AN: Okay folks this is the last one. I fell in love with my own story I think. Let me know if any of you would like to see a sequel or a companion piece from John's POV. Love you all. Thank you all for reading and have a Happy New Years!


'Sherlock, come to bed.'

The detective frowned at his flat-mate, who was standing at the end of the couch looking down at him. 'What?'

John smiled slowly, nervousness etched into every line of his body. 'Come to bed.'

Sherlock was sure that he was hearing things. They had just gotten off of a rather difficult case and the twins and Lexi were staying over with Arietta for the duration. Sure he had heard John wrong he asked again.

John seemed to relax and laid a hand on the other man's head, nimble fingers finding the spot behind Sherlock's right ear that he liked having scratched. 'It's time for bed. I want you to join me. We can sleep if you'd like, but I had other things in mind for tonight.'

The detective was stunned, surely what he had wanted couldn't be that easy to get. 'Are you sure?'

John's smile turned indulgent. 'Your hands are fully healed finally as are your legs, if today's chase was any indicator, so yes, I'm sure.'

Pure joy flooded Sherlock's heart as he nimbly twisted and lifted himself off of the couch to catch his beloved John's lips in a deep kiss. 'I love you.'

'I love you too idiot.'

And with that Sherlock quite happily bounded past his lover into what would from then on be their room.


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