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I groaned as I rolled out of my bed and falling on the floor. I didn't much care though; I'll just be shamed on the stage in a few hours. Yes, it was the judgment ceremony. Oh I'll curse this day till the day that I die. I suddenly heard knocks on the door with that my head went up. I quickly stood up and opened the door. I saw Camille and Stephanie and with the looks on their faces I'm going to be so irritated as soon as I walk outside of this door. In their hands were some dresses and their jewelry boxes.

"Jo, take a shower!" Camille commanded as they suddenly barged into my room. "Come in." I said sarcastically. The two rolled their eyes and pushed me to the bathroom. "Hurry up, we've got to fix you up." They yelled on the other side of the door. "But I don't want to be fixed up!" I yelled back. I slid into the shower and let the warm water wash away my stress. Though it only washed away half of it. As soon as I was done, I grabbed a bathrobe and went out of the bathroom. I saw Camille and Stephanie already dressed as if they were the one who's going up stage.

They smiled at me and grabbed the dress they bought me yesterday for the special ceremony. "You girls look pretty dressed up." I teased them. "Well, everybody in the whole school will be watching you go up to the stage and receive your assigned papers." Stephanie said hugging me in excitement. I rolled my eyes as they pushed me to sit in front of my vanity. "Now time to give you a little lesson." Camille grinned while holding a hair blower and a comb as she looked at Stephanie who was too grinning while holding make-up. I tried to lean away as they got closer and closer.

"There you go, now was that too bad?" Camille said while high-fiving Stephanie as they marveled at their work a.k.a me. They quickly shoved the dress in front of my face "Put it on." Stephanie commanded. After 20 minutes of careful placing of each part of the dress, making sure neither my hair nor my make-up will be ruined. I wasn't really comfortable with this dress but when I saw the twinkle in their eyes, how could I possible complain. But if you set aside everything, I do look pretty good.

I wore a red cocktail dress that went just above my knees. At the end was some black ruffle and it had a ribbon ties around my waist. I wore long, black gloves and it was paired off by my golden gladiator sandals. And my two best friends made sure I had jewelries that will compliment the beautiful dress they picked out for me. I wore golden, dangling earrings and a silver necklace with rubies shining, making something so simple look so elegant. As for my hair, it was slightly curled up and Camille placed a red and black headband with a rose on it.

"Oh Jo, you look absolutely stunning." Camille said pulling me into a bone crushing hug. "Cami, let go of the poor girl or we'll have to do everything again." Stephanie joked and Camille quickly released me. "Kendall would be totally drooling once he sees you." Camille winked. "K-Kendall?" I stuttered. "It's pretty obvious he likes you." Stephanie said crossing her arms. I looked back and forth between the two. I sighed and looked at the ground, knowing these two; you would never stand up a chance.

"Do you think he likes me?" I asked making sure they don't see the blush that spread all over my face.

"Absolutely!" Stephanie said. "Don't worry about a thing, we've known him since our first week here, he'll take care of you." Camille reassured me. Wait a darn minute! Why am I even these things? Do I even like Kendall? Well, I do feel butterflies every time he's around. I feel so safe when I'm with and every time our hands brush I always feel sparks. That feeling is just amazing!

"Jo! Earth to Jo!" I heard Camille snapping her fingers in front of my face. "Huh?" I snapped out of my train of thoughts. "Are you ok?" Stephanie asked placing her hand on my forehead, checking if I was sick or something. "I'm fine." I said as I removed her and from my forehead. "Maybe she's just nervous!" Camille exclaimed. "Well, we better get going or all that nervousness will go to waste." Stephanie told us while looking at her watch. The ceremony starts in half an hour, but the auditorium, where it was being held was pretty far from the girl's dormitory. I grabbed my clutch bag and went outside of my dorm, gesturing the two girls to follow. We walked our way to the elevator and linked arms when we stepped out of it and strutted to the auditorium. The two girls kept ranting on about how the real fun was about to start or something along those lines. As we saw different light and loud music becoming louder, we instantly knew that we were already close. When we entered the auditorium was already half full. Camille and Stephanie released my arms and went to sit with the other old students. I then shuffled my way to my assigned seat. Every tick from the clock made more nervous than before… if it was possible. Mr. Griffin then appeared on stage. "Good Morning students of Palmwoods." He started. "Welcome to the annual judgment ceremony, where all of our new students shall be assigned to their own specialties." He explained. "Shall we begin?" he said as he stepped back and to be replaced by a tanned woman, I'm guessing she's the vice principal. "I'll be calling your names in alphabetical order according to surname." She announced. Every letter went faster and faster. I was ready to faint on the spot. They were already starting with the T's. I just wanted to stand up from my seat and run for the hills. "Josephine Marie Taylor." Oh well, time to face the never ending shame I'm about to experience. The good thing though is that they never announced your specialty, it was just written on the certificate given to you. I walked up on stage, shook the authority's hands and went back to my seat. I looked back to see Kendall giving me a thumbs up. I felt a gush of relief from there on. I shakily looked at the piece of paper and it truly shocked me.

"Hey Jo, can we walk together for a while?" Kendall asked and I silently nodded.

"Congratulations." He said. "T-thanks." Was all that I can say but deep inside I'm jumping up and down in glee. "To thinks, you'll be announced to be an A-ranked genius." He chuckled. Truthfully it meant that I excel in all the fields this school has to offer. "Nut you know what?" he said turning to me. "What?" I asked as I blushed when he got closer when our faces were only two inches apart. "I always considered you as a genius of love." He told me and closed the space between us. He held tight to my face a wrapped my arms around his neck. We pulled away for air and letting our foreheads touch. "I know this all too sudden to say but I love you" I heard him say. I gave him a quick peck on the lips before responding "I love you too"

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