Chapter 1


"Look out!!!!!" Inuyasha yelled at Kagome as he pushed her aside.

She fell hard on the ground, the sharp rocks piercing into her skin. Inuyasha was fighting the enemy called Boa. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Inuyasha (although he says he wasn't) were tricked into thinking that Boa was a little boy who was lost in the woods. Kagome insisted that they would help him find his way home. All Boa was really after were the shards. He transformed into a boa constrictor (snake), and was trying to defeat Inuyasha.

Boa wrapped his body tightly around Inuyasha, trying to suffocate him. Sango rushed forward and threw her boomerang at the snake but it did not pierce through it's scaly skin. Miroku was about to use his air void when he noticed Naraku's bees lurking in the trees waiting for him to make the wrong move. The snake saw their pitiful attempts and quickly stuck them with his long body. Miroku and Sango were smacked against the trees. They lay there, too badly hurt and unable to move.

"Sango! Miroku!" Kagome yelled.

Shippo jumped out of her arms and quickly ran over to them. Kagome looked for her bow and arrows. She picked them up, but noticed in the quiver that there were no more arrows left. Inuyasha noticed the danger they all were in and threw his sword to the ground by Kagome. When she saw what Inuyasha did, she ran towards the sword. As she ran, the snake saw her out of the corner of his eye.

"Kagome!!!!" Inuyasha yelled to warn her of the danger.

It was too late, the snake spitted out his venom as she grabbed the sword. The poison hit her. She fell back and immediately felt dizzy and tired. The snake continued to play with the defenseless Inuyasha, squeezing each breath out of his body.

"Wake up Kagome!!!!" Were Inuyasha's last words before the snake's body fully covered him, leaving Inuyasha near death. Inuyasha's words (and Shippo's whining) woke Kagome up to semi- alertness. She grabbed the sword with all of the strength left in her body and slashed at the snake, leaving a long gash in its side. This loosened the hold the snake had on Inuyasha. When Inuyasha was let go of, he took the sword from Kagome. Using the power of the Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha sliced the head off of the snake. The corpse burst up in flame, leaving a Shikon shard on the ground. As he went to pick it up, he saw Kagura fly away on her feather.

"Dammit! I'll get her next time." Inuyasha said angrily.

Kagome picked up the Shikon no Tama. It wasn't even half completed ever since Naraku stole most of them. The poison still ran through her body and she collapsed into unconsciousness.

"What took you so long, you baka!" Inuyasha mumbled to her as he picked her up. Kirara transformed. Shippo and Inuyasha lifted Miroku, Sango, and Kagome up on Kirara. Then they quickly ran towards Kaede-baba's house.

Kagome, Sango, and Miroku were recuperating at Kaede's. Sango had a broken rib and arm, and Miroku's leg was broken. Kagome was still unconscience and her body was still taking the effects of the poison.

"Damn! Can't you do something that will make them heal quicker Kaede-baba!" Inuyasha said.

"All they need is time, Inuyasha." She replied calmly.

"That's something we don't have. Naraku will see what has happened and will set up another one of his traps." Inuyasha yelled as he went to go sit outside in a tree. Shippo followed him.

"Do you think Kagome will be alright?" Shippo asked Inuyasha.

"Shut up you damn fox brat! I don't have time to listen to your whining!" Inuyasha yelled back. Shippo started to cry and ran back to Kaede.

***Kagome awoke in the middle of the night. She was soaked in sweat. As Kagome was resting in Kaede's house she was thinking about herself. I hate this human form. I can never help Inuyasha and the others when we look for the shards. All I have is a bow and arrows. They are always helping me, but I can barely help them. I'm always in Inuyasha's way. I must do something. She thought…till an idea came to her. That night, under the cover of the darkness, she ran away.


A/N- Was it okay? This is my first fic and I hope to do a good job on it. Oh, and if you're a person who would think that Kagome would never say/think those ideas, well (hint hint)…SHE'S DRUGGED! :) heehee. Opps, I was supposed to mention that in the next chapter. Oh well.