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It sounded like a fairy tale. Seven sixteen year olds, living the perfect life, for twelve months. But that was Solar Blue Surf Academy- the most prestigious surfing school in the whole of Australia- was. A fairy tale for any teenage surfer.

For Bec Sanderson, Anna Peterson, Perri Lawe, Matt Leyland, Heath Carol, Dean Edgely and little Fly Watson, their fairy tale came true. They were the Solar Blue class of 2005, the ones who had made themselves a home within the big boarding house. They were the teenagers who had found themselves on the waves every morning, the temperature not bothering them the slightest. They had swum lap after lap in the ocean pool, finally battling it out in the final showdown that would determine their rank in the year.

It had only been half a point between the seven of them- but in the end, tiny Fiona 'Fly' Watson and Dean 'Edge' Edgely were the ones who had taken out the spots.

Edge had sworn they only had a fishbowl friendship- the only reason they got along so well was because they were in such a close proximity to each other. And it was true- while they fought like siblings at times; they were the best of friends.

They swore that they would be the best of friends, even after they left Solar Blue. But when they departed Blue Water Beach, that promise had been forgotten.

Edge headed onto the pro-circuit and Bec headed to the University of Queensland. Anna went home to Germany, and Matt and Perri went to opposite sides of Victoria. Heath was free to roam Australia, while little Fly, the youngest and smallest of the group, postponed her pro-circuit tour for a year, deciding to stay in Blue Water.

The day they stepped into the future together was the last they saw of each other, for eight years.

Eight long years.

Bec- the head of Solar Blue- was the one to instigate a reunion, with the help of Anna. She didn't know how it was going to work, but they all managed to make the journey- no matter how long or short- back to Blue Water.

It was like they had never been apart- they were suddenly the sixteen year olds who had woken at the crack of dawn to surf once more.

Since that day, they had promised not to stay apart. They still lived their separate lives, all through Australia, but were as close as ever. Bec called at least twice a week, just as a check up, and they texted and emailed almost daily.

But it was the invitations that arrived in the mail, eighteen months after their original reunion, that blew them all away.

Your presence is welcomed to celebrate the marriage of

Fiona Jane Watson


Heath Joseph Carol

On the 24th of October

2:00 p.m

At Blue Water Beach

The reception to be held at Blue Water Boat Club