I was standing there, I gripped the fence in fear as the car with Gibbs and Maddie reversed. The two men that had kidnapped Maddie were shooting at them, putting holes in the windsheild. I was hoping the car would stop but the car drove right off the pier in to the water. It seemed to happen in slow motion, as the car sunk and the men stopped shooting. At that moment my panic clutched my heart, I turned and ran as fast as I could.

I could feel the cold breeze in the air hitting me in the face and I was running that fast that everything around me was a blur. I was almost at the door of the warehouse, so I reached for my gun with my right hand. It was already out of breath from running and I was dreading the water.

The two men had turned in my direction and without hesitation, I brought up my gun and fired. I was still running and they fired back but after a few shots each they both fell to the ground. Now that was sorted, I had to rescue Gibbs and I was almost there.

I chucked my gun to the side and concentrated on the water in front of me. I didn't stop for a break, I took a deep breath as I reached the edge and dived in to the cold, chilly water. As I hit the water it took my breath away and I could feel it creeping under my skin.

No time to think about that though, I had to get to my boss and I swam downwards. The water wasn't helping my vision but I could see the car, Gibbs was still moving but Maddie wasn't and I swam faster, moving my aching muscles quicker. As I reached the car I swam to the car door on Gibbs's side and as I had expected, it didn't budge no matter how much I pulled on the handle.

I looked through the window at Gibbs, who motioned me to the windsheild and I knew what he meant straight away. I was running out of air so I knew I had to hurry, or we were all gonna die. I swam to the front of the car and began banging on the windsheild. I saw Gibbs hit the other side with his palm and I remembered that was a better way to break the glass.

As I hit it repeatedly, I could feel it budging and I grabbed the windsheild, pulling it out of the way. Gibbs's blue eyes met mine for a moment and he grabbed Maddie's unconscious form and pushed her towards me. I grabbed her and held her tight as I kicked my feet furiously. It was hard to try and swim, but I knew I had to hurry as I breathed in some water against my will.

I was almost at the surface and I was running on adrenaline now, I kicked faster and when my head broke the surface I gasped in every sweet breath. I pulled Maddie up to the surface and I swam towards the pier. Getting her on the pier was the hard part. I had to lift her up and when I tried to climb out, I was running out of energy. When I was on the pier, I moved her away from the edge and knelt beside her.

I was terrified as I discovered she wasn't breathing but when I checked for a pulse, I found a beat. I looked back at the still water and there was still no sign of Gibbs. That meant only one thing, he couldn't get out and panic took over as I got up from kneeling beside Maddie. I was panting and I wanted to rest but I knew I had to save them.

I ran to the edge and dived in again, the water wasn't as cold now and I knew from listening to Ducky that wasn't a good sign. As I swam down to the car again, I saw Gibbs wasn't moving and I swam as fast as I could. I was hoping I wasn't to late as I reached the car, I saw his eyes were open and I realised that he must have passed out so quick he didn't shut them. As I reached for him, I was praying inside my head that he wouldn't die and I tried to pull him out.

I couldn't move him and it seemed his legs were jammed and I put one hand on the steering wheel. I pulled hard but it didn't move and I tried again, but my efforts were still unsuccessful. I pulled once more, using all the strength I could find and the wheel moved. I was running out of air and my lungs were burning, so I quickly grabbed my boss's limp form and I swam towards the surface.

When we broke the surface, I coughed and spluttered for breath, then I tried to lift Gibbs. My muscles were aching like hell and I was struggling to lift him up, so I lifted him over my shoulder. As I climbed out of the water slowly, I was holding Gibbs tightly and when I was on the pier, I lay him down next to Maddie and I knelt beside him.

I tilted Gibbs's head back, I put my ear above his mouth, to check to see if he was breathing and when I had established he wasn't my heart stopped. I quickly remembered my training from Ducky and I knew what I had to do. Without hesitation I put one hand on his sternum then put the other on top of it, lacing my fingers together.

I leaned up so my knees were the only thing on the pier, I locked my elbows and pushed down 30 times, counting aloud, scared of losing a beat. When I was finished I checked if he was breathing again and he wasn't. I wanted to cry as the man who was like a father to me was slowly dieing and it felt like my heart was being crushed in a vice.

"Come on Boss, don't do this to me!" I pleaded, holding back tears.

I looked at his face, his glazed over and unfocused blue eyes stared up at me peacefully, unaccusing. He was so cold, so pale and I was so tired but I couldn't let him die and he wasn't going to. I was unable to think and I wished that it had been me in the car, instead of him. I moved closer to his head and I pinched his nose between my thumb and fore finger.

"Don't make me kiss you Boss!" I urged.

I knew it wasn't going to work as he wasn't one for following orders and I then I took a deep breath and nervously leaned down to his face and sealed his lips with my own. His lips were so cold and I wished that this wasn't happening. I felt his cheeks puff out and I removed my mouth from his to get more air and then I gave him another breath.

Then I leaned up and started chest compressions once more looking down at his lifeless form. I was crying inside and my stomach was in knots, my arms were getting tired and I was exhausted. I was getting the feeling like my efforts were useless as he hadn't moved an inch at all.

"Come on, Boss! Come on!" I urged desperately.

I could feel the tears in my eyes and I fought to hold them in as I continued with compressions. When I was done, Gibbs remained the same as before, unresponsive. I checked for a pulse at his neck and I found a slow, weak beat beneath my finger tips. I looked over at Maddie who hadn't moved, then I looked back at my boss.

I brushed his hair with my hand affectionately, my heart was breaking in to pieces and then I got up and ran over to Maddie. I dropped down beside her and checked she was breathing, but I knew she wasn't so I pinched her nose closed and gave her two breaths. When I was done with that, I started with compressions and I was begging to anyone that would listen that they both would live.

As I did compressions, I turned my head to look at Gibbs and I felt a tear escape from my eye. I was so cold and I was aching every where, but then I felt Maddie move. She coughed slightly and took a breath as I took my hands off her chest. I sat back on my haunches, putting my hands on my knees as she turned her head towards Gibbs.

At least I had saved her and I was about to get up and start CPR on Gibbs again when Maddie took Gibbs's hand in hers. Less than a few seconds later, Gibbs's hand moved and he blinked. I was overwhelmed by joy and tiredness but when Gibbs turned his head to look at her, I smiled.

I sat there freezing cold, exhausted, out of breath, my muscles were hurting and it was all worth it because my boss was alive and I had never felt more happy than the day I saved Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Thanks for reading guys. I recently watched the episode Requiem and my heart broke as I saw Tony's face when he was trying to save Gibbs, so I thought I'd do a story from Tony's Pov. Anyway please review :)