~Few Days Later~

My mother sat next to me, stroking my hair gently as she watched my body adjust to the Silver Crystal with a pained expression across her face. First, she had to watch her husband be killed in front of her eyes and watch death slowly depart him from his world; now, she has to watch her daughter deal with a cursed object that is destroying every part in the body.

Luna and Artemis also sat at my side, not touching me for fear of what would happen should it happen.

"Serena," my mother whispered to me, and I slowly open my eyes. Even such simple tasks as blinking and moving have become difficult to muster. "The council is awaiting your arrival. I understand you are in pain, but-"

"I can go," I could barely talk. I just wanted this torment inside of me gone. I sat up and got to my feet, ignoring the Silver Crystal's effect on me. I started to walk slowly and gently, carefully making sure that no sudden movements would possibly kill me.

My mother, Luna, and Artemis surround me, making sure to catch me if I fall.

Helios told me that it would take a while for the effects of the Silver Crystal to go away because the Silver Crystal and I have been separate for thousands of year. But, I just want this thing out of me! It has caused nothing but deaths among this galaxy. The death of soldiers, the death of Janus, and the death of my father. And for what? Mass amounts of power - enough to destroy planets? This Silver Crystal is nothing but a curse. I see no purity in this object; it has caused me nothing but misery and torment, and worry from the people I love. I just want it out of me. I never asked for this crystal, nor this fate that I might bring upon my people.

I sighed as I look up to the closed doors. Behind these doors, the Royal Council was waiting for me, ready to get some answers out of my mouth. My mother told me to not think of them interrogating me, but rather gathering information in order to save the world. Still, I wasn't prepared.

The doors opened up, and I walked through to see six people, and Helios, sitting around a circular table in the 'military' room. Quotes are around 'military' because my people do not favor violence or having a military, but will use it in dire situations. The doors closed, and protective shields of magic were placed in every corner of the room, should any person over hear us.

My friends were also in here, but each of them were in every corner of this room, watching over us in their warrior form. They are skilled in the art of magic and combat, unlike me. Venus had her chain hanging on her hip, with roses as the chain links - she called it her Love Whip. Mars' bow hung around her arm, and her arrows hung behind her - her arrows were powerful, powerful enough to transform into a phoenix and create a huge forest fire. Mercury possessed her harp; although a harp wasn't dangerous, it could perform well: such as summoning a huge wave of water capable of boiling your skin off, freezing you to death, or killing you just by washing over you. And Jupiter wore her hair wreath around her head; it was capable of summoning nature to her will, as well as summoning bolts of lightning from the tips of her fingers.

"Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, welcome. Please, take a seat." a councilman stood up and motioned for my mother to sit as head at the table and me to the right of her.

I walked to my seat and sat down, thinking about how comfortable the table would look should I fall sleep.

"Thank you all for meeting me on such short notice." my mother said, greeting all the council people. "I have called this meeting in order to address the situation of Queen Metalia, and her growing power. In addition, my daughter will testify to her powers and her influence."

She took a pause before continuing. "These past months have not been well on the Solar System where my kingdom resides. In this system of planets, we have experienced the birth of a terrible evil: Queen Metalia. While she has grown stronger by the minute, it seems as though she rarely effects the other six ruling kingdoms. It is because she senses a greater power over here, a power that she will find useful in destroying the world and enshrouding the universe in a blanket of darkness: the Silver Crystal."

Everyone listens intently to my mother, who always seemed to be able to convince people greatly. Still, I am contemplating just going to sleep and waking up when it was my time to speak.

"These past weeks, we have received an ambush from another galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, by none other than Prince Janus himself. While he seemed like a traitor towards his own kingdom as well as this one, he acted as a double agent. He assisted my daughter in her journey towards the Silver Crystal and helped her escape the catacombs on to the planet Uranus. However, my daughter has seen that Metalia has killed him. May he rest in the heavens for his brave actions against Metalia.

"After Janus' death, the armies have retreated, allowing us a little time to plan out how to find Metalia and stop her once and for all. She has killed so many soldiers with her demonic creatures, including my husband." she paused, taking a deep breath. "That is why I have gathered you all here today. I ask for your assistance, my councilmen,"

"How do you know what your daughter says is true?" a councilman questioned my mother with a raise of the eyebrow.

"That is what I have been investigating," Helios stood up, speaking. "Since the first time that Princess Serenity has been having these visions of Queen Metalia, I have been searching for an answer as to why she could do so. It was then I realized that the Holy Blade has been taken away."

Everyone looks at Helios with a bit of shock. The Holy Blade? What is the Holy Blade?

