I got this idea from a friend of mine. Some of you may actually know her. Kikaromi Shiro? Yeah, that one. Anyway, she's got Magoichi and Masamune chilling with her and answering some fanmail, so I decided, what the hey, I might as well let Sora have some of the fun.

Hello Internet! Sora here!

You have no idea how cool it was to hear from Tron here on the islands! Somehow he connected all the way here and said that a friend of mine was trying to contact me. Name's Thalassa, maybe you've heard of her? Either way, she said that in her world, I was pretty popular. Can you believe it? Me, popular? I mean, sure, I'm the Keyblade Master and all, but that's just… that. Nothing REALLY special. Plenty of people have Keyblades and save the worlds and stuff. No biggie. But apparently I have fans or something…? Either way, I thought it'd be cool to talk to you guys, and since Tron was so nice to somehow connect me to Earth or whatever world you're in, I guess I can answer some questions! So… all you've gotta do is just shoot a question in the little comment section or PM Thalassa. She's pretty good at getting stuff to me in no time, so no sweat there! So, yeah, got a question? Send it my way? I'm more than ready to here what you've all got to say!

Under the same sky,