Kendall was the captain of the hockey team, and one of the star jocks at his school. On the surface he had everything, fame, glory, and almost everyone wanted to like him, or at least to be able to say that they were a personal friend of his. But if they knew half of his real life they wouldn't be so eager to trade him places. The truth was, Kendall never felt he was good enough. His father wanted Kendall to make his life sports, live the life his father had wanted. Kendall's mom wanted her son to be the academic student she knew he could be, if he put more effort into it. His little sister Katie just wanted her brother to have time for her in his life no matter what. The blonde hockey star felt like he was letting his whole family down. His grades were slipping because of the amount of sports he played, and he hardly saw his sister because when he wasn't at practice he was trying to catch up with his school work. He felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and for a sixteen year old that's too much pressure. On top of it all, his father basically told him that he was worthless if he couldn't handle a bit of a work load.

"Kendall Francis Knight, get your ass in here!" Kendall flinched when he heard his father yell, he knew what his dad would say already, but if he didn't go he would be in even more trouble. As soon as he walked into the room, the insults and curses started. By the time he went back to his room his father's word were echoing in his head. You are nothing, just a worthless bag of bones under my roof, you're just a meaningless good for nothing waste of space.

He was hallow inside, he felt like whatever emotions he had felt or should feel didn't exist, he couldn't help wondering if he was exactly what his father said he was.