Mikaela Corella! Hehe! That's a funny name to say. :3 Uh, alright, here we go!

Darkrai and Jar Jar finally arrived on New Island and the Nightmare King dropped the Gungan on the pier. He started to float to the castle when he stopped and turned to his partner. "Uh… aren't you coming?"

Jar Jar shook his head. "Nno no. I-so stay here."

"Uh… you sure?"

"I sure-si. I stay here."

Darkrai, however, expected him to do some sort of trick, but decided to play along anyway. "Um, okay… see you when I get back." With that, he flew ahead.

Darkrai went into the castle and reached Mika's room, where he found the psychic girl asleep in a bed. "Hm. I never expected someone like Mewtwo to care so much for a human. Especially after all he's done. Okay, Mika, prepare to have a NIGHT-A bad dreams!" He waited in silence a few seconds. "…Huh. Jar Jar's still outside. Oh well. Let's do this." With that, he gave Mika a… something scary with an "n".

Inside that scary something with an "n", Mika awoke in a dark, dead-looking place. "Huh? Where am I? AHH!" she screamed when the Kiryu Twins rose from the ground and surrounded her. (A/N: Don't ask me who the f$%k these two are, I just looked up a picture.)

"Hello, Mika."

"WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?" Mika exclaimed.

"Come play with us, Mika. Forever and ever and ever."

"NOO! !" She tried to run away, but the twins already grabbed and started strangling her neck. She broke away and started running, but was suddenly stopped by several ghosts.



"Jooiiinnn uuuuus."


"JOIIN UU- A-HACK! Cough! Gack!"


"Ugh!" the ghost of Emma exclaimed. "Okay, you know what, this whole ghostly groaning thing is annoying, so we're just gonna throw you into the Hellish Abyss and get it over with." With that, they all grabbed Mika and started carrying her over a pit.

"HELLISH ABYSS? !" she yelped as they hovered over the pit. "No! Not that! Anything but that!"

"Buh-bye." The ghost of Kami said, and with that, they dropped her in.


"AAAA!" Mika exclaimed, shooting up and gasping for… the element, whose nation is no longer around in the Avatar Realms.

"A-A-A-A." Darkrai said.


"Sorry, I'm just… filling in for my assistant."

"What's going on in here?" Mewtwo asked, coming in.

"Huh? Oh, hey, Mewtwo. Just doing my job."

"I see. Are you sober tonight?"

"Actually, yes. My assistant's outside, he's keeping me from drinking. Well, beer, anyway, he's got plenty of milk, it is SO good!"

"I want some milk!" Mika said.

"And why isn't he in here?"

"Oh, I dunno. He didn't wanna come in for some reason. I thought he was planning some sort of joke, but… I guess not. Well, I gotta go. Gotta scare…" He looked at his list. "Mandy McKenzie, then it's all done. Last one for tonight. So, uh, good night." With that, Darkrai flew off to get Jar Jar and leave.

"That was weird." Mika said.

"No. I sense a disturbance in the Force."

"Okay, Obi-wan. I'm goin' to get some milk." With that, she got up and went downstairs. Mewtwo just looked out the window and watched Darkrai fly off with Jar Jar… and he could still sense that evil force.

And so foreshadows the finale. Next one will be last: Mandy McKenzie. And it also sort of hints something about her for Firstborn. Well, later.