Author's Note:

Okay, let me explain my inactivity.

Firstly, it's due to a God-awful writer's block. D: Like, SERIOUSLY? I've COMPLETELY lost what I'm doing with this story, but I still like what I've done with it. And quite literally, every time I think that I should chuck the story, SOMEONE ELSE COMES ALONG AND FAVS IT. So I'm taking that as God kicking me in the butt and telling me not to abandon it. I'm going to TRY and finish this someday and get some more chapters up, but…. Those updates are going to be few and far between, I'm sorry, I'm horribly lax as a writer…..

Also, this year in my senior year of high school so I am SLAMMED. Quite literally, college applications are kicking my ass and I have almost 4 hours of Advanced Placement English homework every night, compounded with Pre Calculus that is my mortal enemy…. D: I am quite literally drowning in homework that's all Greek to me (pun on me taking Greek and failing no matter how much I like it).

So, I'm crunching time for the other things I am writing, and I'm going through a TERRIBLE (wonderful) obsession with Transformers, Transformers Prime to be exact, and have two stories I'm working on. I'm finishing another that's got five more chapters TOPS (maybe not even that much) and then this that I feel so bad for not updating. Hopefully inspiration will hit soon (maybe when my birthday comes up this November and I might get Black and White 2? That'd be good inspiration I think….)

So despite not having updated in FOREVER, I'm telling you that I'm NOT giving up on this and I'll finish it someday, even if I have to bleed my brains dry.