"Al" James called "Al, come here"

Albus sighed, "If I keep pretending I can't hear him do you think he'll leave me alone" he whispered to his friend and dorm mate Greg Henderson, a muggleborn who was very nice.

"No" he whispered back from the other side of the table "he's coming here now"

"Al" Albus' insufferable brother said from behind him

"What do you want?"

" Is that any way to speak to your beloved brother" he said, mock hurt "Are you coming or not?"

"For what?"

"We are putting bets on when our cousin Rose and Scorpius get together, and also when Uncle Ron finds out" he grinned

"Oh put me down for 3 months time," said Greg,

"Fine, I'm coming" Albus said, he stood up and followed James to Gryffindor table, Fred and Roxie had a binding parchment in front of them, Lucy, Lily and Hugo had already come from the Hufflepuff table.

"Okay you know the drill, put your bets down, and 1 galleon, who ever gets closet to the actual date gets all of it, Al, you'll be our spy in Ravenclaw tower, okay" everyone nodded "place your bets"

"Next year, for both" said Lucy

"6 months, 7 months" said Roxanne

Hugo, Lily and Fred made the next 3 bets. 2 weeks, 4 weeks. 1 month, a week after and 2 months, 3 years.

"Okay Al's friend Greg said 3 months but only for the first one, and mine is 4 weeks, next year." Said James "and Al, your bet is…"

They all looked at him. The answer was, that Rose and Scorpius became boyfriend and girlfriend in summer, and they sent letters to their parents last week. They didn't care who knew anymore.

Al took the parchment and quill. He wrote "three months ago" and "right about now"

He got up and left the Great Hall, he met Scorpius in the Entrance Hall "turn around now, run" Scorpius turned tail and ran.

"WHAT" James' voice from the Great Hall. His cousins and siblings ran out of the Hall and up the stairs to Ravenclaw tower. Lily and Hugo stopped and turned to Albus

"How did you know?" they said in unison. Hugo was holding a letter.

"They are my best friends, I've known for ages" he said smugly "in fact they told me the next day, what does the letter say"

"It's from Aunt Ginny" Hugo said

"Mum said that Uncle Ron fainted when he read the letter" finished Lily

Albus laughed. Rose walked into the Entrance Hall,

"Run, Rosie" said Albus. Rose took one look at the Albus, Lily and Hugo and ran to the library.

Lily and Hugo ran after her shouting her name.

Scorpius ran past followed by James, Roxie, Fred and Lucy.

"Hey, I think I won the bet" he called after them