"The Holy Blade is a sword that dwells within the Magellan Castle on Venus. It is one of the sacred items bestowed upon humanity, and is capable of denting diamonds. It's purpose is to protect the possessor of the Silver Crystal, which is Princess Serenity. It was given to us at the same time the Silver Crystal was called upon humanity. This sword is made out of the same holy material made by the Silver Crystal, obviously stated in it's other name, 'Sword of the Mystical Silver Crystal.' I believe that the Silver Crystal and the Holy Blade have a sort of connection with each other. How it was stolen, you may ask? Adonis, the soldier living on Venus.

"I believe his jealousy of Princess Venus' affection for others but himself caused him to turn to Metalia and steal the sword. Thus, the new evil and chaotic energy and ownership reacted within the sword, allowing Princess Serenity to see these vision. And, allowing Princess Serenity to see through the sword." Helios explained.

No one said anything for a while. That is until one councilman said, "You expect us to believe this farce?"

Helios raised an eyebrow challengingly. "You want proof?"

"Yes, I do."

"Fine. Princess Serenity, please," Helios held out his hand. I looked to my mom confusingly; she looks at me reassuringly.

"Serenity, we understand you are dealing with a lot at the moment," a councilman started with the blankest of sympathies."But, we must have the proof."

I grip my hands with anger; I don't want their sympathy. It's just fake and means nothing. I've dealt with that for the past days, and every day since the funeral, I've just wanted to scream at them and leave this planet along with all my worries. But, I took a deep breath and slowly stand up. Ignoring the pain, I walked to Helios. He took my hand gently and walked me over to the middle of the room. I stood there awkwardly, under a dim light.

I inhaled a deep breath, but hissed as I feel my bone protrude my lung.

"Stand still," Helios murmured. He started murmuring a chant slowly and carefully; just then, I realized what the chant was for.

I screamed at the invasive protrusion inside of my head as different memories fell to my eyes. Memories of Earth, of Endymion and I, of my friends and I, of my parents being with me, of the different suitors... they exploded into my mind and my eyes. I felt more intrusion of my mind, and every memory that I kept secret floods to their eyes. The invasion was horrible and disgusting; I felt violated and exposed as if I were naked. They saw everything of me, every day I lived, every loving memory I cherished, every shameful secret I kept... And then, the visions of Metalia flood to their eyes, as well as the memory of Janus, and Beryl and Adonis fighting against me.

That's when the invasion stopped. I gasped for air, realizing that I fell to the floor, and my mother was holding me tightly. I started to shake with no control, and keep my eyes closed. I didn't want to see anyone. All my darkest memories - now they knew. Especially the kiss between Endymion and I, as well as those nights we spent with one another. Now, they knew.

"Shh, shh, it's okay..." my mother stroked my hair.

"Is that proof enough?" Helios questioned.

The councilman huffed, but he had a look of belief on his face.

"As you can see, Queen Metalia is a threat to not just this galaxy, but the other galaxies as well. Metalia is no being to mess with. Through these weeks, I've been investigating her, and finding bits and pieces of information. She resides on the Sun, the place where she was born from a single solar flare. She is nothing but evil and darkness. She is basically Chaos in one of it's rare forms,"

Everyone gasped at this.

"Chaos is the origins of this universe. It was what the universe was like before life; there was nothing. It is the opposite of the cosmos. It is the ultimate expression of nothingness in this universe; perhaps it wishes to be one with the universe like before. It never had anything to represent life, it never became anything. This Queen Metalia is basically it's incarnation. We must form together and defeat Queen Metalia." Helios explained.

"But, why would she need the Silver Crystal?" someone questioned.

"The Silver Crystal is one of the most powerful objects in the universe. It is basically life and everything within life, like the cosmos. Perhaps that is why she wants it."

"Then, what is your plan to approach this situation?" another questioned.

I laid in bed in my room alone, save for Pegasus, while my mother and Helios discuss their plan to stop Queen Metalia, and while my friends are on guard in that room to make sure nothing surpasses it's barriers.

My mother insisted I leave because of the pain of the intrusion and the pain of the Silver Crystal inside of me. So, I wasn't able to hear of their plan to attack Queen Metalia and put a stop to her. Helios suggested that I have Pegasus look after me, and I could do nothing about it.

In all honesty, we knew nothing about this Queen Metalia except for a few things: one, she exists on the sun; two, she can manipulate the emotions of people and use them to her advantage; three, she wants the Silver Crystal; four, she has the Holy Blade, which is supposed to protect me; and five, she is the embodiment of Chaos. She is chaos.

I rubbed my head, feeling dizzy, but I attempted to relax.

