Hello after yet another long while, everyone. Now, it's come to my attention that this website or whatever it's called isn't to be used for interactive things, such as these letters. That is why this will be the last chapter of Letters to Harry, which I'm terribly sorry about. That being said, I'm still open to answering your questions! Please, by all means, if you've got a question, send Thalassa a private message, and I will respond to you there. So sorry about the inconvenience, but I do hope that I can continue writing to all of you! Now, on to the last published letter!

Hello,Harry! I'm a big fan! When I turned 12,I faked sick to wait for my Hogwarts letter(It didn't come.) Anyway,enough rambling! Do you have any idea how popular you are,Mr. Potter? You have 7 books,8 movies,2 musicals,a lot ot videos,and a music genre! Dude,you are awesome! Anyway,If you could date anyone by Ginny,who? Bye,Harry!

Sinserly, the depressed muggle XxxImNotOkayxxX

Dear ImNotOkay (though I really wish you would be okay!),

Sorry to hear that about your letter, but as I've said before, being a Muggle isn't a terrible thing. In fact, wizards tend to find you lot quite fascinating! Now, I've been told about the books and the movies and several other things, usually fan-based, but musicals and a music genre? That's something I haven't heard of. I can't even begin to fathom why anyone would want to spend so much time on me and my story - the wizarding world, yes, but the focus on me? No - but I'm truly humbled to hear about it. I do hope that all of those things are in good taste… It would be awful to find that people are doing terrible things and using me and my friends as a medium for it.

As for your other question, I have to admit that I was rather reluctant to answer it at first. After all, I really do love Ginny and I wouldn't change it. If I had to pick, which I s'pose you're making me, I don't really know who else I'd date. Like I've said before, I'd never ruin what Ron and Hermione have - not to mention that would be like dating my sister - so Hermione's out of the question. I wouldn't dare go back to Cho, whether she's changed or not. It just didn't work out. Luna's… odd, and I could only ever be her friend. This is proving to be rather difficult. Well, I did get on well with the girl Chasers on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, Katie Bell, specifically. I s'pose I could always try dating her. I'm glad this is hypothetical. I much prefer Ginny.

Anyway, thanks for the questions, sorry for the delay, and again sorry that this has got to be the last one here! Keep in mind that if you want to ask me anything more (or if you're reading along and come up with a question), a private message to Thalassa will get that letter to me! Thanks everyone for writing!

Until next time,

Harry Potter