That One Special Sailor Boy

A Cabaret Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I own no rights to any characters from Cabaret though I did make up the name of the sailor that Fraulein Kost falls in love with because the sailors did not have names in the play.

Note: This is only my second Cabaret fan fiction. I always thought the scene was funny when Fraulien Kost has all the sailors coming and going from the boarding house. This story focuses on Fraulien Kost and the one sailor she eventually falls in love with. Enjoy! Hopefully people who have played Fraulien Kost do not think I am misinterpreting this scene. Also for the sake of this story I estimate that seven sailors are pursuing Fraulien Kost in the play I think there are only two sailors.

Many sailors were found coming and going from Fraulien Schneider's boarding house. Other guests including Clifford Bradshaw wondered how so many men could be seen coming and going from Fraulien Kost's room in the course of one week. Was she seeking love or just despearate for attention? Cliff couldn't seem to figure out which scenario that Fraulien Kost was in nor did Fraulien Schneider.

Fraulien Kost didn't care what other people thought of her. She just did as she pleased. She was only 25 after all and had lots of time to settle down and find the perfect guy. She wasn't ultimately crazy about all of these one night stands she was having with the sailors but she was hoping that she would get know at least one of them more closely before they were shipped off to the war.

A week after all the one night stands ended one sailor kept coming to the door of the boarding house to see Fraulien Kost. Fraulien Schidner was quite confused. She thought that she had told Fraulien Kost not to see the sailors anymore. "What do you want my boy?" she asked the young sailor.

"I want to take Ms. Kost out on a date. She seems to be rejecting my advances though."

"Date?" Fraulien Schneider's ears perked up in surprise

"What is your name?"


"Let me get her for you."

"Thank you."

Fraulien Schneider knocked on the door of Fraulien Kost's room

"Fraulien Kost, one of your sailors is here to see you."

"What does he want? Fraulien Kost asked

"He said he wants to take you out on a date."

The door opened a crack.

"A date? Really? How unexpected. I'll be ready in about 15 minutes.

Fraulien Kost emerged from her room and Tim presented her flowers.

"These are for you."

Fraulien Kost blushed profusely shocked by the token of affection.

"Thank you. In the hustle and bustle of these one night stands I never did keep track of your names… what is yours again?"


"Nice to meet you Tim. Where are we going on our date?"

"To lunch at the café in down town Berlin, the one near the Kit Kat Club."

"Sounds lovely . Let's go."

Once they got to the restaurant they ordered sandwiches and lemonade

"So how did find out about the boarding house?" Tim asked

"Someone at the train station recommended it."

"Do you like staying there?"

"Yes but I think other people have been frustrated with how many people are seen coming and going from my room."

"What did you do before you came to Berlin?"

" I lived in Boston and just graduated from college. Figured I would see the world before settling down.. What about you? When are you shipping out with the army?"

"At the end of the week."

"Fraulien Kost frowned "We won't be able to have much of a dating relationship then."

"Yes we wll."


" I want you to come with me?"



"This is sudden. I just met you."

"Well with the war starting do you really have much reason to stay in Berlin?"

"I suppose not. Things are looking bleak here these days."

"Come with me then. We'll see all kinds of new places."

"Are you sure your ship mates and captain won't mnd?"

"Shouldn't be a problem."

Fraulien Kost smiled. She looked forward to the prospect of getting out of Berlin,