disclaimer: disclaimed.
dedication: to replays.
notes: oh my god I love this game so much it is frightening.
notes2: please don't judge me too harshly for this.

title: mouthful of diamonds
summary: Kalas has an awkward crush. — Kalas, Savyna, Xelha.






Kalas had no idea what started it.

No, seriously. He, like, actually didn't know. He knew that she was scary—Holy Whale, she was scary—and that she could probably kill him without even really trying. He knew that she was older and definitely not interested (he had no idea what he would do if she was interested, so it was probably a good thing). He knew that he barely knew anything about her.

He knew all those things, but that didn't make the… the… thing go away.

The Thing.

Kalas didn't have a name for it, other than that. It was just a Thing.

A Thing About Savyna.

It kind of crept up on him—it was completely out of the blue. One day she was not there and then the next she was, sitting on a chair with her legs crossed sipping on Mountain-Apple Wine.

In his head, that is.

It was a crush.

Kalas cringed.

He'd heard the girls in Balancoire whispering. He knew what they said—what Trill said they said. He remembered shuddering at her words and glancing discretely at Ven, trying not to grimace. Trill would only get redder and redder, until eventually they fell to the ground in a heap of laughing limbs.

So it wasn't like he didn't know.

Because he did.

He knew the spine-freezing, palm-sweating, jaw-clenching, gag-inducing, heart-breaking feeling like the back of his hand.

It was a crush.

Kalas tried his very best not to vomit.

She sliced through the hard underbelly of the crystal spider with no qualms, save for the slight wrinkle in her nose as she disembowelled it.

It was probably the most terrifying thing Kalas had ever seen.

Savyna stepped back from the dead monster, pulling her gloves off as she went. They were camped in Nunki Valley right near the mouth of the river; the waterfall rumbled ominously and covered the little noise their group made.

"I'm going to clean my claws," Savyna said. "Get a fire started."

She disappeared into the gloom. Kalas actually shuddered. He glanced over at Xelha, sitting by the fire and pressing her hand to her mouth to stop herself from losing it completely.

"You like her!" she giggled.

Kalas coloured dully. "Go away, Xelha. It's not—"

"It's totally like that, Ocean above, do you think I'm blind? You so like her!"

He wondered if there was any way he was ever going to live this down. Probably not, from the way Xelha seemed to be amused. He grumbled to himself, and went about starting a fire.

"Aren't you going to answer me?" Xelha demanded. "Do you like her or not?"

He made a sound in the back of his throat that might have been death.

Xelha laughed.

Kalas absolutely hated her.

She was wiping tears from her eyes. "Oh come on, don't be so grumpy. What about her? I mean, she's—sorta—"

"Terrifying. I know."


"Do you even know what that word means?" Kalas squeaked.

"No, but neither do you!"

"That's—skksfff—" he choked.

A minute later, Savyna walked back into the clearing. Xelha was cackling manically, Kalas looked horrified at her return, and there was a moment where she almost didn't want to know what had set the pair of teenagers off.

"Is everything alright?" she asked slowly, bracing herself for the worst.

Xelha cackled again and only pointed. "Ask him!"

Savyna turned and stared.

"Just. Nothing. Nothing. Xelha, shut up."

Savyna figured she was better off not knowing. She shook her head, and retreated to her tent. Xelha giggled loudly.

Kalas thought that dying had to be easier.