Pain was the first thing that the slender curly haired young man noticed when he started to drift back into consciousness. His whole body ached. As he fought against the gray that held him, he started to notice other elements of his body and environment. There was an intravenous line taped to the back of his right hand and another to the inside of his left elbow. He was also strapped down on a chilly metal table and there was the sound of someone shuffling around. Thus he concluded that he was in some sort of lab or medical facility before he tried to open his eyes. Unfortunately that did not help any as his head was also being held in place. All he could see was that it was a brightly lit room with pale grey walls.

'Subject one has successfully survived initial injections and has regained consciousness. Stage two will begin immediately.'

As his veins seemed to burst into fire Sherlock screamed.

AN: Don't own anything but my own ideas. This was just a little thing I put together, short chapters but I will update quickly since this is already half done. This was inspired by a picture I saw by mlcamero on deviantart.