Love for Him and Her

By: Yuuka-Matsuyama


She sat at her usual place in the dim lighted bar with a martini glass in her clasp. The loud music turned into a soft mellow jazz that excited her body. The night was still young – to early for her to retire to bed. Her green eyes scanned the other tables for other costumers to accompany her tonight. The bartender wasn't really into the mood of entertaining her, so she had to do something to lessen her boredom.

She spotted someone new in the house. He wore a dark blue jacket – quite expensive looking actually and his hair were as dark as his eyes. She noticed that he had been ordering heavy drinks not suited in countenance. Well, it's not like it was the first time she encountered a guy who was a heavy drinker.

She decided to walk towards him with drinks that might suit his taste.

"Alone?" she asked. He looked up, silently and nodded.

"A man of few words I see." Her remark made him look up and gaze in her eyes.

She seated across him and placed the drink on the table. Her right hand clasped and motioned to support her cheek.

... and he...

He felt that the dim lighted bar was something that he could go to after breaking a woman's heart. Well, it's not like it was the first time he cheated at his girlfriend – in fact, it was too much that he couldn't remember who was the first. To him, it was all just a game that whoever loves truly would be like digging their graves and this night was no exception.

He entered the store and found himself a seat in the far back. The waiter gave him his usual order and his fingers tapped the table. Minutes passed and made hours of drinking session. He was not used with the new jazz gimmick the owner implemented. In fact, it made him sleepy and tired despite the ineffective alcoholic intake he had been doing.

"Alone?" he looked up and nodded at the lady in red with her pink hair flowing sexily.

"A man of few words I see." It was his first time hearing a remark about him such as hers. It made this night more interesting for him.

He tried to remain calm when she seated across him with her revealing neckline that enticed him.


Meeting him was just out of curiosity – to kill some time she had that night. She did not expect it to be as pleasurable as it is now. The way he kissed, his muscles under her fingertips – even his rhythm synchronizes with her heart beat.

Meeting her was just a routine he was well-versed performing. He did not need this confusion of feelings happening inside him. The way she responded to his kiss, her soft body pinned against his – even the way she screams his name harmonizes with his breathing.

Meeting the two, either because of fate or by divine intervention, affected them in sickness and in health, until they breathed their last breath.