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Chapter 7

A Pain in the Antony

27th Precinct

Anita opened the Ransom letter carefully and Bernard read the adjacent document from TARU.

"Enough is enough. You'll give me my documents or Sarah will be shot. The meeting place will be Ted's new house, the time will be 10.00am on Wednesday 22nd. Ted only," Read Anita.

Bernard then read out, "The system found no matches of ID to anyone in the system, however, the same fingerprints that was found on the Ransom letter was 86% identical with the fingerprints located on the cookie box that was handed in on 20th December."

"Looks like the Unsub was the shooter that didn't get what they came for. The Supreme Court Documents," said Lupo.

Bernard read the final statement, "FBI Special Agent Antony, has also been notified of this evidence too, as he had mentioned he was working on this case too."

"Who?" Anita and Lupo asked at the same time.

"Look what else came in the mail?" Bernard asked wittingly as their questions were about to be answered.

A stern looking man in an FBI jacket approached the office and introduced himself,

"Hello Lt. Van Burren, I'm Special Agent Antony, my sources tell me that you have a hostage negotiation on your hands," he stated as he flashed his badge. It read; Special Agent Virgil Antony.

"Special Agent Antony, this is Detective Lupo and Detective Bernard, they are the primary detectives on this case." Anita shook his hand and introduced her fine men.

They exchanged greetings.

"To be honest, we weren't aware of the fact that the FBI were looking into this case, until now." Anita stated.

"Because of the media, the public now knows more than we want them to. It has officially become a Federal case, as of today."

"So you plan on taking over?" Anita asked,

"Yes well, I was expecting that wouldn't hand it over" He said cockily.

Anita tried to hide her disgust when she replied; "You were right about that, Agent Antony. What makes you think that your badge gives you the right, to receive anyone's business? And besides, where's your paperwork for me, to agree to all of this?"

"The reason why I'm here, Lt. Van Burren, is because there is one vital piece of evidence I must hand over to you in exchange for more information on the case. The paperwork will come after our exchange."

"And what vital piece of evidence, would you be referring to? And how do we know that you won't take this case and run into the hills?"

"We have the document that the abductor wants. And why would we run, when we don't even have the suspect in custody. The public is very much so in danger, and as you've just read the ransom letter. Time is of the essence."

"Are you telling us to hurry up, or the suspect to get the exchange over and done with?" Bernard asked.

"We all better get a move on for tomorrow since the ransom letter says 10.00am is the time for the exchange. Rather than quarrel now, I shall meet you at Theodore's new house, with the file at 9.30. I'll let you decide tomorrow if you would still like to work on the case tomorrow. We need you and you need us. We can be on the same team, if you want us to be." He concluded as he headed out of the office.

"The nerve of that guy," Lupo began.

"Why don't we be on the same team," Bernard mimicked in a teasing-childish voice. Lupo and Bernard broke into laughter.

"Ok boys," Anita tried to settle them down without laughing too. "It's late. How about you get some rest before tomorrows exchange, and please bring your bulletproof vests, just in case"

"I'll make a phone call to the DA's and check what their advice is on this"

"And I'll do some bedtime reading of the biography of Special Agent Antony, in the latest database edition" Joked Lupo.

"And I'll just get my beauty sleep. Haha" B said as he headed out. He didn't make it far before Lupo shouted back,

"Yeah! You need it!"

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