WARNING:No hot butt secks...YET ,i'm really sorry,hope it doesn't drive you to hate me

DISCLAMIER:Own nothing but the plot.

we be hussin yo.

John patiently sits at his cluttered desk , waiting for his best-fucking-friend in the whole-fucking-world to log on to pesterchum.

What could possibly take him so goddamn long? Not that it really mattered,seeing how Dave was always "Fashionably Late " Being the coolest kid on the planet.

Dave really was the coolest thing -or person,if you prefer,but I highly doubt anything,animated or not,could be cooler than this kid-in this universe,most likely .

But to spend his time on a derp like Egbert , made him all the more cooler,if that was even possible!

The bing of pesterchum awoke him from his coolkid daydream , he would much prefer talking to the real thing anytime,hehe!

TG : Hey bro,been waiting long?

TG: Cause I know you've been waiting

TG: for my awesome arrival

EB: Heh!

EB: Maybe a little.

EB: Okay I was

EB: Shutup

TG: Chill man it was justa coolkid joke

TG: Maybe it was a tad to cool for you

EB: Shut the fuck up!

EB: I actually earned the title of egderp

EB: Unlike you who was born with the title


EB: aka cool kid

EB: I bet it says so on your birth certificate

TG: I earned the title

TG: While the stork was flying like a


TG:To big Bro

TG:the stork specificly said this boy

is immensely cool

TG :and at such a young age he will only get cooler throughout the next few minutes

TG :and guess what

TG :i totally did

EB :haha :P

EB :You are full of nonsensical batshit.

EB :but cool batshit nontheless.

EB :nothing about you can be uncool ,the entire universe would implode.

EB : :P

TG :do I detect a man crush arising

I know its been hard on you

TG :to keep it a secret

EB :you wish!

EB :even knowing my "appernt"man crush on you , you still admit to loving me.

EB :haha rose even told me,during sburb,you totally said it.I can even find a link hold on.

EB:TT: I also took a moment to check on John.
TG: how is he
TT: I can't see him anymore. Just his empty house.
TT: But I did talk to him briefly.
TG: i should probably text him soon
TG: see whats up
TG: because
TG: i love him
TT: I know.
TG: so this place youre at now
TG: its the same place hes at right
TT: It's hard to say for certain.
TT: But I think I like it here.

TG :haha man I was worried,cause that meteor attacked you and shit cant a bro worry for his beloved best friend

EB :ok ok

EB :the cool kid doesn't want to admit it

but i'll always keep this

in my heart.

EB :haha IRONY

TG :naw man dont even step into that realm

that is not a realm to step into

or skip into...

or arrive in any form of transportation.

TG :just no

back away man

EB :hehe!ok chill your sack!

EB :hold on a sec, jade is pestering me


[ectobiologist ceased pestering TurntechGodhead ]

Dave put down is phone while he waited for John to pester him again. Man that kid is so uncool,leaving me here to rot like a stabbed bird during a meteor apocalypse in Texas.

That sounded vaguely familiar...Oh whatever .You walk over to your bed , and look around it , searching for something important .

You pull out a wallet,all fat and stuff with cool is that?

You shuffle through the money , counting enough to fly over to Washington , and visit his best bro .

How cool was he , to go visit his best fucking bro ?Pretty darn cool , if you ask Strider .

You pick up your phone at the desk , and search for flights leaving ASAP , and book the first one you find ,leaving at 6:00 in the damned morning .

Whatever,it's way cooler to get up earlier than that derp,and surprise him .

To tell the truth , he was doing something way uncool ,he was stoked to go see his fucking best bro in person.

But as long as noone knew what was on his mind,i guess he could stay cool on the outside... fuck that , he was cool no-matter what he did he-


John was pestering him again,finally.

EB :hey!

EB :Dave

EB :im done pestering jade!


TG :Chill little bro

I was just basking in my own awesome

TG :pretty chill right

EB :of course thine royal master Dave,king of the land of cool.


TG :well whatever I need to sleep

gonna wake up early tomorrow morning

EB : lol why?I though you were to cool to wake up early

EB : :P

TG :Shutup Egderp

Youll see in the we hours of the morning



Now go sleep

Gnight bro :P

TG :Sure

TG :Yes i know i am whats the point in stating the already obvious obvious

TG :...


[ectobiologist ceased pestering TurntechGodhead ]