Title: Be careful what you wish for

Pairing: HarryxDraco, growing HarryxBlaise and mentions of past HarryxGinny and past DracoxBlaise, RonxHermione

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: Non-Epilogue compliant post-Battle of Hogwarts fic. What sort of Future does Harry create by fighting for justice for Slytherins after he survives defeating Voldy?

A/N: I'm a bit iffy about the fremione being included here it's not that descriptive but it was interesting and port of the plot.

Chapter 25

Harry, Draco and Blaise reached the dining room to find guests: A blonde witch Harry vaguely recognized, Millicent Bulstrode from his year and of course Greg Goyle.

Andromeda was nowhere to be seen but of course Blaise's relations by bonding were.

"Blaise." Greg said shortly.

"Greg. Good morning Millie and how nice to see you Giselle you look quite well."

The two witches were tanned and Giselle looked to be in better shape then Blaise expected.

"How are you Giselle?"

"I've been better. If it weren't for Millie rescuing Greg and myself, I don't know where we'd be." The blonde witch said smiling up at the boyish woman with short dark hair.

"Well I couldn't let my betrothed suffer. I had my personal elf keep an eye on you. Once your father left I could help you escape. To think he locked his own daughter in a dungeon because he had to force Greg to join his precious Master." Millie grumbled.

"Everything is fine now. Why are you going to argue for Greg?" Giselle asked.

"Because he was charged wrongfully, besides he was forced to join. It isn't like he had a choice in the matter or did it of his own free will. He shouldn't have been punished so harshly. It should have been investigated properly, however this was the Ministry and they have a history of a perversion of justice." Harry snorted. "As far as I know Goy…I beg your pardon, Greg has never hurt anyone. The most he's done I believe was stand guard while Draco attempted to fix the Vanishing Cabinet. Like it's your fault that Crabbe used a spell like that and got himself killed. You had nothing to do with that."

"Well, I knew what he was like. I could have tried to stop him." Greg muttered.

"You knew what he was like," Millie snorted, "then you know he would have gotten you in trouble somehow. He would have found a way to hurt you. Vince was the type to cut tails off a Crup and pull out a Kneazel's whiskers."

"I still ought to have done something." Greg mumbled.

"Well that's in the past no. We'll push for a new trial; I've got a fair number of votes I hold. Besides, if I can get Draco off and he did worse so-called crimes then you did, I don't see why I can't at least get you released on probation. You'll probably have to stay in Britain for few years and keep your nose clean." Harry warned.

"I don't see why not. Britain is my home and I'd rather be here then anywhere else. Besides, I'd gladly sign over all my assets to Giselle, as a Death Eater Prisoner she isn't likely to be up anything the Ministry would consider mischief." Greg grumbled.

"Our father was a Death Eater Greg; few would believe he would do such a thing. We have to think realistically. They want to punish all Slytherins if they can. Can you imagine what they would do to Professor Snape if they found him?" Giselle chided.

"You…think he's alive?" Draco asked thoughtfully.

"He's a very powerful wizard and highly resourceful." Giselle shrugged, "I don't see him being easy to kill."

"So what has been happening since we left these shores?" Millie asked.

Harry did his best to fill them in with some input from his lovers.


Luna stormed into Kingsley's office, throwing up a shield at the Aurors and secretaries who tried to stop her.

The former Order of the Phoenix member, who was not the interim Minister for Magic frowned at her.

"You're going to clean House Kingsley. Before Harry and I decide to do it first."

"What are you going on about Lovegood? If this is about your father, we've already dealt with the persons responsible."

Luna snorted, "This about my cousin."


"Who is your Head of Magical Children?"

"I don't know?" Kingsley frowned.

Luna scowled, "Not the right answer. I want a name, I want them fired."

"On what grounds?"

"On the grounds of my cousin being thrown into a Muggle orphanage!" Luna hissed, "As her closest living relation I ought to have been approached about her care, especially in light of my being seventeen and the Head of my family. Our mothers were twin sisters. The orphanage was told that she had no living relations to take responsibility. She was treated as liar, starved and locked in a cellar. When I tried to see her, I was told she wasn't there. I cast a sleep spell on the wench and retrieved her myself. I don't care what you have to say about my doing so. I had Hermione and Harry with me as well as Hermione's fiancé and one of Harry's betrothed."

"You assaulted a Muggle?" Kingsley frowned.

"It was my right to remove my cousin from an unsuitable environment. The only thing that would have incensed me more is if she'd been sold to a brothel. Her family was murdered by Death Eaters and she was sent to the Muggle World? What unfeeling bastards do you have working for you? I want their heads. Astoria can't sleep through the night without nightmares."

"Probably a result of the Carrows." Kingsley began.

"She was starved, locked in the dark and beaten. She begged for myself or Blaise to which she was laughed at."

"You trust this child?" the minister frowned.

"She's my cousin and I'm all she has. I rescued her and her mind healer is convinced of her veracity. You fix this Kingsley, you're the Minister. I hold you responsible. As if having Auror trainees with domestic violence tendencies weren't detrimental enough to the Ministerial Reputation, you're exiling innocent purebloods to Muggle orphanages. It's cruel and inhumane. She's a young girl, barely fifteen. She ought to have been at Beauxbatons or Durmstrang but she was locked in a cellar. I hold your Ministry responsible for her disrupted education. Fix this Kingsley." Luna snapped.

Luna stormed out, slamming the office door behind her and slipped right past the Aurors and the secretaries before returning the Ravenworth Castle.

Whingey politicians…

Useless creatures whose brains were filled with wrackspurts…


Andromeda returned to Baskerville Hall quite smug having located Severus Snape and had him moved to a more suitable safe house.

She made her way to the solarium where she had set up her painting and sent for a tray. It was best to get back to just being Nana. Harry needed the practice of being a parent and so did his suitors.

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