I have got to give props where props are due. Thanks to my pal, Kikaromi Shiro, I got this idea to let Harry Potter answer some fanmail. Sounds interesting enough. Besides, what better way to get into character than to have them answer personal questions! ^^ (By the way, Harry's opinion of DH epilogue is not mine. Of course, if you had someone try to predict your life for the fan base's closure, you'd be a little against it, too.)

Hello there. Harry Potter here.

Over the last year or so, I've noticed this phenomenon that has driven a lot of people, Muggles mostly, crazy, as far as I can see. The really odd thing is that it's… well, it's me. A book series based off my name. As… strange as that is, I have to say I'm quite honored. I mean, really, to write a series of books? About me? That seems a bit ridiculous, but I'm honored either way. I guess the best way to keep the Muggles informed about the wizarding world is to make them think it's a work of fiction. Thanks loads to whoever wrote that series… though I do find it a bit creepy that whoever it was knew so much about everything my friends and I did…

Anyway, so yeah, I came up with this information and the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, told me that maybe I should try to keep in touch with these Muggles. I've never really liked answering what Lockhart called "fanmail" (mostly because of his presence anyway), but I suppose that if people have questions, I can answer them. And if questions are answered, then maybe the connection between the magic and non-magic folk can become stronger. That would help loads of people, I'm sure of it.

So… I guess what I'm trying to say is, since I'm not at Hogwarts nearly as much anymore, I can actually use technology and talk to you lot. I've got a Muggle friend, Thalassa, over in America that says she can help. She's allowing me to use her account and such to talk to you. So, while I'm not out hunting the rest of those bloody Death Eaters or helping Hermione study for her N.E.W.T.S. (she's absolutely mental for going back to school for another year, if you ask me), I can answer your questions!

Oh, and before any of you ask, that 19 years later rubbish? Blimey, I've no idea what that is. Supposedly I get kids and I'm married to Ginny… not that I don't want any of that to happen, it hasn't happened yet. I'm only 18, after all. So… keep that in mind when you ask questions! Sorry if that disappointed you for some reason. I hope that doesn't stop you from asking questions!

Hope to be answering all of you soon!

Harry Potter