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Tahlia was the only one to make it to bed that night, Garry carrying the sleeping girl upstairs and away from the seven laughing adults. Tucking her in, he had retreated to his own bed, the noise from downstairs dying down a little when they realised the time.

And when they woke up, the alarms going off in unison in the storey above them, they were tangled together, a pile of arms and limbs.

"Good morning!" Garry said brightly, flicking on the ceiling lights and temporarily blinding them all. "Ready to train, Bec?"

"Gimme five", she murmured, picking herself up from the floor. Poking him in the chest on her way past, she tossed out an accusation. "Why are you so perky? And what's with the smiling? It's weird".

(Garry had learnt very early on in the time they had lived together that Bec had to have a minimum of five hours sleep. It didn't matter when and it didn't matter where, but if she didn't, she was the snippy one. And only towards him. She was a mystery in every sense of the word, but Garry loved it.)

"Daddy!" Tahlia climbed into his chest, poking him awake. "Daddy, lets go and train!"

"You've corrupted my kid". Matt didn't open his eyes, but pointed towards Garry.

From that moment on, life in the Solar Blue boarding house was full swing. With the teenagers coming down the stairs for training (Tahlia happily tagging along, loving the chill in the early morning air), Bec and Garry watching from the sand, the other six slowly waking up and making their way down to the beach.

Their weekend away was full on- they all knew it would be, but Fly and Heath hadn't realised exactly how full on it was going to be.

They booked the surf club for the reception (with a whole lot of sweet talking from Garry).

They searched dresses for the girls and suits for the boys; only settling on Tahlia's little flower girl dress.

And they booked the hotel where Fly and her bridesmaids would be staying.

"Are you pumped for the wedding of the century?" Bec asked Garry, the day after everyone had left.

Grinning hugely, he nodded.

"Bring it on".