Thrashing sounds were heard from the bathroom.

"He's really staying here?" Alice whispered, not really meant to be heard by anybody.

"Yes," Mother replied.

"Alice! Come here!" A voice uncurled from the bathroom. Father, Alice thought. She walked to the bathroom, and braced herself for the sight she was about to see.

She walked in. Blood partially covering the walls; traces of dark blood on the floor. She walked over to the bathtub, which carried a naked Jasper. Alice forced herself to not to glance at him, period.

"Yes Father?" she asked calmly, but she sure didn't feel calm. She was shaking lightly, resembling Jasper only a few minutes ago.

"Alice, I want you to run- run – to the Infirmary, and ask for a doctor," Father commanded. Alice took no time to run out (she didn't stop and close the door) and run to the door to Vlintage. She ignored her mother's calls of questionable comments. She jumped down the stairs, once again not bothering to close the oak door, and started sprinting. The wind whistled in her ears like a freight train. She closed her eyes, the wind cutting her eyes with invisible scraps. The coldness of February nipped at her ears and nose in protest. Go back! Go back inside! the wind seemed to say. Grass racked against her bare legs. Alice braced herself against the trees' branches as they reached towards her. The wind whistled her name. The only thought in Alice's mind was the fact that she was going to need to doctor to help the person she knew only in dreams. The thought of him dying with her kiss pocketed in his hands made her run faster. The trees grew thinner with each step. Everything wanted her to stop, to walk back home, to sleep. Her body seem to slow down in reply to the requests that could never be fulfilled.

"Help! Help!" Alice screamed. "Help!" She hoped with all her might that one of the doctors would hear her. "Jasper Cling! Hurt! Blood! Help!"

"Hello? Is someone out there?" A voice cut through the silence. Alice was going to sigh with relief, but she couldn't breath anymore. It was as if someone has knocked her down with unbelievable force. She couldn't breath or feel herself run anymore. She couldn't blink her eyes, or tear knowing that somebody might die tonight. She caught the glimpse of a man in front of her. "What's wrong, miss?" Alice knocked into the man, who caught her and shook her shoulders. "What's it wrong? Answer me!"

Alice could only mouth the word, " Jasper." She hoped the man would understand what she mouthed. If he did, she didn't know. But as he got on a horse, she hoped he knew. The man grew smaller and smaller. Black dots started to cloud Alice's vision like droplets of rain. At least, that's what Alice hoped it was. Right before she passed out, landing on the cold ground.


"Ma'am? Are you okay?"

Cold hands lifted Alice up from the ground. Wet dirt took up every inch of her face. She rubbed her face into her hands. She coughed, spitting out the mud. She remembered why she was here. She scrambled away from the man's arms. " Vlintage! Jasper Cling! He's coughing... blood... bathroom."

"Ma'am, it's all taken care of." The man stared at her intently. He had dark blonde hair with traces of red. Freckles were all over his face and bare arms. His green eyes never left her face. "Do you need a ride home?"

However much Alice wanted to say no, she found herself nodding.

The man, who later introduced himself as Fredrick, drove her home on the carriage. The horses, as white as clouds, galloped across the Meadow. She hugged herself tightly, letting no heat escape from her wiry figure. She breathed in the cold air. She shivered tremendously. She hated the feeling of being cold and helpless. Weak.

Alice sighed when she saw Vlintage in front of the carriage. She wakes air escape from her mouth, like little angels escaping from Alice's soul. They flitted higher and higher, until they disappeared from existence.

The carriage rocked as Fredrick jumped out and walked to the other side. He smiled and offered his hand to help her down. Alice ignored the hand and jumped down. She walked to her white house, feeling the doctor's stare at her back. Alice closed the door to her house tightly, and didn't look out the window.

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