How would all of them plan to defeat Metalia with such information?

Pegasus stood up on all fours and walked to me, nudging his white nose at my face. I smiled, petting his face as he decided to rest near the ground next to me.

I sighed, shifting painfully to my side as I try to relax. But I can't relax with this damn thing inside of me! Why can't it just go away and leave me alone? I covered my mouth as I feel more bones inside of me breaking, and I am near in crying. But, I don't. I just sigh and relax, hoping that this adjustment would be over soon.

"It is not getting better, is it?" I heard a voice, and I crane my neck to see Princ- er, Sailor Pluto, because she was in her warrior form, walking towards me with her staff in her hand. She pet Pegasus gently, who nudged her playfully, before sitting beside me with her calm and wise magenta eyes.

"No, it isn't," I croaked. "Pluto, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be guarding the Gates?"

She smiled. "My mother and father suggested I should see you about this Silver Crystal problem."

"Did they actually let you do that?" I questioned worriedly.

She just giggled, which I didn't expect from a princess born of two great families line: the Kronos family line and the Hades family line (A/N: check explanation at bottom). I looked at her with a tilt of my head.

"Yes, actually, I asked for their permission to come and see you. Princess Serenity, I was grown up knowing that you are the bearer of the Silver Crystal; so, my parents made me study about it in case you are in need of any aid, just so the Moon and Pluto can have a better relationship with one another. Actually, all the princess born who knew that you were to bear the Silver Crystal were told to learn about the mysteries of the Silver Crystal. Although there was barely enough information, we still studied."

I sighed, feeling ashamed that everyone knew I was to have it, yet they never told me.

"Why was I never told about it?"

She lowered her eyes with sadness. "Because of the prophecy. Your parents were afraid that if you were to read the prophecy and learn about your fate when you took the Silver Crystal, they were afraid you would try to kill yourself to prevent it from happening."

"I would never-" I start, but Pluto stopped me.

"Princess Serenity, you are pure of heart. You are so much so that even if you were to cause someone pain, you will degrade yourself for doing so. You will go to the ends of the universe if it meant that someone would be happy. They noticed this of you as you grew up, that you were so selfless and so pure; they were afraid that if you knew you were destined to bring destruction and chaos, you would kill yourself."

I looked at Pluto with disbelief in my eyes.

"But, why would they save me? Why didn't they just kill me if I were to bring destruction?"

Pluto softened her eyes. "Because, even though it is a prophecy formed from the time the Silver Crystal was made, it doesn't mean that you will bring destruction. It is the outcome of a choice formed as to whether or not the people of Earth will clash with the people of the moon. Even if it might be your destiny, you have the power to control your own destiny. A prophecy is just the outcome of a choice made. It does not mean that you are destined to bring destruction and chaos, Serenity."

"But, aren't prophecies absolute?" I questioned, wiping the tears about to fall down my eyes.

"Prophecies are absolute. But, sometimes they can take on a double meaning. In my opinion, the prophecy states what will happen if the two groups of Earth and the moon clash together, that chaos will reign. To reign means to exercise power over the people; and, as long as that occurs, then the darkness and chaos will remain."

I looked up to her with hopeful eyes. As long as Queen Metalia has control over all the people, darkness and chaos will remain? "You think that is what it means?"

Pluto looked away. "Well, as my duty as a guardian of the Princess, I am not supposed to tell you this. But, as a friend, I am supposed to tell you." she smiled at the word friend, as did I.

"Thanks, Pluto." I smiled a bit hopefully, but I still do not want to get my hopes up. Perhaps she just told me that for comfort or something.

"So, the Silver Crystal is still damaging your body?" she questioned me.

"Yes," I murmured, motioning to the gashes I still have.

Pluto sighed, creasing her eyebrows. "It should not be doing this for this long. It should... unless..." she looked to the ceiling for a moment, thinking deeply. "Yes... of course, that could be the reason..."

"What is the reason?" I questioned as another bone punctures my organ.

"Princess Serenity," she looked at me with serious eyes. "Do you not like the Silver Crystal?"

"What?" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"I believe that you have a dislike for the Silver Crystal." she started. "If that is the case, and you hate the Silver Crystal, it is possible that your body will reject it."

"My body will reject it?" I inquired.

"Yes. You have a hate for the Silver Crystal, and so, because your mind has a strong control over the body, your hatred towards the Silver Crystal in your mind affects the way your body will take in this new profound energy. Your body will reject it, treat it as a foreign object, and start attacking it. But, the Silver Crystal knows that this is it's owner, and tries to get accepted into your body, but there is a war that wages on in your body."

I looked at her with a bit of shock.

