My plan hadn't gone down the way I wanted, I should have brought the rest of the money with me. I was putting Maddie's life at stake as we ran and got in to the car. The keys were already in the car and I turned them, starting the engine.

The two men had now got their guns in their hands and were shooting at us. We both ducked and I looked behind me as I reversed the car. The bullets were putting holes in the windscreen and spraying me and Maddie with little shards of glass.

We were ducking and I couldn't see where I was going. I pressed down on the acceleration peddle even more and before I knew it the car had hit something hard as I felt the jerk. Then we were falling off the pier, in to the cold chilly water below.

As we hit the water, water began pouring inside the car, making us sink. Maddie hit her head off the window and was knocked unconscious. I turned her face towards me to see her eyes closed. Then I turned back to my problem as the car sunk even deeper.

The steering wheel had broke and was now pinning my legs down, so I couldn't escape, just my luck. I tried moving it and yanking it but nothing worked. I turned and banged the palm of my hand on the window, hoping to shatter it, but it wouldn't break.

I leaned over Maddie and began banging on her window as I felt my lungs beginning to hurt, as I needed air. I banged on the windshield and then looked up towards the surface to see the one person I was delighted to see.

It was Tony, and as he swam down towards me, I knew he had to get Maddie out. He tried opening the door on my side and I banged on the window telling him to go to the windshield. As I watched him hit the windshield, I saw it move and then he pulled it out of the way.

I reached over to Maddie and pushed her towards my senior field agent. His eyes caught mine for a second, before he grabbed her and swam. He was swimming towards the surface, my lungs were on fire and the need to breathe took over me, as I breathed in some of the cold murky water against my will.

As I breathed it in, I saw Tony and Maddie finally disappear from the water and I put my hands on the steering wheel. I was going to die, but at least I had lived a good life, and I prayed that Maddie would be okay. Then as I breathed in more of the liquid and it was filling my aching lungs, my vision was narrowing like a long tunnel. My world was turning grey and the pain I was feeling was disappearing, then everything went black.

There was a bright white light and I wondered where I was, as I felt freezing cold all over. Then I saw my daughter and my beautiful wife. They were standing there looking at me and knowing that they were dead, I wondered if I was too. Distantly I could hear a voice that I recognised but I couldn't understand it. I could feel pressure on my chest and then it ceased, as I felt something wet on my lips, and something dripping on my face.

"It's okay daddy," Kelly said.

I smiled, feeling the warmth I felt when I was with them, Kelly still had her hair in the little pigtails, that reminded me of Abby. My wife wasn't saying anything, she just looked at me and I just smiled, looking at the two people I loved. I could feel the pressure on my chest again, the voice was getting closer and I wondered what was going on.

"It's okay. Go back daddy, Go back, its okay," Kelly said sweetly.

I reached out for her and smiled as I was overwhelmed with joy. I didn't want to go, I wanted to stay with them. I felt something on my left hand and I felt really cold once more. I felt something squeezing my hand and I looked at my daughter again.

"I love you daddy, love you, I love you daddy," Kelly said, her voice trailing off.

Then they were both gone leaving me in the darkness, the squeezing on my hand was tighter than before and I felt the world coming back to me. I was looking up at the clear blue sky, I blinked and took a breath, then I turned my head to the left, to see who it was.

Maddie was looking at me and she was lying on the pier, next to me. She was looking deep in to my eyes like she knew I had saw them and she smiled. Then I saw Tony on his knees dripping wet and gasping for breath. He looked at me and sat back with his hands on his knees. I didn't know what had happened but I would soon find out later. I stroked the back of Maddie's hand with my thumb and I smiled, knowing she was okay.

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