Chapter One: Naturally, a busty beauty

Celes stood up from the piano in frustration. Yes, the piece she was learning was now fresh in her hands, but there was something about the song that she couldn't grip. There was nothing unfamiliar in this song, and she'd played many more advanced songs before, but this song was one to get on her final nerve.

Groaning, she slapped the music sheets aside, and closed the piano violently. "Why can't I do this?" she growled directly to the piano, who only groaned in response to her leaning on it.

"No sense in yelling at the poor instrument, Celes," a singer piped in from behind, turning the girl towards him swiftly. "It won't answer you anyway."

The girl grumbled to herself, pulling away from him. Lucille wasn't at the top of her list of people to see at the moment. Over the years, she'd grown accustom to his dashing tricks and flirty lines. Of course, she secretly began to love the attention from him, but ehe wouldn't admit to it.

He gently grabbed her elbow, pulling her closer to him again, and grisly whispered, "It sounded beautiful. Why did you stop…?"

She narrowed her eyes and stared into his deep blue eyes. "Don't pretend, Lucille."

He smirked, "I'm not pretending." He moved his face closer to hers.

Celes pulled away again. God, he was really invading her personal space lately. He pulled her in again. "Where do you think you're going, missy?"

"On this stop, I've been cooped up in this car all day, I need some fresh air." She pulled away once more, now quickly walking to the door, trying not to think about Lucille's advances.

"By the way, Celes," Lucille laughed. "That shirt… It's a bit tight, don't you think?"

Celes looked down to her chest. Lucille's old fancy button down was unbuttoned about four buttons on her, mostly on account of her large… Uh, bust. She cursed her mother for ever having big breasts.

"Men's shirts aren't supposed to fit on a woman correctly, you know. Are you sure a dress wouldn't be more suitable?"

Besides the fact that Lucille had been right, he must have begun to notice Miss Celes's sudden obsession with woman's clothing. She may have worn the other boy's hand-me-downs, but, with the spare change Kohaku and Gwindel would give her, whenever the hearse would travel through towns, Celes would sneak into little trinket shops, a buy pretty little piece of jewelry that struck her fancy at the right price, and hid them out of sight when they began to travel again. She also would tend to admire the gowns of girls her age, and watch as they passed by, enviously. Surely Lucille had noticed by now.

So badly Celes wanted to answer 'Yes!' but, in the end, settled with, "No, of course not, Lucille." She pushed the doors open, and jumped outside.

The sun was bright, and shined directly into the girl's eyes. She put her hand up to her brow, and looked around at the luscious green scenery.

Kohaku, she noticed, was sitting in the shape of a large tree with his arm over his eyes, probably sleeping, while Gwindel was sitting on a rock near him, tickling the belly of his small hedgehog friend.

The scene was beautiful before her. The trees were thick and green, and the grass was long and thick. There was also a small stream about a thousand feet from the well-worn road that screamed 'Stick your feet in me' to her.

She walked slowly to the stream, taking in all the scenery. Maybe someday she would marry and live in a beautiful place like this. Her children would all rush to the stream, jumping in, without a care in the world when the world was free of the dreaded Guignol. She later would brush the pretty blonde hair of her daughters and- Wait, blonde hair? Why would they have blonde hair? She shook the image of her possibly ever having kids with Lucille out of her head.

Now having wandered to the steam, Celes sat down, admiring the colored rocks that lined the bottom of the creek. She took off the shoes Kohaku had given her, along with her socks, and stuck her bare feet into the water. It was cool and calming. It had been a while since she had last done this. It was a childish pleasure she'd had before the attack of the Guinols. She now noticed that there wasn't any present here. Was that why they had stopped her for so long? It was nice though, not having to run from monsters from kingdom gate to kingdom gate. Just dipping her feet in the water was a treat.

A bird cooed overhead as Celes brought her legs towards her body, wrapping her arms around them, and resting her chin upon her knees. She watched the water run quickly, as she began to doze off.


When she woke up, the sun had begun to set coloring the sky a gorgeous array of reds and oranges. Celes now found herself covered, and in the lap of the singer who had been pestering her before she'd fallen asleep, and he was now gently shaking her awake.

"What now, Lucille? I'm tired." She responded groggily, burying her face in his legs. Even though he was skinny and boney, Lucille made a great pillow.

"We have to get going. It's almost nightfall."


Lucille sighed, starting to stir and stand up.

"No." Celes repeated, grabbing onto his pant leg.

He pulled himself out from under her, causing her head to fall on to the grass. He then stood up, bent over and picked her up, and began walking to the hearse where Kohaku and Gwindel were already waiting for them.

Celes snuggled into Lucille's chest, admiring his scent and the softness if his jacket. She wouldn't mind staying there for a while, if she had the choice. Lucille didn't mind it either.

Lucille arrived to the vehicle, opened the back door, and placed Celes inside first, and then jumped in after. He shut the door, and Gwindel started off.

The girl returned to her place on Lucille's lap, to his pleasure. He smirked smugly.

Kohaku turned from his place in the passenger seat and looked directly at Lucille. "Do you know the next town over?"

"Yes," Lucille said brightly, "I believe it is the town of Century."