"Why do you hate the Silver Crystal?" she asked, careful to not touch me.

I sighed. I didn't want to tell Pluto because I was afraid of what she might say. But, she already knew why the Silver Crystal is affecting me like this. "I hate the Silver Crystal because it causes nothing but deaths. First, Prince Janus was killed because he helped me to get it, and then my father died trying to protect me..." I choke when I said that. "It causes the people I love nothing but worry and fear for my safety... I just hate it. It feels like a curse rather than a gift..."

Pluto just looked at me with softened eyes, as if she could understand my pain. "Princess Serenity, I know I do not understand of what pain you are suffering with. But, you must stop fighting the Silver Crystal. You must accept that you are the possessor of the Silver Crystal. Yes, it brings pain and suffering; but, with pain and suffering come hope and happiness. That is the balance of the world, my princess. There can be no good without evil." she told me gently.

I didn't meet her eyes.

"You must stop fighting the Silver Crystal. Accept that you are the possessor, or you might be in pain all the time. That will cause more worry for your friends," she whispered, as if knowing that a headache began to handicap me hearing-wise. "Promise me that in the near future, you will accept it."

"I will try..." I murmured, lowering my eyes.

She smiled at me gently before she stood up.

"Where are you going?" I questioned her.

"I have told you everything that I have wanted to tell you," she smiled. For a daughter with both lines of Kronos and Hades running through her blood, she smiled a ton.

"Thank you, Pluto," I told her, attempting to smile for her.

She bowed. "The honor is mine, Princess Serenity, to be able to be there for you and help guide you." With a flicker of her eye, she ripped apart from the floor and went off towards her home planet.

I rested my head back against the pillow and think about what Pluto has told me. However, I did not get to far on those thoughts until a deep pain not from my body bruises my insides. It did come from my body, but it is hurting from somewhere else. Perhaps my soul?

It continued to hurt me, and I take deep breaths to control the pain. But, it didn't work.

Just then, Pegasus stood up abruptly and ran over to the balcony, breaking through the glass.

"Pegasus!" I yelled, running after him. As I walked through the balcony, narrowly avoiding the glass shards, Pegasus nudges to Earth. "Yes, it is a beautiful planet." I told him, stroking his long white mane.

But, Pegasus' eyes are urgent as he neighed toward the Earth. I looked at the Earth, and all of the sudden, I saw a black mirage swooshing past Mercury and Venus, landing onto Earth. It disappeared with immediate contact into Earth's atmosphere.

Something in my gut told me that this wasn't good. I needed to go to Earth. I have to go. Endymion is on that planet! That black mirage... it is Queen Metalia! I had to go.

Pegasus nudged me to get on his back, and I did so quickly. I didn't care if my mother or my friends stopped me; there were humans on that Earth that have no idea about Metalia, and they need protection. I can't just sit around and abandon them! I will not!

"Go Pegasus! Go to Earth!" I commanded him, and Pegasus does so without hesitation. He flapped his wings as he galloped off, flapping them so hard he created a slight boom as he took off. I clutched onto his mane tightly, and imagined the place of Endymion. I knew Pegasus could transport me there, but I want to try my magic in action. I murmured the transportation spell, despite the fact I didn't need it the last two times, and Pegasus and I shot through the atmosphere at extremely high speeds.

I felt my body being ripped apart and rearranged roughly. But, I could also feel Pegasus and I entering the atmosphere of Earth. We fall down to Earth at a fast rate, and Pegasus releases his wings to slow us down. We manage to slow down a little bit, and thankfully, Pegasus is able to slow down enough to gallop himself once we reached the ground.

I get off of Pegasus and clutched my chest. The feeling inside me became worse as soon as I touched the ground. I took deep breaths before looking around and seeing Endymion's palace. As well as black energy fighting against gold energy.

"Oh god..." I mumbled before running over through the thick forest. My adrenaline levels started to rise, and the pain inside of me started to disappear. I continue to run with Pegasus following me, his wings sharp enough to cut through the thickest of trees. I, on the other hand, had a hard time weaving through the trees.

When I made it to the edge of the forest, I see Beryl, Adonis, and Metalia's bodiless black form in front of Prince Endymion and his guards, who are shocked to see this.

I saw blood on their faces, and their uniforms are ripped apart. Adonis and Beryl, on the other hand, have not even a scratch on their face.

When I saw Metalia, my heart dropped. I could feel such evilness radiating off of her that I nearly vomited. She was coated and baked with such darkness and evil; only her red eyes and her mouth showed on her bodiless black form. I shivered at her dark aura, but Pegasus put a wing around me.

