She felt wet lips against her own, tasting like an ocean's current, fierce and determined. She was about to step back, and open her eyes. Apparently he did it first. All she could catch a glimpse of was strikingly moss-green eyes matching with ebony hair before he shriveled up like a piece of paper in a fire. She cried out to him in fear, though the sound came out like a bird's call. She screamed and screamed as the boy- now only his cheek left, untouched by the transparent fire- was scorched and taken away from invisible fire. There was no way she could stop it, like every other dream. She would always go to sleep, finding herself kissing the boy, and then he would shrivel up. Then she would wake up. The girl kept screaming for him to come back, to come back and tell her what was happening. She touched her lips, which where now covered in salty tears. She whispered, a bird's soft murmur came out. She closed her eyes, trying to capture what it was like being kissed by the soft lips. She couldn't bring back anything.


"Alice! Alice!" A boy stood by the girl's bed, shaking her gently. He looked panicked, like he saw someone's death layered before him. "Alice!"

"Cinna, what is it?" A strong looking woman looking a lot like Alice, marched in. Her fatigue was slightly small, but her gray eyes pierced like stone. She gasped as she looked at Alice on the bed. "Peeta!" she called, before she began to search for her husband.

"Katniss?" a man's voice called out. He later appeared tightly gripping the woman's hand, who was Katniss. His burly build made him stand an inch taller than Katniss. He looked like he could really hurt somebody with such calloused hands. His face looked like an exact copy of the boy's, except he had strikingly beautiful blue eyes. He ran toward the girl's bed-side. He clawed for her hand, holding it roughly. He shook Alice. His face started to brim with shallow tears."Alice..."

"Dad, stop!" the boy said. The man was now shaking the girl, screaming at her. The woman stood in the back, her face covered by one hand. Cinna shook his head, and walked over to his mother, "Is Alice really gone?"

Katniss just fell to her knees. She had nightmares, nightmares of her two children dying in oblivious states. She couldn't say anything, except the usually mutter of "Alice."

Cinna looked at his sister and sighed. It wasn't a sigh of regret. Or boredom. A simple sigh of feeling lost. He looked at his sister again, and prayed. He prayed that whatever was wrong with Alice would be lifted off her like a clump of hair in one's face.

A gasp arose from the murmurs. Alice opened her blue eyes. She looked around at the family gathered around. She lingered on her father, who was still shaking her. She glared softly at her brother, who's head whipped up to look at her. She cast a glance at her shaking mother. She frowned at her mother. Peeta stopped shaking his daughter. He stared at her, his mouth mid-talk. He swooped her fragile looking frame in his hands and held her tightly. Alice's eyes stayed on her mother. Katniss lifted her gaze. She started to crawl toward Alice, slowly, like every movement hurt. Cinna came over to Alice and smiled before hugging her tightly, conjoining with his father. Alice pushed away from her brother and father softly and ran over to her mother. Her mother, Katniss, looked up at her and smiled. Alice tackled her mother with a hug. Katniss almost lost her step when she felt her daughter's cold hands hug her neck. Alice let go, afraid of hurting her mother. She looked at her father and brother. Smiling, she motioned them to come and hug her. They did pleasantly, the family embraced in a tight hug.


"So, Alice?" Cinna asked.

"Yes, brother?" Alice replied. She stared at her brother lovingly, waiting for him to speak.

"What happened exactly?" he said. He held the gaze between the two siblings, blue meeting gray. "I mean, what happened before you woke up? What were you dreaming about?"

Alice hesitated. She never told her mother or father, much less her brother; and she shared everything with her brother. She was the few people she actually talked to. She didn't talk much, at school her voice was rarely heard. At home, her thoughts were kept to herself.

