Hiya guys! Big problem, apparently. So Q&As aren't allowed on here! Lame, right? So this'll be the last chapter in Letters to Sora. But if you really wanna talk to me, you can always shoot Thalassa a private message! I'll respond to you there! Hope you guys keep writing! Now to answer the last letter!

Hey this is magical fan18 and I have a question for you Sora also wanted to tell you something.

What is your favourite styled Keyblade besides your original one that you first got (Kingdom Key) also I notice how confused you were about the Birth By Sleep game and it's storyline which I can understand as I was pretty confused about it also when I first plated but you can understand it if you go through the game a few times.

The story of it takes place quite some time ago like at least 10 or so years before you became a Keyblade Wielder as the game and story is supposed to explain some facts that were not known when you first started out on your Journey using the Keyblade like how did Maleficent begin her attacks and evil plans to dominate and rule the worlds of your friends and how did Riku become a Keyblade Wielder as from what I know of your Keybladers is that they inherit or are chosen to become Wielders of the Keyblades from previous Keybladers that have lived.

Hope that you like and answer my Questions along with understanding why I explained a few things to you also I laughed a lot when I read your reaction to how some people believe that you and Riku are in 'that' kind of a relationship.

See you around,

From magical fan18: Got it Memorized.

'Sup magical fan?

Favorite Keyblade… good question! I usually use the Kingdom Key, of course. But other than that I think I really like Oathkeeper best. I mean, have you seen it? It's spiky and lightweight… It's really perfect. And it hones my light so well, makes really quick work of the Heartless! Not to mention, the keychain is the lucky charm Kairi gave me, and… yeah, it's kinda important to me. Ahem. Anyway…

Oh, yeah, I think I remember hearing about that stuff. With all my new adventures, Master Yen Sid and the King have told me A LOT about that stuff, so I kinda get it more now. It's a lot of history stuff, which was never my favorite subject in school. Lunch was my favorite subject in school. But yeah, that makes a lot more sense now. I'll have to go off what people tell me, though, because video games just don't come easy on the islands! Plus my hands are too big for handhelds…

Oh yeah, glad my reaction entertained you. I was NOT entertained by what I saw, no. It still gives me nightmares. I might show it to Riku just to freak him out.

Catch ya later! Hope to hear from you again sometime!