A/N. Okay so I've been wanting to do this for a long time. A few major changes to the story:

Harry has a twin brother.

His twin is The Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry has his own group of friends a.) Ariel a muggle born emo chick. b.) Alex a boy from New Mexico. c.) Penny another emo chick d.) Trinity a girl from Oklahoma. e.) Cody Jackson* a juvenile from New York. Prefers to be called Jackson

Harry is an emo, he does cut.

Pairings: Harry/Ariel Alex/Trinity Jackson/ Penny





"Harry and co. language"

Summary: Hogwarts has a karaoke night and the Potters begin to worry about their eldest son.


Dumbledore P.O.V.

"Welcome back students!" Dumbledore greeted the new and old students to his school, his twinkling blue eyes studying each face. His gaze fell on the youngest Potter boy. Ross Potter. The boy's dark red hair falling just above his ears and his hazel eyes glittering with joy. It was the boy's fourth year at Hogwarts. The child's mother and father worked at the school as assistant charm and transfiguration professors. As the old man's eye fell on the eldest Potter child. Harry, if he was correct. His black hair cut so as a piece fell over his left eye. The fringe over his eye was dyed a dark blood red and jelled down. His green eyes held no warmth and were as dark as the killing curse.

Dumbledore was trying to think of a word to describe the boy. 'What is the term muggles use?' He thought to himself. 'Emo, that's it.' The boy was sitting with his group of friends. Ariel Wills an emo muggleborn, Alex Martinez from the ghetto part of Albuquerque New Mexico, Penny Kinnas , and Trinity a country girl from Canton Oklahoma. Finally Cody Jackson from All of them were emos as well. He was broken from his thoughts by the sounds of grumbling stomachs. 'Well to get to the exciting news.' He smiled.

"This year every Saturday night we shall host a karaoke night. Any may enter. The first night shall be the day after tomorrow. Now dig in!"

Ross P.O.V.

A karaoke night! This was his chance to show them that he was indeed their superior to them all. No matter what his stupid Goth brother said!

Harry P.O.V.

He knew his brother was going to sing. He felt sorry for everyone. Ross sounded like a dying cat! Maybe if he sung, maybe, his parents would notice him. You see his parents had not paid attention to him, unless it was to yell at him for something Ross did or he did accidentally, since he was three. When he was eight he asked his mom for red hair dye.


Little Harry had read about kids who dressed to match their moods. Depressed in his case. Had their hair dyed, had body piercings, and cut themselves to escape the emotional pain that other people caused them. Emos. All he needed was some hair dye and snake bites. He walked up to his mummy and tugged on her robe.

Lily looked at him and snapped. "What?"

"Mummy, c-can I-I have some red hair dye?"

"Fine if you just leave me alone." She marched up to her bathroom and pulled out a box of red hair dye. Don't ask why she had it she just did. "Here, now go!" She thrust the box in his hands and he beamed at her.

"Thank you mummy!" He ran out and went to his bathroom and dyed the fringe covering his eye red.

Lily and James Potter were not happy people when he showed them.


"Guys," Harry said to his friends when they got to the Slytherin common room. "What would you guys say if we signed up for that karaoke thing on Saturday?"

Jackson looked as always impassive. Alex looked interested and the girls looked excited.

"Harry that is a great idea. I, Ari and Pen can sing one song and you Jackson and Al can sing another! I got the perfect song for us!" Trinity exclaimed. Ariel and Penny looked surprised but then grinned.

"I kind of want to do one myself." At that moment the planning had begun.

"Me too." Alex said

"Yeah." Jackson grunted.

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