"Never-mind, actually. You don't have to answer, Alice," Cinna said, noticing her discomfort with the question. Alice wanted to answer him, tell him she was dreaming of boy who gave her mysterious kisses, but something held her back. Maybe it was the fact that he would tell Mother and Father. She just stared at his eyes, gray and full of honesty. He could never lie, and when he did, it was horrible. He couldn't keep a secret, because he would always accidentally spill it. His eyes stared back at her. He looked so much older than fifteen. Alice, herself was two years older, and she looked even younger than him. She looked like she was thirteen, or fourteen. Her small fatigue made her close in height to her brother. Cinna was also very strong, which gave him an advantage in height. Alice had seen him with his shirt off, she shared a room with him. Alice remembered when he took his shirt off and saw her watching. He smiled and then they burst out in laughing. He began to march around the house- Mother and Father were out- and acting like a soldier. It was a year ago, in the cold months. She smiled thinking about it.

SWING! Alice's and Cinna's eyes flitted to the door, where their father swung open the door. He was carrying a thick loaf of bread and... Alice's eyes light up, running to great her father. She kissed him on the cheek, soon followed by Cinna, and watched her father uncover what was in the brown bag.

"What did you get Father?" Cinna asked, his gray eyes glinting. Strands of dark brown hair escaped from the ponytail he put up an hour ago.

Father winked at Alice and simply answered, "A surprise." Alice knew what it was. A cinnamon role from the bakery. Probably drizzled with rich raspberry sauce. And touched with cinnamon, not only inside, but out. Cinna, looking disappointed, disappeared in another room. That's when Mother came and kissed Father politely. The kiss lingered for a second then drowned in the air. They looked back at Alice and smiled. "Alice, go and get your brother."Alice nodded walked out of the room, following her brother's footsteps.

"Cinna?" she asked as she neared the corner. She brushed past it and saw her brother sitting on the floor, mindlessly flipping through channels on the television.

"Oh, hey!" Cinna exclaimed, shock running through his voice. Alice giggled and gripped her brother's hand, pulling him near into the kitchen. Peeta was sitting at the oak table, playing around with his and Mother's fingers. They looked up when they saw the two.

"Hello, have a seat," Mother said, gesturing with her free hand at the empty chairs. Alice and Cinna sat down obediently. "We have something to talk you about. We"- Mother shared a glance with Father- "think you're old enough to know something about us. Involving out past."

"Katniss and I think... Well..." Father cleared his voice, he was obviously under pressure. Alice smiled, but before her parents could see, she covered up her mouth. As she did, it reminded her strongly of the dream. No, don't think about that now, she thought to herself. "Well... Your maturity level has increased... I mean... Uh..."

"What Peeta's trying to say," Mother saved Father. "Is that-"

"You're pregnant?" Alice couldn't stop herself from bursting it out loud. It fit in the situation. Parents never liked telling their children that they had sex.

Mother threw her head back in laughter. Father looked at her in confusion, "You aren't, right?"

The question made Mother laugh even more, soon Cinna started laughing too. The sight made Alice start to laugh. Father stood there, his face as red as the raspberry sauce on cinnamon roll. Father made a noise in the back of his throat, trying to shock everybody to the real world. But after from a few tries, he started to chuckle. Still entangled with Mother's arm, he carefully rose his arm out of his wife's. Burying his face in his own hands. He chuckled deeply.

Mother made a funny face, saying, "You aren't, right?" in a deep voice, copying Father's. The short vocal parody made everyone start to laugh even harder. After minutes of laughing, a knock came to the door, that silenced everybody.

"Anyone home?" a male's voice called. Mother looked at Father, and they both stood up to get the door, their faces showing no sign that just a second ago, we were laughing heartily.

Alice heard them open the door, just enough to speak with the young man. Well, Alice thought he was young. Judging from his deep, yet light, voice booming in through the house. Alice was about to rise from her seat, when her parents came rushing back.

"What's wrong?" Cinna asked, his voice touched with concern. "What happened?"

"Just stay here," Mother said. "Lock the doors and don't even try to follow us." Mother sent us the glare.

"Yes Mother," Cinna gave in, his rebellious attitude set aside for another time. "We'll stay here."

"Bye, my children," Father came over and hugged them both. "We'll come back."

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