Chapter 4


***Back in the forest…

The girl had awoken, only to see a tall youkai with long white hair and facial markings watching her. A little girl was fast asleep by a tree with a little green monster. When she looked at herself, she noticed that she changed. Her wish came true, sort of, but now she was a cat hanyou, not a dog youkai!

"Damn." She whispered.

"It seems your awake." The youkai said.

"Where am I?" The girl asked.

"How did you create that light?" He asked her, moving closer to her.

Kagome was feeling a bit uncomfortable considering the fact that she was naked except for the robe wrapped around her. She clenched the Shikon no Tama tightly and the youkai noticed that she was scared.

"Ummm…ummm…I'm Reiko. And light? What light?" she said nervously. He saw the fear in her eyes and decided to press his luck.

"The light that you created. I found you lying where the light came from." He said.

"I…I don't know. I must have created it somehow." Reiko lied although it seemed that the youkai knew that she was lying.

"Don't lie to me woman! I am not one who you should pick a battle with. Considering you're only a hanyou." He said quite irritated.

The sleeping green monster woke up. "Sesshoumaru…who is this person?"

"Shut-up Jaken." The youkai, now known as Sesshoumaru said.

Jaken's words were cut off by Reiko's laughter. "To think that such a powerful person that you claim to be is followed around by a disgusting servile creature who kisses your ass every second. You put up with it? That's pathetic! Surely you can do better!" Reiko stated with a confident smirk on her face.

"That's pretty big talk for a woman who is naked and is at the mercy of Sesshoumaru." Jaken replied in his annoying high-pitched voice.

"Well you better take a good look now because that's all you'll ever get!" Reiko yelled.

Sesshoumaru drew his sword and pointed it at Reiko. He lifted her chin up with its tip so that she looked into his eyes. They were ice cold.

"Don't underestimate me." He said sternly. She clutched the robe to her chest and nodded her head in reply.

"I'll see if I can get you something to wear." Sesshoumaru said.

Patience. As soon as I gain her trust, I'll snatch the Shikon no Tama. I must be careful. She's not as stupid as I thought she was. What kind of power does the Shikon no Tama possess? How did a worthless hanyou like her get half of it?! Sesshoumaru thought to himself as they came upon a village.

"Wait here." He said as he walked away. When he returned, he carried a white robe and navy blue cloak. Eyes downcast, Reiko took the bundle of clothing. She unwrapped the robe around her body. Sesshoumaru looked at her feminine figure as she pulled the clothing on over her body.

What a pervert! How dare he look at me like that! But I know he'll kill me if I don't obey his "commands." I'll ditch these weaklings later on. Reiko thought.

"Thank you." She said shyly and gave him back his robe. He put it on and continued walking.

When night fell, they built a fire. Rin and Jaken made a bed on the ground made up of leaves. Sesshoumaru jumped up in a tree with many branches. Reiko jumped up into the tree with him. She sat down on a different branch than the one Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru wanted her, no, he wanted the Shikon no Tama. He would watch her all through the night just in case she made a wrong move. She yawned and closed her eyes. Sesshoumaru sat quietly staring into the night as Reiko slept.

*** Reiko's dream

She was sitting across from a hanyou. He wore red robes, had golden eyes, and had dog- like ears. They were shouting at each other. "I hate you Inuyasha! How could you betray me you fuckin' bastard! This is the end." After she finished talking, she drew Inuyasha's sword and transformed it. She thrust the sword in his heart and laughed while blood splattered everywhere. He was dead. Before he died, Reiko heard him gasp, "I love you."

Reiko jolted awake. A cold sweat soaked her body. It seemed so real. Sesshoumaru noticed her awake but pretended to be asleep. Reiko jumped down from the tree and went for a walk. As she walked away, Sesshoumaru followed her to she what she was going to do.

***Back with Inuyasha…

"Inuyasha…lets rest for the night." Miroku complained.

Inuyasha ignored him and kept walking. They hadn't rested the entire day and they never found any Shikon no Tama shards either. In short, Inuyasha was pissed off.

"I never thought it would be this hard to find the shards without Kagome." Shippo said. Sango was tired too, so she yelled at Inuyasha to stop. Unwillingly, he complied and immediately jumped into the nearest tree. He didn't want to be bothered by their annoying talk, questions, and Miroku's perverted gestures towards Sango. He sat high up in the tree and started to ponder till it was late in the night. Suddenly he heard a rustling in the woods and decided to go check it out.


A/N-Kagome kills Inuyasha in her dream?! God she sounds like the bitch Kikyo. I hate Kikyo, but…there might be Kikyo bashing in later chapters! Sorry Kikyo fans. (I won't go too hard on her…unless you want me too!) R/R!