodded to Leila, saying, "Well, it has been . . . nice meeting you. But I must go now."

She hid her smile again. "Why, yes. I've had a delightful time, Mewtwo." Leila curtsied to him, using her hands to sweep her skirt out as if she were asking him for a ballroom dance. "I hope to meet with you again sometime soon. Please, have a lovely day."

Mewtwo watched her leave. Her hips swayed slightly with each dainty step that was carefully placed. She was cautious at all times, as if afraid a misstep would send her sprawling across the ground with a twisted ankle. Delicate as a flower. As rare and fragile as a butterfly.

Mewtwo looked down on his own hand, so different from hers. Only three fingers, each round and large, unfit for handling delicate and fragile things. He was made to kill, to cause destruction.

But maybe . . . Maybe he could, instead of using his power for what it was made for, maybe he could instead use it for protection, the way he had done as he had protected his clones. Only this time, he would be protecting a particularly helpless Gardevoir. Silently appointing himself her guardian, he gave himself a purpose in his life, following her from afar and vowing to keep her from all harm.

"Agent 009 reporting in, Giovanni," she stated into the communicator. "I've located Mewtwo. But . . ."

There was a crackle of static as she watched Mewtwo watch the Gardevoir walk away. "But what?" Giovanni said shortly.

She still felt shocked at what she had just witness. "Sir, he . . ."

"He what, grunt? Answer me!"

The blond jolted to attention. "Sir! He just saved a Gardevoir from an Onix and saved her from falling off a cliff. He then stayed around to have, well, CONVERSATION with her, and I watched him watch her leave, look at his hand, and then look at her again. He did not erase her memory when she left."

"The way he must have ours . . ." Giovanni murmured.

The silence was long. 009 lifted the tiny dart gun, waiting for instruction. "Sir? Shall I proceed?"

She began to get nervous. The rouge pokemon could get away at any given moment. It was now or never. "Sir?"

"Withdraw, 009," she heard him state. She let out an inaudible breath, putting the custom dart gun away as she watched Mewtwo stare off into the distance where the Gardevoir had gone. "Let the situation develop more—I am interested how this . . . affiliation with this Gardevoir will play out." The Black Tulip had no idea of the sardonic grin that warped Giovanni's face. "It might just turn out to our advantage."

Mewtwo thought it would be some time before he had to help Leila, and it probably would have been if he hadn't have been so insecure about his emotions—it was hardly two days before he intervened.

It was nothing serious—she tripped, and she threw out her hands to catch herself. His heart rate picked up—he felt that same protectiveness over her, the way he was silently afraid that when she caught herself on her hands that her wrists would break. That was the only thing that propelled him to action, teleporting in front of her to catch her.

She collapsed easily into his chest with a small gasp, looking up in surprise. "Mewtwo!" she burst, eyes widening. She straightened, trying to hide a blush as she looked away, taking her hands back from his. "I—I didn't expect you."

He wasn't sure how to respond. What could he say to her? "You didn't see me in your future?" he asked, and it only served to make her blush more.

"Well, I—no, I didn't. I wasn't looking."

Mewtwo could tell Leila was blushing furiously, and he could almost hear her accelerated breathing. Now he felt bad for what he had done—maybe he should have told her about what he was doing. "I am sorry," he found himself saying. "I did not mean to alarm you."

Leila took a deep breath, subduing her emotions before saying, "It is all right. I am fine." Then, she hid her smile, saying, "But my, you startled me so! I didn't expect you to be here. How have things been for you?"

Mewtwo considered the question—with him, it could so easily turn awkward. "I am fine," he said vaguely. "The days pass." After a moment's hesitation, he assumed that the courteous thing to do would be to inquire about her as well. "How have you fared?"

"I've been doing well," she said, and when she began to walk, Mewtwo followed close. "My days are spent in leisure." And then, Leila's expression turned a slight more playful as she cut Mewtwo a glance. "That is, when I'm not being attacked by some other pokemon."

Mewtwo shook his head. "And that is where I am confounded," he told her, curiosity getting the best of him. "How have you managed to protect yourself over the years if you so easily attract such unwanted attention?"

"Well, that's easy," she said, lips curling as she fought away a smile. "I might not have any skills when it comes to attacking, but I am quite adept at defensive techniques." Leila stopped, hiding a smile behind her hand as she backed away from him, sweeping her skirt out with her other hand. "Would you like to have a go at this?"

She was asking him to battle! The thought sent his heart pumping, and as Mewtwo looked at her frail body, so intensely breakable that it would be a shame to hurt her, he had to shake his head.

"I cannot," he stated, but Leila just shook her head right back.

"Don't be afraid," she said friendly. "Trust me, I can protect myself well, there is no need to hold back."

Still hesitant, Mewtwo stated a bit wryly, "I'm going to hold you to that." Using a lighter attack in fear that he would hurt her, Mewtwo attack with a Psychic—and yet felt surprised when she Teleported away, appearing somewhere behind him. Eyes widening, Mewtwo attacked with a Shadow Ball, stronger, more direct—yet still she Teleported to safety, and he was surprised when she giggled behind her hands, saying, "Oh, dear, you're going to have to try harder than that!"

Another Shadow Ball crackled at his fingers with the challenge. After several more unsuccessful tries to hit her, he realized she was only going to teleport away. Mewtwo switched tactics to a Miracle Eye, lowering her evasion to make sure the next attack would hit. Still not wanting to hit her hard, he changed from the super effective Shadow Ball to a Psyshock, the blob of psychic energy hurtling through the air towards her. However, this attack crashed nearly harmlessly against a Light Screen, protecting herself from the attack instantly.

