The Proposal

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Once upon a time, there lived a man named Hitsugaya Toushiro. He was 31 years old, and he was good looking to say the least. He mother was a Japanese and his father a Canadian. He was 6'00" precisely and had a muscular and well-built body. He goes to the gym, mind you. He has emerald green eyes that you could stare in forever. But what he was not, was a man of patience. He was pushy and cold. So naturally, when Hitsugaya Toushiro – the executive director of Deller Carpets, walked into the company dressed in a black Armani suit, all the employees in the room hastily quit whatever the hell they were doing, and quickly busied themselves. Some pretended to talk to a potential client on the phone, while others typed furiously on their computer. Who wanted to get reprimanded on a Monday morning by the boss from hell, right?
Meanwhile, Matsumoto Rangiku, Hitsugaya's personal assistant, was busy applying sparkly pink nail polish. Matsumoto Rangiku was a woman every man could click with. She was one of the boys despite her habit to flirt anytime, anywhere. She had strawberry blonde hair that reached just above her elbows. Her physique was model-like, but not as thin. Besides all that, she also had assets of a great size – which she wasn't afraid to show (although not when she was working of course). Sadly for Rangiku, although blessed with the looks and body, she landed herself a crappy job.

One more to go…" She bit her lip and said to herself. Too concentrated in finishing her nails, Rangiku didn't hear her boss arrive and thus, jumped up in surprise when her boss banged his briefcase on her table.

Rangiku got up from her chair all flustered and embarrassed. Her bottle of uncapped glittery polish lay forgotten. "Shit! Oh, um... Good morning, sir."

Hitsugaya managed a somewhat forceful smile for his assistant and said, "Morning. Show me my agenda for today, will you? Oh, and I'd need you here for the weekend. Is that a problem?"

"Ah... No. Not at all. It's just that one of my girlfriends is having her wedding this weekend, and I was supposed to be her bridesmaid, and so I was gonna go and uh... Yeah, it's fine. I'll uh, just cancel. It's no biggie." Rangiku replied grudgingly.

"Hm. Great, then I'll see you here on Saturday. Oh, and get me my coffee." Toushiro added before slamming his office door shut.

Rangiku groaned in misery, screw my job.

Inside Toushiro's office

Two men were already inside his office when Toushiro arrived. One of them was his supervisor, Jacob, and the other Hitsugaya didn't know. Toushiro dropped his briefcase into one of the cream sofa and sat himself down, smoothing his pants.

"Gentlemen, good morning. Have some chamomile tea." Hitsugaya motioned to the filled cups of tea and handed them over. Business, business.

"So, what brings you to my office today? This isn't about my second raise is it?" He added jokingly.

Both men exchanged looks and after a moment, the unknown man looked up, "Actually, no. Mr. Toushiro, your application has been denied. You've been deported."

Toushiro rose from the sofa almost immediately. "Deported?" He asked, not believing his ears. "What do you mean? It's not like I'm an immigrant or something. I'm from Canada!" He swiped his hand to the window for emphasis.

True, Toushiro's heritage was Japanese, but he was born and raised in Canada.

"Apparently, you didn't fill out some papers too." He paused. "If you're deported, it means you can't work for an American company." The other man said slowly. "If there was any way at all for us to make it work…"

Toushiro stared in disbelief, "So you guys are saying I have no choice but to leave the country?" Toushiro scoffed and stared at Jacob questioningly. "Aren't you going to say something, Jake?"

Jacob shifted his feet and said, "Listen, Toushiro, we are desperate for you to stay. Like Michael has said, if there were any way at all for us to make you stay, we'd be doing it already."

"Well then, I'll reapply." Toushiro said simply.

"Yeah, you can reapply, but you'll have to at least leave the country for a year."

"There is no way-" Toushiro clasped his hands together and breathed deeply. This couldn't be true. There must be some way out of this. Some loophole. He was just about to finish his sentence when a knock on his glass door interrupted him. All three men in the room turned their heads. Rangiku popped her head through the door crack, surprised to see more than one man inside the room.

"What?" Toushiro asked impatiently.

"Pardon the interruption, ah... Here's your decaf, Mr. Toushiro." Matsumoto said. To the gentlemen, she nodded professionally, "Gentlemen."

Toushiro squinted his eyes and the wheels in his brain whirled in motion, "I understand the predicament, gentlemen, but there's something that you should know." He pulled a confused Rangiku towards him.

"We... uh, We're getting married." He said adding a laugh. Toushiro patted a stumbling Rangiku for good measure.

"Um, excuse me. Wait. Who's getting married? Who, uh...?" Rangiku bit her lip and glanced nervously from her boss to the two men in front of her.

"You and I. You and I are getting married!" Hitsugaya answered in a way too preppy tone. "Yes." He nodded to the men.

"We… are. We're getting married." Rangiku said, going along with whatever the hell her boss is planning and forcing a smile.

"Can't find a love like ours." Hitsugaya hugged Rangiku awkwardly and smiled warmly. Rangiku was thrown aback by how much more handsome her boss became when he smiled, despite the awkward hug and situation she was in.

"Isn't that your assistant?" Michael asked suspiciously.

"Ah… yeah, but um, the truth is, Rangiku and I are two people who weren't supposed to fall in love... but we did. You know how it is gentlemen, all those late nights at the office, weekends arranging carpet deals…" Hitsugaya hugged Rangiku tighter, "Yeah. Ahem, so are we done here?"

The two gentlemen exchanged glances once again. Jacob spoke, "Make it all legal, and we'll put all this behind us." Jacob waved his hands around and smiled.

"Wait, legal? That means we need to go to the immigration office?" Toushiro asked.

"Yeah, so you guys can work everything out. I'll be leaving now. Thank you for your time." Jacob rose from his seat and left the room along with Michael, leaving Matsumoto Rangiku frozen in spot, wondering what the hell just happened.

To be Continued..

Author's note: There you go! I'm sorry the first chapter was so short; I promise it'll get better AND longer further into the story. I gotta say though, I hate how I've portrayed Toushiro and Rangiku so one dimensional ugh. That aside, I love Bleach and The Proposal and thought it'll be fun to mash them both up. For those who don't know The Proposal, it's a movie starred by Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, and it's awesomesauce.