I didn't go up directly because I need to assess the situation and make sure that I don't expose myself to Endymion. Who knows how they will react?

"Who the hell are you?" Endymion growled.

"You mean your precious little girlfriend did not tell you?" Metalia spoke, and I thought I was going to faint. Her voice chilled my spine, and I thought my ears would bleed to death.

"What are you talking about? Beryl, please get away from her!" Endymion begged.

"No, Prince Endymion. She is mine," Queen Metalia told, wrapping a black arm around Beryl.

"Get away from her!" Endymion unsheathed his sword. "Whatever you do, don't you dare hurt her!"

"Aww, isn't this sweet?" Metalia questioned sarcastically. "It looks like your boyfriend now wants you back since his girlfriend is gone."

"That isn't true!" Endymion yelled. "Beryl, you are my childhood friend! I do not want you to be killed!"

Beryl widened her eyes. I saw a shield break in her eyes, and she looked as though she were no longer controlled by the darkness. "Endymion... is that true?" she questioned.

"Yes, Beryl," Endymion said calmly. "You are my childhood friend, and although we have separated, I do not want you to get hurt, or worse, killed. Please come back here,"

Metalia grew with rage at this, and a shield was mended in Beryl's eyes. "Liar..." her lips quivered. "You do not care about me! You only care about that bitch Serena!"

"Speaking of which," Adonis drew out a sword. I instantly knew: the Holy Blade. How dare he use the Holy Blade! That bastard! "Where is she?" he questioned.

"What do you mean?" Malachite questioned calmly.

"Where is Serena?"

"Why do you need to know?" Endymion questioned.

"She carried something, something special. I need it." Metalia told them simply.

"She is off somewhere, perhaps the edge of this city," Zoycite told.

"I can feel that she is here," Beryl said.

I widened my eyes, and willed my energy levels to lower so I wouldn't be noticed too easily.

"Now, if you do not tell me where your precious girlfriend is, then I will have to resort to drastic measures." Metalia told with a hint of impatience in her voice.

"We do not know where she is!" Nephlite intervened. "She left days ago, alright?"

"Liar!" Metalia roared, and blasted black, chaotic energy in their direction. All of them attempted to shield themselves, but the chaotic energy was too much for them, and they fell to the ground, withering in pain and bleeding with agony.

Metalia continued to torment them, throwing them against trees and smashing them against once another.

Endymion stood up and blasted a beam of gold power in her direction. It hit Metalia, who screamed at the sudden contact. Endymion summoned a ball of mass amounts of destructive energy and hurled it at Metalia and the two, where it exploded on contact.

Metalia roared with rage, and Adonis summoned his black huge avatar to torment the guys. The guys defend themselves easily due to their training in magic, but Adonis had no training. He wasn't born with magic like the others were. Yet, he could summon great amounts of power.

Beryl unsheathed the dagger swords under her sleeves and began to fight against Endymion. All as this was going on, Metalia cackled at the chaos before her. I felt as though I would get sucked into her darkness and become nothing, but I took a deep breath and let the energy of the Silver Crystal flow through me to protect me.

Within a few minutes, Endymion and his guards are on the ground, gasping for air as they take their last breaths. No... that can't be. Endymion is stronger than that! He wields the power of the Golden Crystal, does he not? The crystal should be of more use; it is said to be another item that is powerful in this universe.

"Queen Metalia, do not kill him." Beryl stated to Metalia. "He wields the Golden Crystal."

"Is that so?" Metalia questioned. "If that is the case, then it will have to do. I will keep him as my prisoner while I search for the Silver Crystal."

"You're not taking us prisoners; not while we're still alive." Endymion stood up with fiery determination and will. That fueled his magic; as long as you had the strength and the will to fight, or either one, your magic will never fail you. Although Endymion might be weak, his will to fight is strong enough to heal him and revive him of strength.

"Then, we'll just have to fix that, won't we?" Metalia grinned. As she is about to shoot bomb-like balls of black chaotic energy and make contact with the Endymion and the guards, I quickly intervene.

I ran in front of the guys and summoned a large shield, protecting them as well as myself. Within that instant, as soon as both energies collided, a huge explosion knocked everyone away. I nearly got knocked away, but held my ground and used more of my crystal to ricochet the remaining energy balls away.

"Serena?" Endymion questioned with surprise and shock in his eyes, as far as I could tell.

"Well, well, well," Metalia started as I wiped the blood off my arms. "if it isn't our little favorite girl, Princess Serenity, Princess of the Moon and Possessor of the Silver Crystal?"

With those words being said, I knew I had just destroyed everything my ancestors had tried to do to keep this secret from being found out by the people of Earth.

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