Title: Be careful what you wish for

Pairing: one-sided HarryxDraco,

Fandom: Harry Potter

Notes: Non-Epilogue compliant post-Battle of Hogwarts fic. What sort of future does Harry create by fighting for justice for Slytherins after he survives defeating Voldy?

Chapter 1

Harry was furious, despite his protests and pensieve evidence Severus Snape was still branded a traitor to the Light and the Murderer of Dumbledore. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were stripped of their wealth, title and freedom; Lucius was sentenced to be Kissed for his crimes and Narcissa was to be imprisoned in Azkaban. Draco was being threatened with expulsion from Hogwarts, which would have caused his wand to be snapped. He owed Malfoy for trying to keep his mates from killing him, Malfoy also owed him for rescuing him from the flames in the Room of Hidden things. He still had hold Draco's wand and he had no intention of giving it up so it could be snapped.

Harry stormed into the Wizengamot ignoring protocol because he had the right to be there, "I am Lord Potter-Black-Prince, I was granted the titles of Prince and Black by the last to hold them, Severus Snape and Sirius Black. I am also the Heir of Gryffindor and the Sword rightfully belongs to me! I hold three votes to the Board of Governors and I refuse to have Draco Malfoy expelled. He and his mother saved me; I refuse to see him punished for saving me. Voldemort threatened Malfoy with his mother's death if he didn't take the Mark. I will take responsibility for his reformation; I have already taken possession of his inheritance, Black blood runs through his veins, he hasn't been granted his inheritance yet and I have so I'll decide when and if he gets it. I am the Boy Who Lived, I am the Chosen One and I defeated Tom Riddle. You've slandered the name of my mother's best friend and you refuse to clear my godfather's name, do not anger me further." His magic crackled around him, "I did not defeat Voldemort to allow such travesties of justice. If this is what you want to waste your rescue with, you can forget about making me an Auror. We need reform, just not the manner Voldemort thought. If you don't leave Malfoy alone, politically I'll become your greatest nightmare."

Reluctantly, the Wizengamot withdrew to debate in silence, returning after two hours to give their verdict.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy is released into the custody of Lord Potter-Black-Prince, under probation for three years. If he is caught doing Dark Magic then he will immediately be sent to Azkaban. After three years his case will be revisited."

Harry held out his hand to receive the paper remanding Draco Malfoy into his custody and stormed out of the chamber.


Draco sat in the jail cell in the bowels of the Ministry, his head pressed to his knees. His father was most likely Kissed by now and his mother was surely in Azkaban. He was sure he'd be sent to Azkaban at least. He had nothing anymore; at the very least they'd most likely punish him for the attempted murder of Headmaster Dumbledore. His once glorious future he'd expected and imagined when he first met Harry Potter had come crashing down.

"Out of my way," a familiar voice snapped.

"It's the Chosen One!"

"It's Harry Potter."

"By order of the Wizengamot you are discharge the youth know as Draco Malfoy into my custody."

"But sir,"

"I don't want to hear anything but yes sir from either of you."

Draco heard the barred door to the corridor that led to the group of cells he was housed in open.

Harry saw a dirty, thin Malfoy and felt a rush of anger at the Ministry.

Draco flinched feeling the strength of that anger almost as a physical blow.

Harry snapped, "I said open his cell."

The guard did as he was told, "He's a Dea,"

"I don't care what you think he is. I owe this man a lifedebt and at the moment he's about as dangerous a dead house elf I once knew. Besides, how dangerous can he be without a wand?"

Draco flinched again.

Harry could tell just looking at his former rival that the boy didn't hadn't the strength to stand much less fight. He brushed past the shocked guard and lifted Draco into his arms.

Draco would have fought but he hadn't eaten in days and truly wasn't strong enough.

Harry attempted to smile, "You're safe with me. I swear on Snape's heroism that you are." Snape had saved them both. He did something Hermione wouldn't forgive him for; he summoned house elves.

Draco blinked seeing a former Malfoy house elf.

"Dippy, here Mister Harry."

"Dippy, I want you to go set that house I choose to rights. Then have Treca and Stria empty Professor Snape's potion labs. I want them set in my house's cellar."

Draco passed out.

Dippy was shooed away and Harry headed for the floos.


Harry exited the floo holding Draco and he was in the familiar corridors of St. Mungos. He made all haste to the general care ward and insisted on only seeing Madam Pomfrey.

Pomfrey approached him after ten minutes. "Potter?" then blinked, "is that Malfoy?"

Harry smiled at her, "Hi Poppy. It's a been a while." The battle of Hogwarts was in May and it was now late August. "No I didn't hurt Draco. I got custody, thought after seeing him in that cell that he needed to see you."

Pomfrey sighed and examined the sick looking Slytherin.

He showed signs of torture, prolonged starvation and lack of sleep.

Pomfrey was furious, "He needs to consume vitamin potions, nutrient potions, and energy potions. He'll need to see a Mind healer."

Harry gave her a weak smile, "Sounds like me. I'll make sure of it."

"Where are you staying?"

Harry leaned over to whisper the name of the house Sirius inherited from his uncle, "Baskerville."

Pomfrey nodded, "I'll visit you in two days."


Harry took Draco back to the House, ordering Dippy to prepare a bath for him. His heart ached oddly as he had to let go of Draco.


It was over an hour before a house elf came to tell him that Draco was out of the bath.

He looked so pale and breathed so shallowly that Harry almost thought he'd lost him.

Harry ate when dinner was brought up but Draco didn't stir. He sent his tray back down; sitting in a chair he fell asleep.

I know I know I shouldn't start a new fic but I couldn't help it. This is a different sort of fic then I usually write and I'm not sure how it will be received.

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