Title: Be careful what you wish for

Pairing: HarryxDraco, mentions of past HarryxGinny and past DracoxBlaise, RonxHermione

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summaru: Non-Epilogue compliant post-Battle of Hogwarts fic. What sort of Future does Harry create by fighting for justice for Slytherins after he survives defeating Voldy?

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I posted a fremione/GeorgexSeamus-Weasley centric fic that's a spin-off. I sort of highly recommend reading chapter 3 of A Second Chance to get it right. This sort of continues that chapter with Draco/Harry/Blaise and Andromeda dealing with the aftermath of the chapter but not knowing what happened.

Chapter 26

Harry was quite surprise to find Arthur on Fred's settee he joined them for lunch.

Fred had taken it upon himself to feed them, considering that he wasn't quite paying them wages for all their hard work to get the shop running again and his proposed day care/primary school off the ground it was something.

Given Harry's worth according Gringotts, he really didn't need the money but helping Fred and George rebuilt the business he'd invested in was worth it.

Plus, Draco and Blaise had dived in to help.

They both had called Fred and George's products brilliant once they'd gotten a copy of work journals filled with product recipes selected for their own fields.

Bill seemed more distracted then usual and the way he looked at Dennis was odd.

Fleur leaned over, "Willyum are yoo alright?"

Bill turned to kiss her cheek and hugged her impulsively, "So blessed…" he murmered.

Fleur frowned but relaxed in his arms, "Yoo seem distirbt," she shook her head, "word is not right."

"You mean 'distracted' or 'distressed'?" Hermione asked sipping her tea.

Fleur's frown deepened, "Bozh I zhink."

Bill sighed, "I am; there is much on my mind. So much has happened lately and in Dad's absence I tried to keep us all together. Now he is back and with that comes more stress. We have to catch him up, he's tired and he's had a shock. We'll have to tread lightly around him for a while. We don't want to upset him farther, the last thing we want is for his health to take a turn for the worst."

Harry watched as the present Weasley brothers Fred, Bill and George exchanged nervous glances between them and the settee.

Then Fred and Bill glanced at Dennis who was quieter then usual.

Seamus coughed, "So Dennis, what is the story with the Greengrass girl? Seanathiar mentioned you floo Ravenworth Castle mejora often."

Dennis turned red, "We were sort of friends at Hogwarts, her family was neutral and she was nice to me. If we could have attended the Yule Ball, I would have asked her. She's sweet and kind, very different from Daphne. I was worried about her after the Battle, but I couldn't contact her. If anyone would understand how losing Colin and dad felt it would have been her. She lost Daphne, her parents, her grandmother, aunts and an uncle. We were suddenly alone in the world. I can't stay with you forever Seamus, our link through Colm is rather weak. I can't live on your grandfather's charity forever, they already risked a lot letting us stay there while Death Eaters were around."

Seamus sputtered, "We wouldn't throw you out!"

Dennis stammered, "I didn't mean that! I meant that I'd have to finish school and take my exams. Then I'll need to find a place to stay and a job, I don't know what I'll do quite yet but I'll have to figure it out."

"We'll look out for you." Bill said stubbornly, "You need a job and we'll find a place for you. You want to work with dragons? Charlie will speak for you. You want to work in business or as an inventor like Harry, George, Blaise or Draco- you'll have a job no questions asked. Don't worry about the cost of an apprenticeship; we'll all chip in. If you want to work at Hogwarts, I'm sure Percy will speak on your behalf."

Dennis frowned, "But you don't even know me. We're not related."

Bill snorted, "Your father was apparently born Gideon Prewett, that makes us cousins. So don't worry about anything, we're family and we'll stick together."

Dennis choked on a sob, "Cousins? I have magical cousins? I'm not alone anymore?"

Fred slung a brotherly arm around the slim boy's shoulder, "Yeah, you've got us now. We'll look out for you mate. If you're a Prewett, I'm sure Bill can figure out how to make sure you inherit the estate. If Uncle Gideon was Uncle Fabian's heir, then you'd be his heir. If you don't like borrowing, you're welcome to pay us back when you come of age."

Dennis sniffed, "Now I know how Asteria felt…finding out Luna was still around and willing to take her in."

"That poor kid…" Harry mumbled, "I wonder how many like her there are. Luna said she told Kingsley to order some sort of investigation into how that department is being run…"

Bill frowned, "I know he's understaffed. He's got the entire Magical Law Department tracking Death Eaters. Everyone is working overtime on it. Dad is under orders to take a few days off. That investigation is desperately needed but I don't know when they'd get to it."

"Luna said she'd be willing to Head the Department, apparently her Aunt was its Head before the Death Eaters killed her." Harry shrugged.

"Something like Susan's Aunt was Head of Magical Law Enforcement, and Head Hit Wizard before that?" Seamus smirked.

"Something like that." Bill nodded, "Honestly, they would have been better off making Percy Crouch's replacement rather then putting him in the Minister's office to dwindle into obscurity."

"If he hadn't retired from politics, he might have had half a shot at something like that." Draco drawled.

"After working under Fudge, Scrimgour and Thicknesse can you blame him for wanting out? Fudge was useless- made his choices depending on the wind, Scrimgour was so busy trying to make people feel safe he arrested people and tossed them in Azkaban if they were fingered as a Death Eater with no real investigation and Thicknesse was a puppet Minister for Voldemort." Andromeda snorted. "If I were him, I'd want out too."

"You would have been too smart to get in that position Aunt Annie." Draco chuckled.

"True," she smirked, "a pity Nymphadora isn't here to help clean up, she would have enjoyed tracking down Death Eaters and tossing them in prison." She said stiffly.

"I only wish I could have known her." Draco said quietly.

"Well at least Teddy will have parents," she said gruffly, "he should be raised by young people rather then his grandmother."

"You're not old Andromeda." Fred smirked.

Andromeda pinked, "That's very kind of you to say but you're engaged so can it."

Hermione snorted, "He's an incorrigible flirt, as long as he never does anything more then that I won't say anything."

Fred looked affronted, "Cheat? On Hermione? Perish the thought, flirting is one thing but I'd never cheat on her. Ron did that and I never shall, after all who could compare to our 'Mione?"

Hermione looked very pleased when everyone agreed 'no one'…

Of course, after that lunch was finished so they all returned to their tasks before lunch.

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