Mewtwo grunted in appreciation. "I see you speak true," he said as she awaited his next attack. "Let me try to get past your defenses." Considering again, he blasted her with a strong Psychic to which she used a Protect, completely stopping the attack from hurting her. Attacking again with Psychic, she dodged with a Teleport, and he saw her eyes glow blue a moment. Leila anticipated a close, physical move and backed away while using Reflect, and Mewtwo blasted her again with a Psychic—only to find that he couldn't.

He nearly asked what had happened, but realized that she had Disabled his attacking move. Impressed, he attacked hard with another Shadow Ball, making her grunt as she took it low. Even with her Light Screen, the attack was so powerful that it hurt her.

She looked up, pinkish/reddish eyes making Mewtwo falter in his attacks. "You surely are very strong!" she exclaimed, once again awed by him. Then, she clasped her hands together, a bright flash of light emanating from her body for a split instant before disappearing.

There was no need to keep attacking her—she had crippled his strongest attacking move and showed that she knew how to defend herself, also showing that she knew the move Wish to heal herself if she were hurt. Mewtwo let go of his attacking stance.

"I concede the fact that you protect yourself well," he stated. "But tell me this: do you really know no attacking moves?"

She shook her head, body glowing with rainbows for a half second as her Wish healed her. "No, sir. My mother abhors violence, and prohibited any attacks that would hurt another pokemon."

Mewtwo studied Leila a moment. "Hooligans, she calls them. Then would she not think that I, too, was a hooligan?"

Leila seemed to blink in surprise, and then she exclaimed, "Why—I almost think she would! But, you are so gentlemanly. I'm sure if my mother became properly acquainted with you then she would see what I see."

"And what is it that you see?"

She suddenly blushed, turning her face away. "Why, a gentleman, of course. That is what I said."

Mewtwo looked down on his hands. She thought him a gentleman? He couldn't even manage to associate himself like that in his mind. He shook his head, saying sorrowfully, "You know nothing of me. We should not even be associating like this."

Leila turned, startled. "What?" she asked, eyes wide. "Why not?"

He turned away, looking anywhere other than her. He couldn't tell her everything, but he said, "For reasons none other than the fact that while minor danger follows you, real danger follows me. The kind of danger that you can't just walk away from in one piece." Whether it took a piece of your body, or a piece of your heart and soul, was a different matter.

"I am willing to take that risk."

Her halcyon statement made him turn back to her. "You . . . ?" He shook his head. "Why?" She caught him off guard at every turn. Why would she want to risk herself like that?

Leila clasped her hands together, giving a dainty shrug. "I value our friendship too much. Besides, if danger does come, I'm sure that you could keep me safe, if I myself couldn't."

Still wary and not quite sure that was enough of a reason to care, Mewtwo nodded. Leila smiled behind her hand again. "Good! Now, I'm quite hungry, let's go find ourselves something to eat!" Further surprised when she took his hand, Mewtwo found himself pulled gently along as she took a different pathway, leading him through the forest.

Mewtwo asked, "Where are we going?"

"I know there is a Pecha berry tree close by," Leila said, and when she blushed slightly again, she tucked her face away from him. "It's my favorite berry."

Mewtwo nodded, taking the fact in. He considered himself thoughtfully as she pulled him along. He knew for a fact that she could protect herself well no matter how fragile she seemed. So why was it that he still wished to protect her when she needed no protection? And why . . . Why did he so willingly follow her?

"Here we are!"

Mewtwo came back to attention as Leila let go of his hand, nearly prancing up to the tree. She reached up her hand, letting two berries float down to her palm. She held out one to Mewtwo.

"Here you go," she said, and he took the berry between his fingers, feeling how easy it would be to accidentally squash the tender fruit. He took a bite of the sweet and soft fruit—it reminded him of the Gardevoir next to him. She would love something as sweet and soft as a Pecha berry—as herself.

She lowered herself carefully on the ground, tucking her legs beneath her as she bit into her own berry. "This is nice," she sighed, leaning back on one hand to stare up at the blue sky. Mewtwo sat down next to her.

Staring down at the little berry she had given him, Mewtwo stated, "You really don't have any cares in the world, do you?"

Leila didn't read into his question much. "I do worry about a few things," she said easily, conversation flowing easily from her tongue. "My mother, for one. It has been too long since I last visited her, my home in general. I wonder how the other Gardevoir, Ralts, and Kirlia fare?"

Curious again about this enticing Gardevoir, Mewtwo asked, "Where is your home?"

She turned more to him, sighing, "I'm afraid I've wandered far in my search to see new things and new places. My home is nestled in the forest against the manmade Rusturf Tunnel." Leila played with the Pecha berry in her hand, a hand stealing up to hide her slight smile. "Mother will be so happy to see me again." Then, she suddenly looked up at Mewtwo, making him stare back, taken off guard yet again. "I think I should traverse back to them. Would you please accompany me?"

He stared back at her, surprised again because she would ask him something like that. "You want me to go with you?"

"Unless you have somewhere else to be . . ."

Mewtwo shook his head, finishing off his berry. "I have nowhere to go. I . . . will accompany you."

Leila smiled behind her hands. "Oh, thank you so much! This is wonderful. I'm sure Mother will take a shine to you as I have."

A slight smile turned up Mewtwo's lips. "You hold such faith," he said a bit tiredly. He somehow doubted that they would take him for what he was with such warm affection as Leila did.

She shook her head though, eyes smiling. "I'm absolutely sure that you'll fit right in."

Mewtwo looked down before looking up. "Your faith is admirable," he finally told her. He glanced over at her, saying, "I envy that."

Leila blushed furiously again, trying to hide her face. "You flatter me too much."

"I only speak how I feel."